Rave this: If you think we should have a National Voter ID Program in place.

Scalded Eagle 2012/05/04 16:45:30
I think a National Voter ID Program would make a huge dent in Voter Fraud that seemed so rampant in the 2008 Presidential Election.
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  • king4wd 2012/05/04 18:54:18
    You show your driver's license or similar ID for most other civic transactions- Jury duty, getting insurance (any type), volunteering at your kid's school, etc. Flashing your ID before voting would cut way down on voter fraud. Heck, most people who supported Clinton back in the '90s wanted a national ID for health care purposes. Why do those same people (including many posters here) oppose ID now?

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  • FISH 2012/05/18 10:36:27
    Yes we need a National Voter ID Program in place. If you examine the reason some don't want it now could be that they are benefiting from the lack of verification of illegal voters. How say you, identity theft is one way and with the help of organized fraudulent groups such as acorn and others. I had to prove my age, sex and proof I was a USA born citizen, more red tape required to play little league ball in the 1960's then to run for USA President or vote for elected officials. We need to have people registered and verified.
  • words to live by 2012/05/15 01:34:28
    words to live by
    I have always showed my driving permit here in Virginia when I vote. And, you can't get into any other country without showing a passport first.
  • DM Twin 2012/05/14 15:21:52
    DM Twin

    PROVE you are eligible ... and HERE LEGALLY.... OR do NOT get to vote...Make it the law and you will NEVER see a Demoturd win again...that's all they have. hhhhh
  • Tr0uBle 2012/05/13 05:36:16
    Of course we should have a national Voter ID Program / Laws in place and should have years ago. We must protect the integrity of our voting system and put an end to voter fraud. Voter ID Laws are a must.............and to be honest only those voters that have corrupt intentions are the ones that are totally against voter ID laws.
  • sue 2012/05/12 21:24:37
    yes it would. one guy said he voted 8 times
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/05/12 12:36:31
    Christopher Kirchen
    Yes we should, and the only reason anyone would be against it is if they favor voter fraud.
  • Bug 2012/05/11 01:16:13
    If there is no fraud....why all the outrage
    You have to have an ID to buy cigarettes.....but not to vote
    Another stupid government beef
  • Artist~PWCM~ 2012/05/10 19:38:25
    No, I'm not in favor of one but I am in favor of everyone presenting their ID (driver's license, birth certificate, etc.) at every voting booth.
  • Mike 2012/05/10 03:55:31
    really , i guess you don't have any problem with the Diebold machines that seemed to have counted more people than what some towns had in population during the 2004 presidential race

    watch and learn how little you know
  • Delta 2012/05/09 13:14:04
    I never knew it had been discontinued, I have to show ID where I live and always have had to???
  • qtpie96761 2012/05/08 23:49:46
    YES! People need to do SOMETHING to stop voter fraud & also to STOP SCTYL (George Soros company) from counting our votes in November!!
  • LarryFine 2012/05/08 11:58:13
    The only ones opposed to state controlled voter I.D. programs are those who have something to hide.
  • Maria R 2012/05/08 02:42:18
    Maria R
    Our voter ID should be embedded on our driver's licenses or the standard ID card. Why have two?
  • nightcrawler2005 2012/05/07 19:09:11
    They tried voter ID in Canada a few elections ago. It was a complete waste time and money. Too many people lost the cards, forgot to bring them or just didn't have one. We went back to the old system just show some government photo ID (example, military ID, Drivers License, etc.) and vote. We have no problems and virtually no voter fraud.
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2012/05/07 18:48:25
  • Calm down! 2012/05/07 16:06:01
    Calm down!
    Only legal US citizen's should be able to vote! Anything else is just corruption!
  • GINGERBREAD 2012/05/07 15:56:53
    If you are asking for a NATIONAL VOTER ID, I'm very much against that. Any thing that says "NATIONAL" means the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and anything that the federal government is for, I am immediately against. Now a state VOTER ID, that is very different. That I would be for.
  • HarleyCharley 2012/05/07 15:16:15
    yes we need I D s...
  • GINGERB... HarleyC... 2012/05/07 19:08:43
    You are right, but a "FEDERAL VOTER'S ID"? No way. I prefer the states to produce a state voter ID. Anything that the federal government touches, will turn into $H!T. You know it and I know it.
  • santa6642 2012/05/07 14:48:32
    it is baddly needed.
  • Tuna 2012/05/07 14:43:32
    I.D. and a completed/filed 1040 form; if you don't pay taxes, you don't vote.

    voter fraud
  • Thisism... Tuna 2012/05/07 15:33:06
  • Tuna Thisism... 2012/05/07 21:31:16 (edited)
    Not in Ferderal elections; nobody has a right to vote in Federal elections. Please don't vote if you are Constitutionally illiterate.
  • Scalded... Tuna 2012/05/07 18:48:49
    Scalded Eagle
    Better yet Tuna.
  • David L... Tuna 2012/05/07 19:37:34
  • Cry_Bab... David L... 2012/05/10 15:08:46
  • David L... Tuna 2012/05/07 19:38:08
    David Lindner
    thats not a bad idea.
  • Tuna David L... 2012/05/07 21:32:16 (edited)
    There is no Constitutitonal guarantee to vote in Federal elections only State elctions.
  • David L... Tuna 2012/05/07 22:32:30
    David Lindner
    yeah i know. thats what the electoral college is for.
  • Maria R Tuna 2012/05/08 02:43:04
    Maria R
    That would be really nice! I could live with that :)
  • Jimbo 2012/05/07 14:09:25
    There is one done state by state with them deciding whom is eligible. Voter fraud is a myth, votes not counted or miscounted are 50 times more than voter fraud at 1/8 of 1%. The stupid think illegals vote chancing deportation, the sane with common sense know better. The GOP is very good at pushing the fear buttons of conservatives and they fall for the BS every time.
  • David L... Jimbo 2012/05/07 14:15:48
    David Lindner
    then its not a myth. actually, ACORN was dismantled because of it.

  • Thisism... David L... 2012/05/07 15:36:03
  • David L... Thisism... 2012/05/07 19:35:45
    David Lindner
    thats the gingrich campaign, im talking about ACORN, and ironically, i got that from a liberals news source. Let me guess, youre the wingnut projecting yourself unto others.
  • Energene Thisism... 2012/05/11 22:51:03
    Acorn got caught in 13 states, the difference in scale is significant.
  • 4570GOVT 2012/05/07 13:25:20
    RAVE - RAVE - RAVE - RAVE ! I " MUST " show my Drivers License " EVERY " time I vote .............. and so should everyone else .
  • FISH 2012/05/07 13:02:36
    Yes we need to stop the use of the identity's of deceased and others identifications. I will tell you the fastest growing group in this country are the illegal groups, see why we need to do something before it gets even worse. We have had voter fraud and theft of identifications of other legal Americans, come on get real.
  • FISH 2012/05/07 12:33:20
    Yes we drastically need this safeguard against voter fraud. I have heard the opposition say no we don't need it, we have very little evidence of voter fraud. I say to them why is it such a big issue to you and your liberal comrades. I was selected at the age of 11 to compete in the little league State Tournament in 1963 and had to supply proof that I was the Legal age and a citizen of the USA. I and my family did that BY Supplying a Real Legal not a copy Birth certificate to verify I was who I stated I was. I was 11 years old, I understood the process at that age and just have a real problem with the Obamanite's opposition to the identification program. I think it makes them appear suspicious and guilty, I was 11 years of age and had nothing to hide, what's the problem.
  • joe.noonan2 2012/05/07 12:31:19
    Weren't there like 7-12 cases of voter fraud? ~10/2,000,000% = ~0%.

    If we are checking for voter fraud I might suggest checking the 2004 election.
  • President Camacho 2012/05/07 10:50:48
    President Camacho
    NO! Local and state governments should handle voter ID. All voters should be required to prove identity and residency via state issued photo id, we don't need the fed to do it.
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