Republicans block Bill to Avert Student Loan Interest Rate Hike in a 52-45 vote with 60 required

chgo 2012/06/11 22:23:38

Stop the Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Act of 2012 S.2343
motion to proceed failed

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  • A Founding Father 2012/06/12 06:45:50
    A Founding Father
    In addition to their war against females, Republicans now openly declare loyalty to Reagan Banks and lenders of Wall Street, as opposed to the millions who accumulatde debts in order to have a college education. But, be aware, not all loans were made to real students. Many were made to street people that "for profit Universities and Colleges" (sic) drug off the street, made loan applications, and gave the "students" a few bucks with which to buy pot or meth from the auto store parked just across the street or on the parking lot outside entrance to the "school". These also are part of loans outstanding that never will be repaid as the "students" can't be found and might have never existed under the name on the applications.

    However, the Reps and their Party of No continue to flounder in their pool of open opposition to particular segments of our population. One by one, they are alienating themselves and appealing only to the Reagan Bankers and the "Top 2% Club". Oh, and
    the trailer villages still support the tea baggers, but they won't have a horse in the race in November, so who knows what they will do?
  • Starman - Guru of Reason 2012/06/12 00:13:01
    Starman - Guru of Reason
    Minority hijacking the process again. This rightfully is an election year issue.
  • Delete 2012/06/11 22:39:22
  • chgo Delete 2012/06/11 23:14:37 (edited)
    II is important to note to note that many bills have temporarily effective dates like the disastrous Bush tax cuts. Plus, Republicans already said they want to extend Democratic legislation passed in 2007. .

    "What else is attached to this bill that they are trying to force Republicans to agree with? "

    uh, nothing. The bill is not that long to read, Einstein. you seem to not able read.. here's an idea: how about you actually read the damn bill, genius, and stop speculating? idiots do that. the bill is right there online and you only read the top 4 lines? yet you think there's some kind of conspiracy. But you won't bother reading it yourself and proof your mentally deranged, imaginary beliefs.. how stupid is that? Is you reading comprehension skills too short to bother reading it?
  • Delete chgo 2012/06/11 23:23:09
  • chgo Delete 2012/06/11 23:31:48
    no, you didn't, liar. If you did, then why are you steady speculating and conspiracy theorizing what is probably in the bill instead of telling straightforward and upfront what is in the bill if you did read it? why don't you just come out and tell me DIRECTLY and PLAINLY what is in there? or do you not understand all the big words said in there? you sound slow.

    "...before you start insulting someone when it is who have the reading comprehension problem."

    it seems like you do have one. learn how to read.
  • Delete chgo 2012/06/11 23:50:31
  • chgo Delete 2012/06/12 00:04:03
    OMG, you must be stupid. I KNOW it's about taxes, Einstein. But what SPECIFICALLY about taxes?! do I need to dumb down (spell out) everything for you?! Jeez! do the short yellow buses drive by your neck of the woods?

    "and is a good 50 lines long."

    and you didn't read not one line of it either. You read only first word "taxes" and you stupidly thought you knew everything about what was in the bill. that's really stupid thinking on your part. do you know how to read?
  • Delete chgo 2012/06/12 01:16:46
  • chgo Delete 2012/06/12 03:55:05 (edited)
    OMG, Your IQ must not be any bigger than 50, isn't it?
  • Cuppajo 2012/06/11 22:24:53
    Terrible. How much is it going up for the illegal immigrants that pay no tuition?

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