Rave This If You Think The Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites For Not Demanding Mitt Romney's Long Form Birth Certificate, College Transcripts, Tax Returns, and Offshore Bank Account Info ?

Che Guevara - Hero 2012/07/10 11:44:58
YES, The Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites
YES, The Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites
YES, The Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites
All Of The Above
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Rave This If You Think The Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites For Not Demanding Mitt Romney's Long Form Birth Certificate, College Transcripts, Tax Returns, and Offshore Bank Account Info ?
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  • Rebel Yell 2012/07/10 13:16:01
    YES, The Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites
    Rebel Yell
    Of course they are hypocritical but they are also amusing. I love their logic. When this has been brought up before, they become haughty and indignant and respond with comments such as.... " Everyone knows Mitt was born in Utah! " See there ... " everyone knows! That settles it ! Or they will say he revealed all of that back when he ran for the Senate. No... he did not.

    In '08, Candidate McCain went after Mitt and his hidden taxes. During the primaries, Rick Perry did the same. Even sleazy old Newt questioned Willard's character. They all know what a venture capitalist and snake oil salesman Mitt is. It's getting pretty bad when Newt pinches his nose when Mitt walks by.

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  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/07/16 21:15:24
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/07/17 13:39:59
    I'm not a birther.
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/07/17 13:49:42
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/07/18 15:35:48
    Disbelieve all you want, I don't believe Obama was born outside the U.S.
    I just think he's a crappy president who hides his past. He knows if we ever looked at his thesis, it would reveal his stupidity. (and by 'stupidity', I mean his belief that Socialism/Communism are better than a Republic)
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/07/19 07:09:33 (edited)
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/07/20 11:14:42 (edited)
    Hahahahahaha.... I've heard plenty...
    You need to stop listening so much to what he's saying, and start paying more attention to what he's doing. A man is defined by his actions.

    IF he doesn't believe that, then how do you explain the "Life of Julia"??
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/07/20 16:54:15 (edited)
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/07/20 18:50:02 (edited)
    Because we all know how well it works out when a government promises to provide cradle to grave care for it's citizens.

    The USSR tried it. After 20 years, they were at least 5 decades behind in medical care. To get even minimal attention from a doctor you had to bribe him. In the end 55% of all their hospitals didn't have running water.

    Learn from it or not... this is human history...
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/07/21 00:16:07
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/07/23 19:25:33
    What is 'laughable', is that you are so blind to the lessons of history.
    You are like a teenager living in an apartment above your parent's garage and complaining that you can't run the air-conditioning at 63 degrees.
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/07/23 22:38:30
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/08/06 20:12:21
    Nothing I have said is unreasonable.
    You are the one who thinks that our government promising to provide cradle to grave care for it's citizens is funny.
    So, who's the nut here?
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/08/06 20:21:20
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/08/07 12:24:11
    I think it's funny that you think I'm nuts when you are;
    1. openly declaring I have lied, when I demonstrably have not and;
    2. choose to ignore the lessons history has to offer.
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/08/07 21:51:09
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/08/08 13:05:49
  • joseph ... Hypothe... 2012/08/10 05:02:33
  • Hypothe... joseph ... 2012/08/10 12:41:33
    Hahahaha... that was a good one. :-)
    Thanks for the banter jospeph.
  • Brother Bo Hypothe... 2012/07/11 15:51:21
    Brother Bo
    Notice that the communist coward posting this didn't allow for any answer but his own. Just like Obama trying to shut up FoxNews and talk radio, he's scared of people talking truth. Go ahead and live in your little bubble of denial, or re-post this question with a choice. What do you say, Comrade?
  • Brother Bo Brother Bo 2012/07/11 15:51:40
    Brother Bo
    He'll probably block me now.
  • Che Gue... Brother Bo 2012/07/11 18:02:15
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Block you for what ? Having a low IQ ? lol
  • DUGGINS Che Gue... 2012/07/11 18:27:36
    Hey Che-a-Pet Just got some news for you, Debbie Wasserman (blabbermouth)Schultz has a 401k that invests in a Swiss bank, British banks and even invests in a big Danish Pharmaceutical company, so now's your chance to ask old Debbie to show you all her investments in foreign companies. I'll bet a good loyal Donkey like you wouldn't rat out Debbie because she is the leader of the Democrat National Committee, you wouldn't do that now would you Che-A-Pet.
  • Che Gue... DUGGINS 2012/07/11 18:28:23
    Che Guevara - Hero
    Tea Party Members Are Hypocrites For Not Demanding Mitt Romney's Long Form Birth Certificate, College Transcripts, Tax Returns, and Offshore Bank Account Info.
  • Brother Bo Che Gue... 2012/07/11 20:24:06
    Brother Bo
    Romney is ready, willing and able to supply his Long Form Birth Certificate, College Transcripts, Tax Returns, and Offshore Bank Account Info.
    Obama took 3 years to come up with a still flawed birth certificate and we still don't have any of the things you are demanding of Romney.
  • Brother Bo Che Gue... 2012/07/11 20:28:54
    Brother Bo
    We still don't have all the things from Obama that you are demanding of Romney. You just like him because he is endorsed by the CPUSA.


    Romney is willing to show his, why haven't we seen Obama's yet?
  • my2cents Brother Bo 2012/07/11 22:50:39
    Romney hasn't released his Harvard or any school transcripts either. He hasn't said he's willing to, either.

    What we do know as fact is that President Obama has posted 11 years of back income tax returns online. Romney refuses to do the same.

    He knows what those income tax returns will show will hurt him.
  • Hypothe... Che Gue... 2012/07/13 13:15:46
    Is there an echo in here?
  • joseph ... Brother Bo 2012/07/17 13:55:42
  • Brother Bo joseph ... 2012/07/17 16:13:52
    Brother Bo
    "Retards who call people commies just because their politics"... what kind of a dumb-assed comment is that? If your politics are communist, you are, by definition, a communist. If your bible is "The Communist Manifesto" and all of your actions are laid out in that book, then you are a communist. Practically everything Obama has done to date can be found in the words of Marx and Engles. How do YOU define "Commie"?
  • joseph ... Brother Bo 2012/07/18 04:33:49
  • Brother Bo joseph ... 2012/07/18 11:09:35
    Brother Bo
    If you read the Communist Manifesto, which I have, you would have a clue, but you apparently haven't. If you do pick up a copy, you will see Obama's actions all through it. Also pick up a copy of Saul Allinsky's "Rules for Radicals". That is Obama's second bible
  • joseph ... Brother Bo 2012/07/19 07:12:36 (edited)
  • Brother Bo joseph ... 2012/07/19 18:51:11
    Brother Bo
    Blessings upon you as well...
  • joseph ... Brother Bo 2012/07/19 19:17:03
  • Brother Bo joseph ... 2012/07/19 20:33:23
    Brother Bo
    I don't know where you get your history lessons, but the right has only had 2 years of power in the past 50 years (and Bush was too much of a lightweight to do anything with it) All this mess has come from democrats, not republicans. It started getting really bad with Johnson's "Great Society" and has gone down hill since then. Higher taxes on the producers to buy votes from the parasites is deep in the very core of democrat politicians.
  • joseph ... Brother Bo 2012/07/19 22:14:12
  • joseph ... Brother Bo 2012/07/19 07:15:57
  • Che Gue... Brother Bo 2012/07/11 18:01:39
  • my2cents Hypothe... 2012/07/11 18:22:55
    I would only investigate my girlfriend if she were the one leaving with the money.
  • SJG 2012/07/11 10:21:20
    All Of The Above
    The same people who want to government out of their lives, but don't touch Social Security or Medicare and who are they to tell us seat belts save lives and who are they to tell us smoking is bad for us and who are they to tell us about contaminated foods. Nut cases.

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