Rave This: If you're not sad that Mitt Romney LOST!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/27 10:41:36
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  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/11/29 21:14:02
    Gohmert Pyle
    To be fair, it was a battle of two losers. You'd think there wouldn't be a winner.
  • atomikmom 2012/11/29 06:08:50
    I am glad that Romney didn't make it, yet i am pissed that Obama did!!
  • Bibliophilic 2012/11/29 05:32:24
    I didn't shed a single tear.
  • Mopvyzo... Bibliop... 2012/11/29 15:45:36
  • zzzzz 2012/11/29 03:53:35
    You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Willard Matt Romny could have saved this country from Obongo even though I really wanted Santorum or Gingrich to win.
  • Bibliop... zzzzz 2012/11/29 05:33:47 (edited)
    Just like how he 'saved' Bain?

    Santorum? ROFL.

    rick santorum quote
    He'd have offered us a side of bigotry on a platter.
  • cut and paste king 2012/11/29 02:53:09
    cut and paste king
    Are u kidding i love the fact that we got rid of both scumbags R/R
  • Mopvyzo... cut and... 2012/11/29 15:46:00
  • missfit 2012/11/29 02:06:23
    Nope, not sad in the least.
  • Mopvyzo... missfit 2012/11/29 15:46:13
  • HillaryLover 2012/11/28 21:09:42
    I am sad that Hillary Clinton did not get the nomination in 2008.
  • macbeth Hillary... 2012/11/29 15:12:16
    I guess she will get the nomination in 2016.
  • Hillary... macbeth 2012/11/30 00:38:06
    I hope so, but if she has to cimpete with the two black guys, Corey Booker and Duval Patrick, it could be a repeat of 2008. Nearly 40% of registered Democrats are Black and, as they demonstrated in 2008, race trumps all other considerations.
  • ghostrider Hillary... 2012/12/27 06:25:58
    No, race does not trump all other considerations ... I, for one, didn't like what Romney was 'selling'.
  • Hillary... ghostrider 2012/12/27 07:08:34
    Neither did I. That is why I voted for the Democratic ticket - in 2008 and 2012. Although Hillary Clinton was, and still, my candidate of choice.
  • ghostrider Hillary... 2012/12/29 07:37:20
    Personally, I try my hardest to avoid voting a "ticket" although, admittedly, I've found few Republicans whose political philosophy or views align with mine.
  • Hillary... ghostrider 2012/12/29 08:48:50
    I find it impossible to separate the "ticket" from the party or to seperate the party from the "ticket." The ticket is the party and the party is the ticket.
  • ghostrider Hillary... 2012/12/30 18:28:18
    OK ... then keep voting 'your' way, as best suits you ... I shall continue to seek the most qualified and, to me, a-c-c-e-p-t-a-b-l-e candidate/individual.
  • Hillary... ghostrider 2012/12/31 01:05:27
    I don't vote Republican, and yes, I liked John McCain better than I liked Obama However. Obama (and the Democrat Party), for the most part, represented by fudamental political principles.
  • ghostrider Hillary... 2013/01/01 02:38:23
    Good ... continue to vote your 'conscience' ... that is as it should be ... and, I must admit, with politics evolving (regressing?) ever further from the 'center' I find it increasingly difficult to find and 'acceptable' candidate
  • ehrhornp 2012/11/28 19:56:51
    It is good that liar Mitt lost and lost big. Rave button won't work. Mitt must have sabotaged it. lol
  • Mopvyzo... ehrhornp 2012/11/29 01:58:56
  • THE BEACH 2012/11/28 18:57:15
  • Grandpa 2012/11/28 16:12:25
    He promised Jobs, Rid us of obamanation health care , balanced Budget >> But the people chose LIES< DECIET< HIGHER TAXES < MORE SPRNTING AND WASTE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS >>> How much did it cost us to get Egypt to stop Hamas from firing rockets into Isreal , better until when will it start again < Guess when they want more of "OUR TAX DOLLARS to support thier army >. Look what we give Libya and they could not and did not protect our embassey and we lost 4 good men >> Even our own were told to STAND DOWN and let them die >>. Where are the tapes the drones took ? Why weren't the personal aboard ship that run and monitors the drones questioned ??? Why was general Ham releaved of his command ?? Why was the Admerial called back to Washington and was he carrying those tapes from the drones to be altered ?? The people whated four more years of this crap >. Now I hope they are HAPPY as they have to live with his clown and his lies >> No jobs and all the above comments which need answers
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/28 20:01:50
    cut and paste king
    Granpa go take your medicine cause you re talking a lot of crap .that piece of land called. Israel is costing us our Freedom here in america everywhere we go barricades. We cant get on a plane without getting harassed we live in fear of terrorism everyday and all for a piece of land
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/11/28 20:26:04
    You can take that Bull crap and haterd for a country you have NEVER been to and stick them were the SUN DON"T SHINE >. A 57 year old cuban who left his country rather then stay and fight for a better place as the ISREAL IS DOING > YOUR A STINKEN BIDGET AND A BIGGER fool >>> GO HOME YOU ARE STINKING UP AMERICA WITH YOUR HATERD
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/29 02:46:00
    cut and paste king
    You imbecile you re another immigrant pig besides i came here for the money the same way your stinlking filthy ancestors Did when they got thrown out of their country and ended up as filthy refugees in american
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/11/29 14:33:01
    Well take your Fithy mouth and A$$ back to cuba you over stuffed pig as by your photo you look like all you do shoot off your big mouth and stuff your face >>> Another lazy A$$ who comes to live free off others as he is to lazy to work >. Castro is waiting for you fatso so hurry home >>. And my stiken relatives built this country that is supporting slime like YOU
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/29 15:35:28
    cut and paste king
    Boy you sound so frustrated ,whats the matter little punkass you re just like everybody in america a decendant of a refugee and i dont owe america nothing america owes me that i worked my butt off so that 50 percent of my hard working earnings were taken away in taxes and the money i earned i can do as i please so you confused child take a chill pill
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/11/29 21:41:18
    Get your funkie A$$ back to cuba >> Castro will give you more money to spend >>> The only thing Americans owe you is a KICK IN YOUR FAT BEHIND >> You should pay more as you are stealing our jobs >> By the looks of your picture you have alot of A$$ left to work off
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/29 23:20:18
    cut and paste king
    I spend my money anywhere i feel like it. As for cuba they can blow it off the map i wouldnt give a dam and i learned from the cruise ships where they register in a foreing country. All their passengers are americans and they dont pay any taxes besides i m retired drawing s security and medicare. Haha ha
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/11/30 14:32:23
    Another imagrant living off the goverment , And never paid in >> and you bad mouth our country >> Its us tax payers that are supporting your stinken A$$
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/30 15:16:56
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/11/30 23:29:59
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/30 23:37:28 (edited)
    cut and paste king
    Our country? what stinking filthy country your ancestors came from on the boat?
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/12/01 14:47:30
    It sure as hell wasn't CUBA >> You stinken wet back >> Go back to castro he needs fools like you
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/12/01 18:27:35
    cut and paste king
    Ha ha ha you filthy fat pig how many times have you been in jail
  • Grandpa cut and... 2012/12/01 21:47:04
    Never don't need to be as I don't play with little girls >>. Bye
  • cut and... Grandpa 2012/11/29 02:47:30
    cut and paste king
    Israel is a welfare state that receives billions of dollars from american taxpayers every year not to mention food stamps
  • jweedin... cut and... 2012/11/29 23:52:34
    Couldn't have said it better, LOL! !!!!

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