RAVE THIS: If you think it's pathetic for people to say Democrats want to get rid of the 2nd amendment!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/12/28 05:34:29
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  • Gid 2012/12/28 21:14:52
    I think that the voices and actions of the democratic party speak loud and clear on this issue. The frequency with which they presume to tell us what kinds of guns we need is astounding. Would we accept Freedom of Religion, with state regulations as to what we can believe how often we can meet what can be said and special taxes for some beliefs?

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  • BoomLover 2013/01/03 06:00:48
    I was going to answer this one, until I saw it was posted by Mopeder, the Sock Puppet...The Number 1 Troll here on SodaHead...not worth the time!
  • Singerar 2013/01/03 05:11:43
    We just want stricter laws and only ban semi-automatics.
  • Ozymandias 2013/01/03 01:11:29
  • THE One and Only 2013/01/02 21:07:15
  • Bronar 2013/01/02 18:19:02
    The second amendment has already been shot down (to use a phrase). It's simple a matter of degrees as we go on. Even as a Republican I have no problem with that. If we were to stand by "the right to bear arms" we'd all be allowed a bazooka and a nuke in the garage. There are those that feel that's ok and there are those that don't think anyone should be allowed a gun of any kind. The latter want the second amendment abolished completely, nothing pathetic about calling them out for it.
  • kevin.barnett.73932 2013/01/02 18:09:29
    Take away our guns and who do you think is going to get more embolden?the government and the psychos that want to use the guns to kill innocent people!...Gun rights are the ultimate equalizer!
  • n-person 2013/01/02 17:50:42
    The 2nd amendment was about citizens owning the same small arms as the government troops as a deterrent to tyranny. Democrats in power want to change that.
  • Surly Curmudgen 2013/01/02 17:08:19
    Surly Curmudgen
    The second amendment is man's attempt at paraphrasing GOD'S work. Every living creature down to the most helpless will fight to defend it's life. Even a baby in it's first trimester will fight to escape the forceps in the hand of an abortionist trying to tear it apart. Self defence is an integral part of being alive. For those who are intent on depriving me or mine of the tools of defence there are only two possible results of that attempt, either you are dead or I am dead. Can you grok that?
  • Phantom 2013/01/02 13:09:18
    If the truth were known, probably more democrats own firearms than republicans, and are more educated in using them. However the RWNJ, who makes up a large portion of the republican party, believe they are armed nearly as well as the US armed forces, and are willing to take them on, if their 2nd amendment rights are threatened.
  • BoomLover Phantom 2013/01/03 05:57:57
    Why don't you do a poll or a survey? The results just might surprise you....
  • Bett17 2013/01/02 12:43:45
    I'm not exactly sure if these people are melodramatic or stupid, but gun control does not equate to BANNING on guns.
  • Fariborz-Zak 2013/01/02 08:30:27
  • Hopscotch 2013/01/01 19:46:01
    Rave and watch this video before you answer. http://www.upworthy.com/the-n...
  • Phantom Hopscotch 2013/01/02 13:25:31
    Great video.
  • CODE 11 2013/01/01 18:12:06
    CODE 11
    You can't control the people while their armed.
  • Howler 2013/01/01 17:08:02
    Oh no...They don't want to get rid of it.

    They just want to do the usual, unrelenting, statist-like, Progressive "nudge" on it so that it gets rid of itself.

    The only exception is that while there is still relatively fresh blood on the ground from the evil actions of a guilty, deceased murderer using an innocent gun, they see an opportunity to use exploitation of dead children to politically expedite that "nudge".

    Left-wing, and Progressive pseudo-Democrats LOVE guns and the authority those who have them can impose.

    That's why they don't want anyone, but "the Party" to have them - except, of course, the "bodyguards" of those who support "The Party".
  • MapoTofu Howler 2013/01/02 22:27:22
    The usual and stereotypical Leftist one-way street. You know those ass++++s who published the gun owners' home addresses in that tiny paper? They hired ARMED GUARDS to protect themselves from not only the rightfully angry gun owners, but from their angry neighbors who are now obvious and safer targets for criminals. Only in America! Ha! And we put up with it!
  • Boudicea 2013/01/01 17:07:39
    Can't rave this. Democrats DO want to strip us of our right to bear and keep arms. AND they want to do it without the consent of "the people".
  • Phantom Boudicea 2013/01/02 13:28:21
    Paranoia has you under it''s spell.
  • n-person Phantom 2013/01/02 17:52:17
    Have you read feinsteins bill?
  • MapoTofu Phantom 2013/01/02 22:28:39
    Wake up, buddy. And inform yourself.
  • Phantom MapoTofu 2013/01/03 01:31:59
    I've been around for over 72 years. For the majority of thoes years, the Republicans have been whining the same tune. The left is gonna take our guns away, The Dems are gonna take our guns away. Forget it, it ain't gonna happen. The only thing that's changed is the caliber has gotten bigger, and the rounds they can hold has increased. Everyone now thinks they need an assult rifle. Where will it end?? Maybe when we all have our very own nuclear device.
  • Boudicea Phantom 2013/01/07 15:30:34
  • Singerar Boudicea 2013/01/03 08:05:43
    No they don't. They want stricter gun laws. Please find me a site where Democrats want to get rid of the Second Amendment.
  • Boudicea Singerar 2013/01/07 16:03:17
    Stricter gun laws ARE getting rid of the second amendment. Lets try again. "the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". It doesn't say shall not be infringed, except when you get a license, or except when you live in a certain city, or except you're over 21. It says SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
  • Singerar Boudicea 2013/01/07 17:51:22
    But you have new laws breaking out all the time to go WITH the Times as hand.

    Just like you do with Car licenses and tests. Back when the Ford was build, you didn't have such strict laws. Are you going to bitch about that as well? Maybe we shouldn't have such strict laws to drive a car? What would become if that? Many more deaths. As times change, laws change.

    No, they do NOT want to ban guns. You can spin it and be paranoid all you want but they will NOT ban guns. Some people DO hunt for food. They just don't need an AR-15 Semi-Automatic to do so.
  • Boudicea Singerar 2013/01/07 17:56:04
  • HOMBRE 2013/01/01 16:59:26
    These morons what to put people on the Democratic plantation. It's all about control of the people. We think all these food stamps and give me are for. Big government was to control you. So you libtards continue to drink the Kool-Aid. The Democratic sheep will continue to follow this regime off the cliff and think it's wonderful.
  • Phantom HOMBRE 2013/01/02 13:30:35
    Hey Mujer. They have medicine for paranoia.
  • HOMBRE Phantom 2013/01/02 13:51:31
    Hey butt brain.still on the Dem plantation I see.Sucking on Obama tit because you cant make it on your own.lol
  • Phantom HOMBRE 2013/01/03 01:36:14
  • HOMBRE Phantom 2013/01/03 01:38:37
    Just as much as you enjoy the chit in your teeth.
  • Phantom HOMBRE 2013/01/03 01:50:50
    Chit?? No comprendo.
  • WankerBait 2013/01/01 16:49:22
  • BrightShadow 2013/01/01 16:45:32
    They only want the right for individual citizens to own guns to be abolished.
  • Bethany 2013/01/01 16:40:36
    Its stupid!!!
  • Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy 2013/01/01 16:40:06
    Jesse-Tired of Liberal Lunacy
    it's not pathetic it's the truth.
  • lm1b2 2013/01/01 15:04:30
    Yes,they want to eliminate it !
  • Jeff Smith 2013/01/01 14:51:22
    Jeff Smith
    Keep the blinders on Libs
  • Phantom Jeff Smith 2013/01/02 13:34:33
    You looney RWNjS must live in a constant state of fear. RELAX, no ones gonna take your toys away.
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