Rave this: If you think Obama is trying to change THE AMERICAN Dream into a global Nightmare.

Scalded Eagle 2012/08/02 16:36:36
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The American dream has drawn millions of the globes most talented people to our shores, for hundreds of years, from all over the world. What will America be like when the American dream is gone?
 Obama global Nightmare
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  • dlsofsetx 2012/12/05 21:16:05
    Also to become world dictator.
  • dlsofsetx 2012/12/04 21:35:00
    Anti-Christ hope to be.
  • MR. 2012/09/07 18:57:01
    "Are you sure you wouldn't like to stay just a little awhile longer? Just for talk? *PSYCHO (1960') Dir. Sir Alfred Hitchcock.
  • McCate 2012/09/01 02:41:29
    TRYING?! Hell...He IS succeeding
  • steve 2012/08/18 04:46:18
    The American Dream is not what you think it is for immigrants my sadly unaware American Cousins.I have traveled the Globe extensively over the last Ten Years and I can honestly say without fear of retribution from people I have met on my travels that the top two most hated nations on the planet are :No 1 :USA No 2 :United Kingdom.We are being milked dry for every penny that immigrant workers can make as we remain blissfully unaware what is taking place.The fact that only 8% of Americans hold a passport and only 7% have used them would relate to me that you do not,as a nation,have much of a clue what is going on in the world outside America and until you do then your people will have a real problem realising that the people that you have drawn from all over the world are only in your country for the money and will send every available cent back to their homeland if they can.It has already happened in the UK with former easternblock states that have joined the EU.This causes major financial decline on the country`s economy
  • CLIFF YARBROUGH 2012/08/12 00:11:24
    Chukroast, to put it into words that you would understand. Romny is "done".
  • CLIFF YARBROUGH 2012/08/12 00:01:01
    What an idiot question. Why would Obama want to do such a thing. The crazy wing of the conservative party is responsible for making a great country into hell on earth for any one who is isn't crazy. My wife is a psychologist. She and 2 other docs looked at the political views expressed on this site by the crazy wing and all said that many of these people needed serious help as soon as possible. Their writing is rambling, fractured and illusion filled said the doctors.
  • jasmine1 CLIFF Y... 2012/08/14 03:37:06
    I have read many times that people go into psychology because they are the ones that really need it.
  • santa6642 2012/08/11 21:42:30
    he is well on his way already, Time ti retire the cluts.
  • CLIFF Y... santa6642 2012/08/12 00:03:21
    Latest Fox News poll puts Obama ahead by 9 points and early polls today suggest a 1 point rise after Romney picked Ryan. Swing states are going more for Obama with each poll. Santa does not exist.
  • Karen A... CLIFF Y... 2012/08/24 17:17:20
    Karen Adams
    By election day the poll will be higher for Obama. No doubt he'll win!
  • Willy 2012/08/11 19:48:07
    The Earth would be better off split in half and pulled into the Sun, than having obama reelected.
  • CLIFF Y... Willy 2012/08/12 00:04:17
    That's a drastic, hyperbole filled, juvenile opinion. But that's your right.
  • Scalded... Willy 2012/08/15 21:51:30
    Scalded Eagle
    You are right, my friend!
  • Karen A... Willy 2012/08/24 17:19:10
    Karen Adams
    Maybe you can be pulled into that "event" while the rest of us Americans will be happy with Obama winning the election again! GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Willy Karen A... 2012/08/24 17:36:29
    You may think you will be happy if he is reelected, but you would change your mind soon after. obama supporters have no idea why they support him, not to mention the damage he has done to this country.
  • Chukroast 2012/08/11 19:32:35
    No doubt about it. GO GOP.
  • Cheerios 2012/08/11 16:32:14
    The American dream changed long before he got into office. We all know that you can no longer com here and get a job, and have a shot at life. You get here (legally) take some job that no natural-born american citizen would do for minimum wage or less and then you're told to leave or that you're not wanted because you're taking all the good jobs. Bull.
  • CLIFF Y... Cheerios 2012/08/12 00:08:13
    Actually, that's not true. Good high paying jobs are being taken by legal immigrants and permanent residents who were smarter enough to study science, math and engineering. Their home countries are paying for their educations in many cases while our students struggle financially because conservative can't figure out that you have to spend money to make money and they run our economy.
  • Cheerios CLIFF Y... 2012/08/12 15:48:21
    Yeah, what you're saying is true for lots of countries. But I was referring to places where that doesn't happen (like Mexico). And "you have to spend money to make money and they run our economy." So true :)
  • Karen Adams 2012/08/11 16:24:46
    Karen Adams
    Get real... what kind of American says things so derrogatory? You should be ashamed!
  • steve Karen A... 2012/08/18 04:59:23
    As an outsider I would say that it would be an American with the slightest modicum of intelligence.Which you obviously do not possess.
  • Karen A... steve 2012/08/24 17:24:55
    Karen Adams
    Why Steve-- because I disagree with your ignorant smallminded thoughts of how wonderful the republicans are? You obviously are the one that does not possess any intelligence. Their record speaks for itself. Look at the news--- what other company can knit-whit Romney ruin? Looks like you'll be working in Mexico someday if he takes office. Like taco's Steve?!!!
  • steve Karen A... 2012/09/26 14:46:46
    I`m not an American Karen as it says in my comment "as an outsider"You should read before you reply.Previously it also mentions I am from the UK.
  • JingerJewels 2012/08/11 07:15:53
    Of course since day one Obama hates America
  • CLIFF Y... JingerJ... 2012/08/12 00:10:09
    Can you give any verifiable reasons to present such a jaundiced view of the Obamas? Or did the Republicans offer to help you move out of your parents basement if you did it?
  • JingerJ... CLIFF Y... 2012/08/12 07:51:39
    Nope I am a proud home and business owner! I understand for you wing nuts the truth about your commander in chief is a jagged pill hard to swallow and I have a right to my views about Odimwit just like you do so therefore your comments are not insulting but typical neurotic behavior of obamanites that make you sound so ignorant but I understand your frustration that your Obama money cash card will soon be declined so get a job and stop leaching off us hard working Americans
  • Scalded... JingerJ... 2012/08/15 21:56:45
    Scalded Eagle
    That was so awesome Jinger!
  • Karen A... JingerJ... 2012/08/24 17:32:41
    Karen Adams
    As a business owner myself, I must say you have been in a world of illusion if you agree with what you just said! Come on! Wake up and see that the bull-headed republicans have ruined this country more than once and will continue to do so if elected. Time for you bunch of fools that like Romney and his trash talk to get some guts and look at what is happening. I myself would like to continue to work in the U.S. and not have my co be outsourced to another country. But why should he care? The rich only get richer and drive the middle class into the poorhouse. Might be where you end up with that mindset you have going on.
  • JingerJ... Karen A... 2012/08/25 01:09:39 (edited)
    According to my bank accounts I am doing quite well for myself!!! However you sound like your thirsty lol Obama kool aid
  • Karen A... CLIFF Y... 2012/08/24 17:33:11
    Karen Adams
    Here here Cliff!
  • mich52 2012/08/11 06:42:21
  • garyt212 2012/08/11 05:34:43
    The communist said that he would fundamentally change America and he is!
    obama we will fundamentally change america
  • harry 2012/08/11 03:42:30
    You mean Romney will change the American dream into a nightmare.[...]
  • Willy harry 2012/08/11 19:50:23
    Typical non thinking gullible liberal.
  • Karen A... Willy 2012/08/24 17:37:45
    Karen Adams
    Typical non thinking misguided conservitives.
  • Karen A... harry 2012/08/24 17:35:20
    Karen Adams
    Indeed! That's where we'll be if that idiot is elected. Better start trying to get those Obama haters to see what is really TRUE. Not what they THINK is true!
  • Willy Karen A... 2012/08/24 17:46:33
    Most people come to their senses before they reach your age, but not everyone.
  • Rock 2012/08/11 02:42:04
    Trying??? More like Doing!
  • steve 2012/08/11 02:33:18
    Forget the American Dream,get your act together with your Immigration department.If you arrive in the US with the most minor of Misdemeanors on your record and if you have been found NOT GUILTY,on a 90 day visitor visa you get locked up for the night and flown home on the next trans-atlantic flight back to the first available airport.I have stood in line with American Citizens arriving in the UK at airports and we have no problems accepting them into our country,They never receive anything like the grilling that UK residents get when we try to enter the USA.If any of you had experienced this you would agree that the USA would be the last place on earth you would want to visit never mind trying to apply for a green card to work in your country.This experience is not a recent thing,it has been this way for decades.
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