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Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/01/27 22:57:44
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  • Spinmetillifall 2012/02/18 23:58:20
    I think Gay people should! It's a free country, so why not? Everyone deserves a happy ending, whether you be homosexual or heterosexual.
  • Riella Spinmet... 2012/02/19 03:33:46
    It ISN'T a free country. That's kind of why gay marriage isn't allowed.
  • abby Riella 2012/02/22 00:10:54 (edited)
    its not totally free at least in some states still. some americans have their core beliefs. thats why all 50 states haven't lost their minds. thank god.
  • lisamoran1998 2012/02/18 23:10:55
    course they should equal rights
  • Terry73178 2012/02/18 21:37:25
    Fags have the same rights as everyone else.
  • james Terry73178 2012/02/19 01:19:06
    Spoken like a true gentleman
  • Riella Terry73178 2012/02/19 03:34:43
    The same reasoning could advocate banning interracial marriage.
  • ehrhornp Riella 2012/02/19 04:10:42
    It did. It was only fairly recently that the last state law banning interracial marriage was done away with.
  • Riella ehrhornp 2012/02/19 05:03:23
    Exactly my point. Both interracial and homosexual marriage should be allowed.
  • ehrhornp Riella 2012/02/19 18:39:32
    Don't you just love it that so called "conservatives" or fundamentalists know what's best for you? I can't stand it. Since this became an issue in Hawaii during the early nineties, I keep on asking these people what is the threat of gay marriage. (To traditional marriage). I have never been able to get a real answer to this. Just shows how bankrupt their arguments are.

    These idiots would probaly be against my daughter's marriage if it happened 30 years ago.
  • abby ehrhornp 2012/02/19 21:17:21
    loving god and understanding the bible does not make their beliefs any less valid than yours. if a person believes their morals and ethics are important to their way of life and family so be it. plain and simply being gay is not natural and a sin. i dont care what any one does but don't throw it down my throat or the throats of others, just so all of us can believe that this alternative life sytle is completely normal and not a negative influence.
  • ehrhornp abby 2012/02/19 21:33:35
    I question if they truly love God if they have nothing but disgust for some of his children. What morals and ethics are involved? Never knew that discrimination was moral or ethical.

    How is gay being a sin when it is out of one's control? Notice you didn't answer the most important question - What is the threat of gay marriage to your marriage? (I assume you are probably married in a heterosexual marriage although in this day and age, may not be true.)

    I could possibly accept that being gay is a defect but if so is it any reason to discriminate against them? Would you oppose someone being prevented from marrying because they have a birth defect? I assume the answer is no.

    Normal is relative and involves a wide spectrum. So gay sex is not your cup of tea (not mine either) but so what? You don't have to do it. (unless you are a republican doing the republican schuffle in a public restroom)
  • abby ehrhornp 2012/02/21 16:57:03
    hi! i am a devoted christian and i don't just label myself,i try to live a good and decent life. i am not married now, and yes it was and will always be with a man the reason for the creation of adam and eve.its not descimination or hateful feelings towards the gay. one is totally in control when one choose to sin,and god knows we are all flawed and that is the reason why he tells us to give him all of our problems ,pain, and sorrows. god shows mercy if you love him and believe he is the only way out.mental illness is not considered a threat to me.again all i have to say is that homosexuality is not normal and no matter how much we put it in a beautiful gift box and bow,the box is empty, its still wrong. my cousin is gay, with five adopted children,i don't disown her but when children are involved there is more confusion and despair in their lives. iv'e seen it first hand yes bad enough a dysfuctional heteresexual family but add this to the mix and its much worse. i can not judge but i can decide whether to accept or not accept the ways of man and try and teach my children and theirs, morality,ethics, and the clear path that god wants for all his children. by the way, i am with the party of god.it has nothing to do with any political party.yes, we all have free will and do have control over what we do with our lives.some have no self respect and it shows. god bless us all!
  • ehrhornp abby 2012/02/21 18:12:45
    Well normal is really not relevant. Homosexuality is a fact of life and is generally outside of the control of the person. No one choses to be gay just as people generally do not chose to be straight. I think the evidence is clear that being gay is hardwired into the fetus during development. Now why is this, who knows. Doesn't really matter. There are a group of people who are made this way and deserve the same right to the pursuit of happiness as anyone else.

    So I will ask again, how is homosexuality a sin when people are built that way? I hope you don't believe those rip off places that claim they can convert gays into straights. If you do ask them for their record of conversions 5 or 10 years ago. Chances are they won't have any.

    I never taught my daughter to avoid gays. But she was attracted to males so I knew it would not be a problem. If she was it still wouldn't be a problem with me. I really admired tht republican who came out in favor of gay marriage because she wanted to give her gay daughter a wedding. Pretty cool
  • abby ehrhornp 2012/02/22 00:24:09
    people are not born gay.i don't agree. my cousin was straight and when her fiancee left her she stopped dating men and took up with a woman and adopted five children. she was straight. its a decision not a birth defect.
  • ehrhornp abby 2012/02/22 00:34:31
    Well you might have a point when it comes to women. I have known a couple of women who turned gay later in life. I basically believe that people would be bisexual with a favoratism towards heterosexuality but culture has discouraged gay sex for the most part. But gay women I think are more accepted.

    But for those people who are gay, and are only attracted to people of the same sex, they are not going to change. There have been enough studies to show that gay men were born that way. They share certain characteristics with women. Fingers for example and some gland. And then there was that study that showed gay males tend to come from women who had a number of male babies. The chance of a Gay baby rises with the number of prior male babies a woman has.
  • Yoru ehrhornp 2012/02/19 05:43:03
    2001 for Alabama........and even then 40% voted against lifting the ban. It saddens me to see how slow it takes some people to realize what is so blatantly obvious.
  • ehrhornp Yoru 2012/02/19 18:40:39
    It angers me as many of these people will say they are good Christian people. They are not.
  • Sam-I-am 2012/02/18 21:23:08
  • Cstar 2012/02/18 21:14:06
    Everyone should have equal rights no matter Gay , Straight , lesbian , african american , caucasian , asian , chinese , african , whatever . It should not matter ! Everyone deserves equal rights !
  • rustyshackelford 2012/02/18 19:52:15
  • JesseGood rustysh... 2012/02/19 00:46:40
    Screw you.
  • Annabel... JesseGood 2012/02/19 07:02:00
    Annabelle Hickman
    Wow you're rude. If you're so accepting of gays why arern't you accepting of other opinions?
  • rustysh... JesseGood 2012/02/19 07:10:47
  • maddie.carter1 2012/02/18 19:12:54
  • Cstar maddie.... 2012/02/18 21:15:51
    finally ! Somone who agrees to the terms of the 1st ammendment ! Everyone deserves equal rights!!!
  • PAUL 2012/02/18 17:54:20
    no, gay people are not normal. they say what is normal. what's normal is there parents
    a man and a woman that made them. picture a man bending over and another mounting
    him in the rear,does this sound normal to you?
  • Cstar PAUL 2012/02/18 21:19:00
    No it's not normal . But still everyone SHOULD have equal rights!! But it would not be fair to take rights from one group to give it to another , but c'mon , support humane and justice alittle bit?
  • JesseGood PAUL 2012/02/19 00:47:06
    shut up u dont have the right Idea
  • ~boo~ PAUL 2012/02/19 03:12:17
  • Riella PAUL 2012/02/19 03:37:03
    Well it sure is a good thing we have a person like you to tell us what's normal or abnormal!
    Normality is irrelevant. What's normal to you may be totally abnormal to the rest of the population.
    Obviously the image you portrayed in the last sentence is normal to quite a lot of people.
  • ehrhornp PAUL 2012/02/19 04:12:42
    It is not like its a choice. What is not normal is to pretend to be attracted to someone you are not.
  • Annabel... PAUL 2012/02/19 07:02:22
    Annabelle Hickman
  • rudeboy Annabel... 2012/02/19 14:33:02
  • abby PAUL 2012/02/21 16:21:29
    exactly right!
  • Hermes PAUL 2012/03/14 17:08:04
    To me? yes -- but whether it is nor not -- what does that have to do with equal rights?

  • SEA Jay 2012/02/18 17:52:56
    SEA Jay
    Everybody should have equal rights. Support humanity and justice.
  • Patreco 2012/02/18 17:05:12
    Of course they should
  • chicago 2012/02/18 14:58:47
    Love the fact that this continues to be the #1 post here! I know it's driving the far RWNJ's crazy!
  • black veil 2012/02/18 13:29:43
    black veil
    eaqual rights is a must to all

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