‘Religious’ sex-toy shops online: Good or Bad idea

SlyDude 2011/12/31 12:07:40
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Religious Sex-Toy Sites Vow to Save Marriages

Dec 30, 2011 4:45 AM EST

Christian, Jewish, and Muslim entrepreneurs have launched ‘religious’ sex-toy shops online in an effort to improve pious couples’ sex lives—and strengthen the marital bond

Sex and religion have long been perceived to be at odds, with carnal pleasures representing sin more than saintliness. Yet in recent years, a handful of savvy Christian, Jewish and Muslim entrepreneurs have embraced the notion that the two can coexist in a way that jibes with doctrine—and even glorifies traditional values by strengthening marriages.


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  • someopinion 2012/01/16 16:20:24
    Bad idea
    Hopefully there are no RETURNS
  • Roger 2012/01/02 11:59:03
    Good idea
    they are at there least. the merciful thing to do is to help them stand back up and keep there walk on the road to future. i'm gonna fix them too.
  • CourtneyyyCakes;) 2012/01/02 02:24:35
    Bad idea
    The dildos are gonna be shaped like crosses.
  • A Founding Father 2012/01/01 08:10:00
    Good idea
    A Founding Father
    I could cast a lifesize figure of Jesus with 10" of solid "woody", or a "Mary" with a replacable cherry. Do you think they would sell?
  • Razoreye001 2011/12/31 18:44:48
    Good idea
    anything that offends christians is a good thing.
  • OWS-Liberal 2011/12/31 13:30:25
    Good idea
    it will drive the christians nuts.
  • santanasmooth 2011/12/31 13:20:36
    Good idea
    All three religions are pretty prudish about sex . Liven things up for the followers might loosen them up a bit.
  • Z 2011/12/31 12:42:39
    Good idea
    Though surprising. Although, and nothing against the religion, I am a bit shocked to see Muslims involved because of quranic language about sex.
  • Tom 2011/12/31 12:25:21
    Good idea
    Great plan. More babies means more parishioners.

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