Rave This: Israel really needs to be seeking peace, instead of making excuses and war!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/19 23:10:57
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Rave This Israel really needs to be seeking peace instead of making excuses and war
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  • dawn 2012/11/20 14:39:32
    NO, stop lobbing rockets into Israel. ALL summer long Hamas has been shooting rockets at its neighbor, the Left never said a thing--as soon as Israel FINALLY is forced to strike back the Leftist media harps against Israel 24/7. There's NO country in the world that would put up with these constant attacks--but leave it to the twisted Left to get on the the wrong side of things. If the Left says it's right you can KNOW it's WRONG.

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  • DefendnProtect 2013/09/14 11:38:23
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/11/23 15:23:36
  • E. Norma Stits 2012/11/21 18:41:19
    E. Norma Stits
    Israel needs to go full blown military assault on all of the Muslim countries in the middle east if they ever want to see peace and be safe from the radical Islamics.
  • Kookiel... E. Norm... 2012/11/23 15:22:24
  • OPen Minded 2012/11/21 12:57:24
    OPen Minded
  • Radlad 2012/11/21 06:52:33
    Only stupid, freakin, morons believe that the religion of hate, war, and death..er sorry I ..er ....meant..... peace (snicker) is going to show any mercy or peace towards Israel. As long as there are muslims the world will know no peace. Even if islam rules the world. There will be no peace. Why? Because there are still muslins in the world....
  • BifDaddy 2012/11/21 04:46:52
    200 missiles fired upon Israel in a 24 hour period is hardly an excuse for war.

    It’s a reason.
  • sean 2012/11/21 03:12:58
    agree with you 100% !
  • Popeye 2012/11/21 02:57:57
  • lee 2012/11/21 02:13:23
    they could start by addressing the implications of this map...

  • Georgia50 2012/11/21 01:38:26
    Israel is seeking peace...one retaliatory strike at a time.
    gaza bomb crater

    Pictured is a bomb crater created by Israel. It was a direct hit on a Hamas launch site where it caused $500,000 worth of improvements.
  • sean Georgia50 2012/11/21 03:16:07
    funny that it didn't kill anyone from israel created hamas..if it did can i see some photos..while you can find photos that it killed nothing but civilians..mostly children.
  • JP 2012/11/21 00:06:28
    If we quit funding all of the radical states with our taxpayer money maybe they would have to throw sticks and stones instead of lob mortars and rockets!
  • Chokmah JP 2012/11/25 05:38:58
    We give Israel billions of dollars each year. Israel spends more than all of its neighboring countries combined on military hardware, even after we give them bombs to kill poor brown people.
  • JP Chokmah 2012/11/26 18:01:54
    Last time I checked Israel had it's fair share of brown people, you jackass.
  • Chokmah JP 2012/11/27 03:45:58
    Yeah, and those are the Palestinians and Sephardic, along with some Africans.. they are all treated like second class citizens by the European Ashkenazim...... you jackass.
  • JP Chokmah 2012/11/28 01:18:31
    I have the luxury of dealing with all kinds in the car business...I have met several Israeli people and they were all a darker shade than me!
  • Chokmah JP 2012/11/28 04:22:10
    So are Italians... they are still European.
  • JP Chokmah 2012/11/28 15:13:57
    So by using your method of reason we are giving bombs to countries to bomb poor Italians as well?

    You lost me at the poor playing of the race card.
  • Chokmah JP 2012/11/29 02:46:43
    You are in denial, and your feeble attempts to justify Israeli supremacy and apartheid is appalling.
  • JP Chokmah 2012/11/29 14:20:23
    Not in denial, Israel is a productive democracy while the rest of the region is stuck in the dark ages.
  • Chokmah JP 2012/11/29 20:22:35
    Israel is no ally, but a HUGE liability! Israel sponsors wars, ethnic cleansing, and apartheid against the local semitic peoples.
  • JP Chokmah 2012/11/29 21:04:43
    Sounds like you have them mixed up with the Holocaust deniers that run rampant in the Arab community!
  • Chokmah JP 2012/11/30 04:15:27
    The Palestinian Holocaust continues unabated. Its been going on for years.

    In the 1956 Suez War, a unit of Mishmar HaGvul, the Border Police, was responsible for the Kafr Qasim Massacre. on the second day of the war, a curfew was imposed on Kafr Qasim. Villagers who had worked in the fields and were unaware of the curfew were shot upon their return; 49 of them died. The Israeli Supreme Court rendered the attack illegal and ruled that there is an obligation of soldiers to disobey manifestly illegal orders. Israeli schools teach that all Germans that obeyed Nazi laws shared the guilt of that regime. Doctrines of men cannot pass for obligatory laws.

    Yet the hypocrisy continues.
  • Defendn... JP 2013/09/14 11:40:05
    Exactly defund Israel NOW!

  • Big brother 2012/11/20 23:56:21
    Big brother
    From The Arab point of view the Jews are occupieing . The only resolution is a real 2 state solution. With out it the island of Israel will never have peace. Blood shed begets blood shed and everyone will lose if they keep this up.
  • Chokmah 2012/11/20 23:16:21 (edited)
    November 1st was the 95th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, when the then foreign secretary, Arthur Balfour, signed a fateful letter to Lord Rothschild announcing that the British government "view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a National Home for the Jewish people". Britain thus gave the zionist movement carte blanche to transform the overwhelmingly Arab state of Palestine into a Jewish one.

    To further this aim, from 1920 onwards, Britain encouraged the mass immigration into Palestine of hundreds of thousands of European Jews, expressly against the wishes of the majority population. As Palestine descended into chaos, the British washed their hands of their responsibility for the mess they had caused and stood by while hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were terrorised into fleeing their homeland, as Palestine was transformed into Israel.

    We call for the British government to acknowledge publicly the responsibility of previous British administrations from 1917 to 1948 for the catastrophe that befell the Palestinians, when over threequarters were expelled deliberately and systematically by the zionist army. Most of them remain refugees today without redress. The truth about their expulsions is still not officially established, since Israel officially denies any responsibility for it.
  • sean Chokmah 2012/11/21 03:24:30
    and these rothschilds are the same people who own the federal reserve corporation..the bank of england..reuters..the ap..nbc..cbs..abc..where all news comes from..shell oil..de beers diamonds..you name it they own it..rothschilds worth 500 trillion
  • Roger47 2012/11/20 20:52:55
    But Hamas needs to be seeking peace as well. Their leaders are doing them great harm by continuing to fire missiles at Israel. If we were being hit by missiles fired from over the border, would we not strike back?
  • Chokmah Roger47 2012/11/25 05:41:51
    We would answer appropriately and proportionately. We would not recklessly bomb innocent women and children. (Oh shoot, I forgot about Vietnam, Dresden Germany, HIroshima, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Pakistan. Ok, I take that back!)
  • ManBearPig 2012/11/20 17:44:48
    i would say its kind of hard to keep peace with a group of people that do not believe in your right to exist
  • Chokmah ManBearPig 2013/09/14 22:13:48
    Yes, the Palestinians have suffered more than anyone in this tragedy. Racism and Apartheid suck.
  • schjaz 2012/11/20 16:24:14
    So you think Israel should just lay down and die in the name of Peace? They took over 150 shells before retaliating.
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/11/20 16:01:56 (edited)
    Cunning Stunts
    In stead of trying to apply social sciences or mediation/ any other form of understanding to the issue, maybe consider the fact that it is an endless tit for tat ethnic war that will never end.
  • missfit 2012/11/20 15:43:59
    Absolutely! There will never be peace as long as Israel keeps up his war-mongering ways. The Palestinians deserve to have a country just as much as Israel does. I think the religious views in this country have blinded a lot of people to this fact. Especially evangelist Christians are just crazy over the idea that the Palestinians are always at fault. Peace should be the main objective and lets leave religion out of it.
  • schjaz missfit 2012/11/20 16:25:48
    Israel was hit with over 150 mortars before retaliating. What you do?
  • Alice F... schjaz 2012/11/20 20:50:17
    Alice Fridman
    They are both wrong. Time to find peace on both sides!
  • Chokmah schjaz 2012/11/21 04:44:17
    Fire mortar shells back into their fields
  • Ferηαηdo 夢 ɗəɑʇɦ ɗəʃɪəʀ ʘʃ ρɦɑəʇ
    I wish I could rave this more than once.
  • chuck 2012/11/20 15:15:25
    Israel needs to kill terrorists and keep killing them untill they learn to leave Israel alone and the USA needs to help and support Israel in doing this

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