Rep. Calls for Impeachment If Obama Pursues Executive Orders on Guns

Old Timer 2013/01/15 11:55:49

Rep. Calls for Impeachment If Obama Pursues Executive Orders on Guns

by Breitbart News 14 Jan 2013 After President Obama’s big call for “executive action” on gun control at today’s press conference, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX) has threatened to move for impeachment of the president if he insists on harsh gun measures through that mechanism. Said Stockman, ““I will seek to thwart this action by any means necessary, including but not limited to eliminating funding for implementation, defunding the White House, and even filing articles of impeachment.”

Stockman continued, “Any proposal to abuse executive power and infringe upon gun rights must be repelled with the stiffest legislative force possible. Under no circumstances whatsoever may the government take any action that disarms any peaceable person — much less without due process through an executive declaration without a vote of Congress or a ruling of a court …. If the president is allowed to suspend constitutional rights on his own personal whims, our free republic has effectively ceased to exist.”

It is, of course, virtually impossible that President Obama would ever be impeached with a Senate Democrat majority, no matter what sort of usurpation of power he pursued. Nonetheless, Stockman’s outrage represents that of a growing number of Americans uninterested in an imperial presidency.

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  • THE LIB HATER 2013/01/15 18:08:29
    Watching Dictator 0bama yesterday and, like always, go to Comrade Chuck Todd, and you can hear the communist news Journalist shout out, "I Love You, Mr Dictator, Oh my God, I love you!" None of these Communist reporters are saying "Mr President, when it comes to the Debt Ceiling, Amnesty, and Gun Control, where are you finding your authority in the United States Constitution?" What's amazing is, in the case of the 14th Amendment, section 5 says that Congress has the power. In the case of naturalization, it's the third enumerated power. LIBERAL TRANSLATION- NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRESIDENT. As far as the 2nd Amendment goes, that is part of the Bill Of Rights, again libs, NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PRESIDENT. Yet, the MSM is brainwashing these STUPID LIBS with, "He's got a Mandate on these issues" that he has no power to do anything about. Fact, you libs that got an education in college, and believe that he does have this power, you need to demand a refund for how stupid they made you! This argument will never be broken, libs. Now, I better see some good insults here, I feel like laughing a bit after hearing the enemy from within speak, so, I better see some great and original insults, otherwise I will block you if they don't make me laugh; now let's have it, you cry babies. You sick, twisted freaks, LOL.

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  • gary 2013/01/17 08:55:11
  • Phyl *In God i Trust* 2013/01/17 05:17:53
    Phyl *In God i Trust*
    I'll call Congress on the Impeachment. Will you do the same..?
  • Embalmer 2013/01/16 20:56:02
    Steve Stockman was an accountant for IBM, he has no background in law or constitutional law, President Obama does and in no way would he circumvent the constitution without knowing what he's doing.
  • Angelatxpatriot 2013/01/16 20:20:06
    He certainly should be impeached if he does this. There's a big problem when a president assumes all power overriding the very system that keeps us from a dictatorship. Expect a revolution when this happens.
  • Matamoros 2013/01/16 20:10:32
  • Jon the Flamer 2013/01/16 19:23:00
    Jon the Flamer
    I've been seeing a lot of Obama hate recently. I wonder how Romney would have done things or maybe someone else.
  • ALofRI 2013/01/16 18:42:37
    "By Breitbart News".....'nuff said. Good luck with that!
  • Old Timer ALofRI 2013/01/20 20:56:43
    Old Timer
    Stuff your MSM won't report on. Why are they still covering for OBAMBA? He got reinstituted thanks to their Skewed reporting. Now they've gotta keep his cover going , eh?
  • SezMichael 2013/01/16 18:40:37 (edited)
    I don't give a damn what it "represents". If the grandstanding SOB wants to show the country what kind of kooks are in the Republican house, let him!

    Since impeachment will absolutely never get through the Senate, he's going to make a colossal fool of himself and the GOP. The people wouldn't support anything as drastic as impeachment and GOP will blamed for everything from this day forward. Sounds good to me. The Republicans just don't get it. We voted. We had a choice. We chose Obama, not you. Deal with it.
  • izzybean SezMichael 2013/01/16 18:58:17
    The GOP has been blamed for EVERTHING including the losy economy since Obama was elected. Nothing has been said about the eleven thousand pages of new regulations developed and implemented by the white house in the last four years. So what is new in your statement? If Obma continues you will have a nice little benevolent dictator taking care you, isnt that what you really want? Also why are Obamas election offices still open?
  • Jesse-T... izzybean 2013/01/16 20:04:19
    Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy
    Seriously. Anybody who cannot see what this scum in the White House actually is at this point is one hundred percent brain-dead.
  • SezMichael Jesse-T... 2013/01/16 23:34:13
    The reason you're such losers who get blamed for everything is because of these lavish over-the-top name-calling attacks on the president. Using terms like "Scum" just makes you look like a deranged redneck. It's okay with me. You're not really changing anybody's mind about Obama but you are making yourselves look worse.
  • Wulfdane 2013/01/16 18:26:07 (edited)
    Impeachments happen in the House of Representative, a simple majority is all that is required to impeach the President. After impeachment hearings, the case is then moved to the Senate for a trail and would require a 2/3 vote for a conviction.

    While Republicans do have the votes for impeachment in the House, there are not enough votes to convict the President in the Senate. So any such movement would be symbolic.
  • izzybean Wulfdane 2013/01/16 18:59:10
    Or it would air what is really happening in the federal government since the press doesnt cover anything
  • dru dixon 2013/01/16 18:13:16
    dru dixon
    The Democrat is a majority by six seats and as I recall the Republicans rule the house. Executive order is not an impeachable offense. There are some powers that office holds that can be used by the president's discretion.
  • Wulfdane dru dixon 2013/01/16 18:30:24 (edited)
    An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers it to be. High crimes and misdemeanors can mean anything from an actual criminal act, to gross misconduct or an abuse of power.

    As observed by the US Supreme Court in Nixon v. United States, the courts have no power to review impeachments. It is a enumerated power of Congress and purely political.
  • dru dixon Wulfdane 2013/01/17 01:24:55
    dru dixon
    Thanks for explaining! The senate won't impeach him!
  • Wulfdane dru dixon 2013/01/17 01:41:58 (edited)
    I agree, impeaching the President would go nowhere. Conviction requires 2/3 of the Sentate, not gonna happen.

    Only two Presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, the Senate failed to convict both times. Nixon resigned before a full vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives, so it never made it to the Senate.
  • dru dixon Wulfdane 2013/01/17 01:45:12
    dru dixon
    Why is it that people throw the term impeachment around so loosely?
  • Wulfdane dru dixon 2013/01/17 02:24:37 (edited)
    It is the sad intolerant nature of our political system and all sides are guilty of it. There were calls to impeach former President Bush and now it is President Obama's turn.

    Fortunately cooler heads have revailed in *both* major parties and impeachments are rare, as it should be. Can you imagine how distablized our government would be if Presidents were constantly being impeached by the opposing party?
  • dru dixon Wulfdane 2013/01/18 00:03:20
    dru dixon
    I wish cooler heads prevailed in the case of Bill Clinton although I know he did himself in by lying and giving them what they needed. Thanks for stating this. You sound like one of the few educated "cooler heads" on this whole site!
  • Old Timer dru dixon 2013/01/17 17:45:07
    Old Timer
    You might be surprised what the Senate will do if enough home town people get on their case.
  • dru dixon Old Timer 2013/01/18 00:03:47
    dru dixon
    Lets hope in this case they don't!
  • TombstoneJim 2013/01/16 17:39:41
    Roger all the above - do it my friend and you have legions at your back.....go Steve...!
  • Cliff 2013/01/16 17:28:38
  • CorrectOpinion 2013/01/16 17:16:13
    Obama can ONLY get away with it if Congress lets him. Simple.
  • Scalded Eagle 2013/01/16 16:10:38
    Scalded Eagle
    Right, Fiat Rule is not constitutional and 0bama has by-passed Congress so many times with EOs, he should be the target of impeachent proceedings. If not, The US Congress and The Constitution will be a thing of the past. I think he has gone over the dictatorial line.
  • jimmy Scalded... 2013/01/16 16:17:49
  • Scalded... jimmy 2013/01/16 16:26:55
    Scalded Eagle
    We will see at noon, when he brings out the children. (Shields)
  • jimmy Scalded... 2013/01/16 16:31:20
    that is really a ashame to use children, for his back drop. To me he is spineless piece of garbage.
  • Scalded... jimmy 2013/01/16 16:57:02
    Scalded Eagle
    I think that's what dictators do.
  • jimmy Scalded... 2013/01/17 16:37:58
  • princess Scalded... 2013/01/17 01:35:15
    Agreed, he's crossed the line countless times....yet the Liberals protect him and he's always held unaccountable.
  • Wayne 2013/01/16 16:08:42
    Stockman is absolutely correct!
  • jimmy Wayne 2013/01/16 16:20:17
    you damn right and i hope he brings forth articles of impeachment.
  • Scalded... jimmy 2013/01/16 16:28:42
    Scalded Eagle
    Yep, he is already attracting a huge following.
  • jimmy Scalded... 2013/01/16 16:32:08
    all right that works for me.
  • Scalded... jimmy 2013/01/16 16:57:49
    Scalded Eagle
    Damn Right, me too.
  • jimmy Scalded... 2013/01/17 16:38:26
  • Georgia50 2013/01/16 15:09:08
    His presidential campaign was kicked off in the home of an unrepentant terrorist. His AG provided guns to Mexican drug lords. He did nothing to prevent the murder of an American ambassador and let the perpetrators walk scot-free. In the Illinois legislature, he voted AGAINST a law that would allow homeowners to use guns to defend themselves in their own home against a home invasion (the law passed over Blago's veto).

    And I'm the felon for owning guns and ammo?

    The first bastard and the first Muslim to ever sit in the Oval Office needs to seriously think again. Any attack on my Bill of Rights or the Bill of Rights of any American is an unlawful order that MUST be opposed by any means necessary.
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