Rave this if You think CONGRESS HAS FAILED!

Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/06/15 13:07:31
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  • Katie1234 taitaFa... 2012/06/17 22:28:32
    oh yeah! that's JUST what everybody needs! their flippin healthcare thrown out the window! By the way, how did christ come into this convo... christ has nothing to do with obama's worst decision ever: obamacare... explain that to me please, cause im not getting where christ comes into the picture...
  • taitaFa... Katie1234 2012/06/17 23:08:48 (edited)
    the christ reference is the ignorant way we citizens feed the egos of doctors within a barely functioning healthcare system. Thats like taking your car into a mechanic that has no competition. Your going to pay alot for the new tranny he has no barriers in charging you for.

    Flat on your back with about 1/2 hour to authorize a procedure is a rough time to seek a cheaper surgeon, especially when that surgeon is assigned and not chosen by you. All these things drive up the cost of medical care.

    With a mother who died 20 yrs ago at 54 yrs old with an antiquated healthcare paradigm, she would have liked the newer system under the AFA care system.

    Under the current insurance laws and authorizations, your primary caregiver is the gatekeeper to getting the services of a specialist. No primary caregiver and no specialist.

    The new healthcare laws exist as they are because they answer the legal provisions as written by medical system legal teams. The same entity that publickly complains about 'Obamacare' is the same entity licking it's chops with the new additions to coverage. It's a numbers game to them. Your sick mom or dad is not a major concern to them except making sure their sue-proof
  • Katie1234 taitaFa... 2012/06/18 02:36:22 (edited)
    I will give u credit tho, u r kinda one of the few ive seen hand me some explainations and walk me through your theory! People like you open windows for other people to see how you think! I still don't agree with you but, you have explained your point and it's made me think more about it!
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/18 03:03:42
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/18 05:52:09
    omg! i wasnt even talking to you! you liberals NEVER have open minds... so why should republicans... double standards baby, doublestandards...
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/18 12:28:27
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/18 16:52:22
    double standards! and you don't know what to say about it. you're hysterical, you know that? hysterical... your the type of person who's gonna run this country in the ground cause YOUR uneducated. if Obama gets realected for another term, i don't wanna hear you whining about how awful this country is... then, i will come right back to this page and tell you... I TOLD YOU SO... paleeeaazzeee you don't know ANYTHING... that's okay tho... mommy and daddy will always help you out...
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/19 00:04:23
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/19 01:19:14
    u still haven't responded to my big point on welfare... seems i got u there... here to show you i know what im talking about:


    i dont wanna hear that i don't know anything... seems like ur the amatuer
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/19 01:23:04
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/19 01:32:51 (edited)
    yes my bad well if you still wanna see the sites you just go to Spritzophrenia.com, wikipedia.com, la times.com, and type in welfare fraud. no it is not the first time i have stated something about welfare. i would support welfare too, except it doesn't work when you have freeloaders out in the real world abusing welfare. one time i was in walmart and there was this woman with her kids. she bought Heineken (idk if i spelled that right) with her money then bought her baby food for her child with food stamps... me? i thought, un believable....
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/19 01:36:29
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/19 01:39:20
    yes! that's what im saying! some people really need welfare to survive cause they are working hard but they can't make it! but if these freeloading lazy people would quit abusing it then those who need it could have it! unfortunately you can't find a good system.... quite frankly im sick of my money being thrown out the window for those godawful losers who won't work
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/19 01:53:53
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/19 04:22:47
    but. i dont want people stealing my money. i wish there was a way we could seperate the two
  • #Justic... RT 2012/06/20 22:26:42
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    I noticed something in the story she related that smacked of assuming on Katie's part. How can she know that Heineken was purchased for HER consumption? Isn't it entirely possible that a friend or neighbor asked her to pick it up for them & gave her the money to purchase it?
  • Katie1234 #Justic... 2012/06/21 04:06:44
    cause thats what happens 99% of the time guru. go look up the facts. OR, are u scared?
  • #Justic... Katie1234 2012/06/21 04:34:53
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    So you're saying the scenario I presented could not have been possible?

    BTW, I'm not a CON so facts don't scare me in the least.
  • taitaFa... Katie1234 2012/06/20 22:37:29
    fair enough; I listen to right wingers for 2 reasons; they're right about a lot of things and secondly... If you want to know how the 'enemy' intends to fight, you read his field manuals
  • Grandpa 2012/06/16 13:33:20 (edited)
    YES >>>>Failure to do thier job , as we voted them in to represent "WE THE PEOPLE" >> To BUSY giving them selfs raises 3000.00 dollars and who knows what increase they added to thier benefit package plus insider trading and Above all not honoring thier PLEDGE TO AMERICA they used to get elected >> SEEMS there is no honor in Washington only self serving clown that would destory this country to line thier pockets Juat like the MEDIA >> Isn't it strange that the laws and bills they pass ONLY APPLY TO "WE the PEOPLE" as they make themself excempt >>> Guess they feel they are btter than the ones who put them in office >. Look to REID and THE witch PELOSI , Real works of stupidity >> If BOEHNER is an example of what to except , More kick the can down the road ,Line your pockets and leave it for the next offical to honor his word we are in trouble >> Vote WISER IN 2012 >> The class of 2010 is a HUGE FAILURE
  • DavidK 2012/06/16 13:31:05 (edited)
    A failed Congress means a Congress who doesn't work well with the President!!!!!!! Maybe thats what America is not grasping.......... Don't blame the Congress for Obama's failures. They don't want to support his agenda! Those in Congress that do, need to go!
    Obama stabs America in the back again, bypasses congress and grants amnesty to young illegals. Put blame where blame is deserved!
  • sbtbill DavidK 2012/06/16 17:11:28
    I don't blame Congress for Obama's failures. I blame Congress for attempting and succeeding in imposing austerity on the US and wrecking the economy. We need Pelosi back.
  • DavidK sbtbill 2012/06/17 04:37:32
    Hasn't she pissed away enough of your money already? Oh thats right. The Government already pays your bills! The best thing that could happen to you Californification libtards down there is for the San Andreas fault to separate the State and send it West into the Pacific!
  • DavidK 2012/06/16 13:25:00
    Congress is NOT the problem if Obama and his Czars override their power and voice! Obama has a Congress who is unwilling to follow his path and here we are trying to blame the messenger!!!!!!!! Put blame where blame belongs!!!!!!!!!!! Obama has an agenda and you and I (AND our Congress) are NOT included!!!!
  • Captain... DavidK 2012/06/16 15:07:31
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Congress IS the PROBLEM!
  • DavidK Captain... 2012/06/19 23:29:18
    hows that seeing as Obama is overriding them and even the left is refusing to back him?
  • sbtbill DavidK 2012/06/16 17:12:43
    Paul Pot Ryan is the problem! His ideas would set up a new round of killing fields. Bohner is the problem because he is drunk enough not to notice.
  • DavidK sbtbill 2012/06/17 04:39:28
    typical observation from a typical naive libtard!
  • Katie1234 DavidK 2012/06/18 21:12:12
    rock on David!
  • DavidK sbtbill 2012/06/19 23:30:15
    good observation from a naive libtard!
  • RT DavidK 2012/06/17 04:52:12
  • DavidK RT 2012/06/17 05:09:42
    So who is he helping then?!?!?!?!? and how has he helped ANYONE so far?
  • Katie1234 RT 2012/06/18 21:11:44
    hey RT, you call going on vacations every month helping all the citizens... hehe wow
  • RT Katie1234 2012/06/19 01:31:57
  • RT DavidK 2012/06/19 01:25:21
  • shadow76 2012/06/16 13:23:05
    Yes they failed to stop all of Owebummer'r agenda!
  • Avenged7 2012/06/16 13:04:02
    Of course they have failed. Only congress can pass bills to make the economy stronger, not a president. This congress for some reason sits on bills that would put people to work, I think we all know what that reason is. These bills are paid for, so no borrowing excuses!!!!!
  • DavidK Avenged7 2012/06/16 13:27:34
    Blame goes to the President and his Czars!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT the Congress!
  • Avenged7 DavidK 2012/06/16 17:00:22
    How does a president, any president pass a bill without congress??? It is impossible. It looks like you just want to blame Obama instead of the impotent congress!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Frank Avenged7 2012/06/18 23:56:59
    I think you're right about Congress, but the President can sign executive orders to circumvent Congress, so he does have a lot of power, so blame them both......

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