Rave This: The USA should stop selling Israel bombs and weapons!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/19 12:56:35
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That would mean no more giving them weapons either.

Read More: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXrf_eH8WHw

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  • Putin The Great 2014/07/26 15:22:57
    Putin The Great
    USA can keep selling weapons and giving money to murderers though....uh duh!
    Kill all homosexuals, Muslims and condoners of such evil!
  • Donald Eric Kesler 2012/11/27 08:22:09
    Donald Eric Kesler
    I agree with this. The U.S. should not be selling weapons to any Middle Eastern country.
  • bye Donald ... 2013/05/25 04:14:51
    Only one I think and that is
  • Donald ... bye 2013/05/25 08:34:48
    Donald Eric Kesler
    I do not agree.
  • bye Donald ... 2013/05/25 19:21:47
    Well shucks Batman!
    robin boy wonder
  • flrdsgns 2012/11/25 16:19:03
    I'm all for not giving Israel weapons and paying for their iron dome defense system. I have no problem selling them what they need though.
  • bye flrdsgns 2013/05/25 04:16:16
    Hey if the Iron dome works we can use it or get the tech from them seems like a good R&D investment to me. Also we keep them under our finger with settlements and stuff we should not be doing so it's the least we can do to give them some weapons. I mean we should tell them go get the suckers instead of hey play nice with folks that want you dead.
  • Osama McDonalds 2012/11/25 10:12:22
    Osama McDonalds
    Yes, the USA should stop selling Israel weapons...along with everyone else...but that is big business and what we seem to excel in so it is going to take a lot of effort to change that around.
  • bye Osama M... 2013/05/25 04:17:04
    Thanks for your opinion but what do you think would happen to the rest of the world if Israel was defeated? Or to the Jews for that matter? Hmmm
  • Noor 2012/11/25 09:06:46 (edited)
    That $8.2 million a day kept in America and spent on Americans might be nice too! Let the miserable little sandbox nation learn to survive on its own.

    The best dream is everyone stop this warmongering and get on with life but Israel needs a little special care... clears throat... first.


    Then, enforced heavy unavoidable world therapy.. all world leaders must sit down together in an airtight room and be forced to smoke their brains out on the best most love producing weed on the planet.

    Let them learn about getting really bombed!

  • ♥☆ ـــا... Noor 2012/12/01 19:19:03
    ♥☆ ـــاطمةfēmàłėفـــــ☆♥
    LMAO ...i'm gonna save that pic .
  • TuringsChild 2012/11/25 05:29:03
    ONLY if we also stop giving aid to Arab nations in the area.
  • Guru_T_Firefly 2012/11/25 03:52:39
  • 001 2012/11/23 20:31:37
    The USA and every other country should stop producing and selling weapons period. Violence does not get solved by more violence.
  • Turings... 001 2012/11/25 05:30:40
    Actually it does. If the Allies had not confronted the NAZIs, their evil would have spread worldwide.
  • bye 2012/11/23 19:50:11
    Oh hell no we should be making more and better ones. Get them the Bunker busters to take our Iran's nuke facilities and help them in any way we can.
    usa israel
  • Jerry bye 2012/12/03 05:01:42
    ......... Any help that Israel needs to protect Their inherited right to possess this sacred land, should be provided, in the Holy Bible, right from the beginning, God called the Jewish People, ........ His Chosen People, who are We to change what God, declared....... Palestine, does not have any right to call any part of what was, and is, in Israel........ Obama, better recognize this, or quite possibly, He will be impeached, for many treasonable offenses, He and Biden.......there are Congressmen and House of Representative members, that are still considering ending this failing, everyday, presidential administration...... " I proudly Stand, for Israel to remain Free, from heathen surrounding countries........ failing presidential administration proudly israel remain free heathen surrounding countries
  • bye Jerry 2012/12/03 19:56:16
    Yeah lots of us out there Jerry but the bad guys keep growing at an alarming rate..
    sad girl
  • Jerry bye 2012/12/03 22:46:36 (edited)
    I know We just reelected Biden and Obama, but They have both pulled repetitive treasonable offenses against Our Country, Congress and the House of Representatives, needs to Impeach both of Them.......This Country made a Big mistake, reelecting those clowns, ohhhhhh by the way........exceptionally inspiring e-mail I just got from you, I replied to Your same e-mail to me, look for it, I tried to put an acknowledgment on the Header, for Subject Matter, I had to delete the Header message, but look for it, anyway.......... jadore ca, mon, Cheri...... Impeach Biden and Obama  for treasonable offenses
  • Patti The Yes Fan 2012/11/23 19:17:56 (edited)
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Seems to me that people who were treated so poorly in the past would NOT treat ppl how they didn't want to be treated to begin with. And the US supplying weapons when we have a supposed deficit to create more austerity; but hey lets send hard working ppls tax dollars to a bunch of war pigs. What a concept. So which ONE of our supposed leaders has a brain???


    Israeli halocaust hypocrites
  • bye Patti ... 2012/11/23 19:55:25
    Wow you are either clueless or a Propaganda person. It is sad that people like you simply get to put total nonsense up time and again should have a filter up like below.
    no propaganda
  • Patti ... bye 2012/11/23 20:08:29 (edited)
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Yes oh smart one. Name one thing wrong with what I posted. Are you saying they should treat Muslims how the GERMANS treated them????? Even thou MUSLIMS helped them when they had no where to go. Talk about clueless. And we are in how many wars. Yea the US so called leaders (corporate whores) ARE WAR PIGS. Swallow up that nonsense alrighty then?. The truth sometimes hurts. Maybe if IsraHELL didnt CREATE Hamas huh???>>>> After reading your valley girl comments I get it. You are clueless.

  • bye Patti ... 2012/11/23 20:25:58
    Lovely never said that you did. Oh and the Muslims were in league with the Germans and the final solution if you don't recall. They even hand an SS division

    Easy to seek the truth it's out there. It's the porpaganda people like you that try to cover it all up and reach those that don't know with your nonsense.
  • Patti ... bye 2012/11/23 20:31:28 (edited)
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Talk about propaganda. If they did NOT help the jews but hurt them along side of the Germans, then what is Morocco huh? Now read and learn and NOT the propaganda of the rich and ignorant.


  • bye Patti ... 2012/11/23 20:34:23
    Really The SS killed Jews and where did I say they helped them? LOL Gosh A Muslim SS division says a lot. It's all true dude. In face some of the great Muslim leaders were allies with Hitler..fact. And if you think your thinking then the British and USA would still own and have annexed all the middle east but can't do that because it's an inconvient truth.
    Oh Gee didn't even address Muslim SS divisions...lol
  • Patti ... bye 2012/12/08 11:16:45
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Wow you cant keep up can you? LMAO The Muslims helped the jews. Thats what Morocco is? Where Muslims and Jews live in oh, guess, yea PEACE. To this day. Re writing history are ya? Maybe you need the shock doctrine. Yea watch it and learn ok?
  • bye Patti ... 2012/12/09 18:17:28
    Yeah right lots of Muslims the world over helping Jews. I mean no Jihadists and killers it's all just a one or two loons..
  • Patti ... bye 2012/12/16 12:32:24
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Hey bright one, guess what. We have terrorists right here in America. Of the American sort. What was the latest? 28 dead and how many children? Get a grip there ok?
  • bye Patti ... 2012/12/20 19:58:56
    Wow thanks for thinking I'm bright. I'm also funny and happy too just saying! Merry Christmas also! Hardly a Jihadist but a disturbed guy stole the gun and shot people. It's awful. See but A Jihadist(also terrorist) is out to kill all in opposition to their religion because so it is written so but it be done. Again read the below book..big difference between a random nut (they will always be there) and millions who would like to kill lots of us just because we are us..and because of that we should all get a glock with a good grip. I mean if the Principal had one an knew how to use it, or we had security in the schools (budgets and deficits cause that along with less police which means more bad guys) who knows might have brought him down. A holy war is a religion at war with you..we tend to call them terrorists because we are afraid to piss them off and the repercussion of call It a true holy war which it what it really is. So I'm wide awake..
  • Patti ... bye 2012/12/21 00:20:30
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    So lets be good Christians and continue to kill kill kill. Let me laugh. There are a handful of those terrorists just like here. Its not about religion, its just about whats in one persons soul. Do you like to kill or not? And thats more like it. Their killers no matter what nationality they are. And they are right here in America. So what were semi automatics made for specifically????
  • bye Patti ... 2013/02/10 04:56:03
    No lets just defend ourselves and not be fed to the lions. If you understand Islam then you'll get that we are Infidels. The president won't call it Jiahad but they sure do and they are fighting us and we are spending trillions world wide fighting this and because we don't fight it win it's hard! They do what they want, they kill, they torture, they murder, murder, murder, and we should do nothing. For evil to win all good has to do is nothing. Wake up or the Jihad will visit you and it's not pretty. We are not equals to them in their minds and it's their world and culture we have to deal with not our western easy, peaceful culture ask any soldier that's been there!
    Jiahad is in there bible first they want to kill the Jews then the west. What you think the Islamic Spring is not going to spread. What's next Jordan, then, then then,...
  • Patti ... bye 2013/02/15 02:31:30
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Yea invade every country in the world right because there are nut cases everywhere. Yea you make sense. NOT. You think Jews deceived the Lord. What are you talking about? And here are how your Jews feel about the Lord. Wake up. Israel does not go with the original Torah. They are now corrupt Zionist who even Jews are fighting.

  • bye Patti ... 2013/02/17 17:03:58
    I don't think Jews Deceived the lord don't know where you got that from. I don't see the Jews fighting among themselves oh some verbally maybe what do you think they are Muslims or something and blowing each other up. Sorry but it's like every day the Muslims are going ka boom if not on the west then on each other sheesh
    Yeah the Koran is explosive
  • Patti ... bye 2013/02/23 11:11:13 (edited)
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Uh JUDAS. Did you forget about him???? Where ya been? Jews are not fighting each other? What are you,... yesterdays news??

  • bye Patti ... 2013/03/01 23:31:52
  • Patti ... bye 2013/03/02 10:18:26
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    Is that why they killed 35 Americans on the USS Liberty and said it was an accident. and how many injured. What does Judas have to do with anything? WOW. Judas was the JEW that betrayed the LORD. In response to your statement ""I don't think Jews Deceived the lord don't know where you got that from."" Do you read the bible or are you a ZIONIST Jew that portrays the bible how you see fit.
  • bye Patti ... 2013/04/02 00:12:57
    Ah yet another American and Jew hater....sorry not my game it's your thing.
  • Patti ... bye 2013/04/06 12:46:19
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    I dont hate anyone. However their deception is NOT my cup of tea Remember the USS Liberty. Remember 911.

  • bye Patti ... 2013/05/16 16:29:50
    Um Jesus was a jew and well sorry In Egypt they are protesting against Israel so we have to realize that Muslims want to control the world just do the demographics and watch how the religion that claims its peaceful acts
  • Patti ... bye 2013/05/24 17:51:55
    Patti  The Yes Fan
    That's called media brainwashing. Muslims are sick of terrorists governments. Don't blame them. Since we have terrorist type leaders right here at home. BOTH parties, so don't delusion yourself with the grand illusion of only one party sucks. THEY BOTH DO. Hey guess what? Who wants to rule the world??? Hymm lets see now. How many countries are we in right now???? Seems Americans think they should rule the world.
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