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foxhound BN0 2012/01/27 22:57:44
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If you think gay people should have equal rights, rave this post and make it number one!
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  • shiroid... Sam DeP... 2012/02/21 01:48:23
  • Sam DeP... shiroid... 2012/02/21 02:22:28
    Sam DePecan
    Tell me about it! I have to face that with NCAA Football . . . And I have all of my life. I was born enjoying College Football; and I have been discriminated against since I can even remember!! I want to change some Rules in the Game . . . What's wrong with the Blocking Assignment of the Pulling Guard to Inside up to head up with the tackle first Linebacker Inside? . . . You don't have to play in someone's feces and you don't have to have parades or anything of the sort . . . I would like to see some evidence of some rule-changes as well. No one is afraid of AIDS since it is not an Airborne Disease, but everyone is so afraid of Rule Changes in College Football. Don't be so NCAA-Football-Phobic!!! What about the BCS? It sucks!! NPI
  • Jim 2012/02/20 06:14:26
    I Just don't understand ?
  • Amber Gagnon 2012/02/20 05:40:35
    Amber Gagnon
    Gay people are still people.All people deserve equal rights.
  • Jluv1300 Amber G... 2012/02/20 06:21:36
    Thank you!! That was the only point I was trying to make. For some strange reason,though,certain people seem to think I was saying that homosexuals are a minority. I didn't say that..nor do I care if they are or aren't. They're PEOPLE,and that's what matters!
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2012/02/20 05:14:30
    It's been a while since I've been on here. How does one "rave" a post nowadays?
  • lm1b2 2012/02/20 02:47:10
  • PetrusRatajczyk4 2012/02/20 01:37:18
    They already have equal rights. They can get into civil unions, which is a ceremony very much like marriage. They're just fishing for special treatment. I'm not against gay people, but I hate how they're doing this.
  • Hermes PetrusR... 2012/03/14 17:06:08
    Only in some states -- and those states are very few.

    Civil unions do not exist in many, many states - and where they do they are generally not equal, even on a state or local level.

    For example, my partner and I were on the registry in NYC for years. Therefore we were considered to be in a civil union by most people -- that carried NO official recognition, NO rights, and at that time NO guarantee that he could even actually enforce the health proxy I had prepared. In 2001 - when I had a mild stroke -- it was pure luck that the hospital that the ambulance decided to take me to DECIDED and at at that time it was a decision, to allow him to make my decisions for several days.

    If you think that is the equivalent of marriage, it isn't.

    Kind thoughts,

  • Gracie - Proud Conservative 2012/02/20 01:03:35
    Gracie - Proud Conservative
    I can't rave it because it sends the wrong message. I think that gay people should have equal rights and not special rights.
  • Greenbay 2012/02/20 00:55:17
    I in raved it
  • VoiceOfReason 2012/02/20 00:23:25
    I don't see any problem with equal rights for all people. We should be able to pursue our right to freedom and happiness. If that includes equal rights for people of the same gender being able to marry then so be it.
  • The Gov-Here to help BN362 2012/02/19 21:14:08
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    They already have equal rights...
  • abby 2012/02/19 21:03:34
    all people have human rights ! our rights are not comprimised unless we go against the constitution of the united states, we the people chose a president to protect, honor and defend her in every way possible. who gives the administation the right to change,add or take away from it? we all have rights,god given, your birthright.
  • Gordy 2012/02/19 19:38:41
    They don't need special rights! And they don't deserve the same rights and Married couples!
  • abby Gordy 2012/02/19 21:04:17
    absolutely right!
  • President Camacho 2012/02/19 18:57:40
    President Camacho
    Gay people do have equal rights. They are pushing for extra special rights that no one else has.
  • Jerry Preside... 2012/02/22 03:40:03
  • hat man 2012/02/19 18:44:25
    hat man
    Goes without saying.
  • happyboi 2012/02/19 16:40:19
    Yes... should we even have to ask this question?
  • Annabel... happyboi 2012/02/20 03:49:34
    Annabelle Hickman
    No, we shouldn't, because they already have equal rights!
  • happyboi Annabel... 2012/03/17 14:14:40
    really? I didn't know I had the right to marry in every state... Had no Idea that when I visit the one I spent 20 years with that the legal system has concretely provided me with the ability to make end of life decisions, estate decisions and given me visitation rights. It's really nice to know I can now file a joint federal tax return. I really appreciate you summing this up for me... now if you'll excuse me I'm going to head to Montana to plan my wedding... I'm sure I will be able to get my marriage license and plan my reception anywhere I want just like all the straight couples! Yay for me and my rights! :-)
  • Annabel... happyboi 2012/04/07 22:55:43
    Annabelle Hickman
    You do have the same rights. You can marry somebody of the opposite sex, just like everyone else. Same rights.
  • happyboi Annabel... 2012/04/21 15:36:26
    OOhhhh you're just a bigot. That's nice.
  • Combat Trucker USAF 2012/02/19 13:26:44
    Combat Trucker USAF
    Wow. I think all people should be allowed to marry who they want. Who are we to judge? Politics and religion should never be grouped together. We were founded on religious freedom. Now we are no better then the people who forced fore fathers out of Europe. Our politicians try to incorporate their religious views in our laws. If you want a country of religious fanatics then move. I married the person I loved and I think everyone should have that right. 21st century? Seems pretty archaic belief. I know some one will quote a bible verse, which has no place in creating laws, you have that right.
  • mwg0735 2012/02/19 12:22:54
  • rudeboy mwg0735 2012/02/19 14:39:54
  • SeaSmurf 2012/02/19 11:07:34
    I think they should in all countries.
    I'm fed up of hearing people have been given life in prison for being gay. WTF...
  • Zuggi 2012/02/19 09:30:52
  • Annabelle Hickman 2012/02/19 07:00:45
    Annabelle Hickman
    This is such a dumb post. Gay people DO have equal rights...
  • happyboi Annabel... 2012/02/19 16:36:20
    educate thyself... can they marry in every state? every country? people who are in relationships for 40 years are regularly denied the same rights as their straight counterparts.
  • The Gov... happyboi 2012/02/19 21:15:13
    The Gov-Here to help BN362
    Marriage is not a right. Educate yourself.
  • happyboi The Gov... 2012/03/17 14:17:11
    You wouldn't say that if you were denied the ability to do so to the one you loved.
  • Fundy The Gov... 2012/03/17 14:41:04
    In Loving vs. Virginia the Supreme Court ruled that marriage is indeed a "Basic Human Right".
  • Annabel... happyboi 2012/02/19 23:14:50
    Annabelle Hickman
    I am educated, thanks. Sure, they can marry--a person of the opposite sex, like everybody else.
  • Yoru Annabel... 2012/02/21 05:51:41
    And until you can say "Sure, they can marry--a person whomever they love" it shall never be equal no matter how you justify it.
  • Annabel... Yoru 2012/02/21 23:05:45
    Annabelle Hickman
    Um, yeah it is equal. Show me how being able to marry the same people everyone else can marry ISN'T equality. Oh wait, you can't...
  • Yoru Annabel... 2012/02/21 23:11:04 (edited)
    show me how not being able to marry the one you love, like you are able to do is equal? oh wait, you cant...
  • Annabel... Yoru 2012/02/21 23:13:07
    Annabelle Hickman
    It's equality because everyone can marry a person of the opposite sex. If somebody never finds a person they want to marry, does that make them unequal because they can't marry someone they love? No.
  • Yoru Annabel... 2012/02/21 23:16:50 (edited)
    just by saying that everyone MUST choose their partner from the opposite sex it then is inherently unequal, tailoring solely to the needs of heterosexuality, while leaving out others. Until ANYONE has an equal opportunity to marry the person they choose without adhering to the "qualifications" others have decided, it shall never be equal.

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