Rave This: If you knew the United States of America is the only country in the world, that gives Israel weapons and bombs!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/11/20 10:28:26
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  • yabbadabbadoo 2012/11/20 13:48:54
    RAVE THIS IF....



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  • Red Branch 2012/11/30 04:34:36
    Red Branch
    You seem to have a lot of old fashioned Jew hatred. And you seem to support the enemies of the Jews, which seems to be quite suicidal on your part. I believe the Islamites make quick work of people that support certain causes, the same causes that you support.

    Perhaps you could explain why the death of the 6 million Jews of Israel will make the world a better place. But on to the topic at hand.

    The Israelis make most of their own stuff But we probably are the only nation that provides them with war materials.

    We give plenty of weapons and money to their enemies, probably more than we give to Israel. We give stuff to our enemies, not smart.

    Every other country in the world that is in the weapons business gives weapons to the enemies of Israel, but none give to Israel.
  • Kookieless The Sexy Nihilis... 2012/11/22 20:33:11
  • OPen Minded 2012/11/21 13:00:12
    OPen Minded
    The only country? I don't think so. Obama is "anti-war"? I don't think that, either.

    Plenty of countries supply Israel, thank goodness. And Obama supports anything that will get him re-elected.

    You are making your opinions pretty obvious, but no suggested solutions?
  • nothingbutthetruth 2012/11/21 08:28:16
    I don't know that, but what I do know is that these countries need to find a solution other than war. I know America strongly support Israel, and Israel is also a friend of America. What we all can do is pray for both countries so they will find common ground to work through their challenges. God said we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against principalities and wickedness in high places. My sincere Prayer to them!
  • Beccy 2012/11/21 01:07:59
    I didn't know that. Makes me sick if it's true.
  • DefendnProtect 2012/11/21 00:27:35
    There are more.

    US is the most important one supporting the supremacist Apartheid theocracy and fascist terrorist entity called Israel.

    on of the criminal cabal
  • Red Branch Defendn... 2012/11/30 04:50:27 (edited)
    Red Branch
    No, No, you are very confused. The Nazis killed the Jews and many others during WWII.

    The Moslems alllied themselves with Hitler and the Nazis. Hussein, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was Hitler's 'special' guest in Berlin during WWII and he also raised 3 divisions of Moslem SS to fight alongside the Nazi SS divisions.

    The Grand Mufti Hussein was Yasser Arafat-boy's uncle. Hussein combined Nazi efficiency with Islamic hatred in an effort to finish what Hitler started. Arafat-boy followed in his uncle's footsteps.

    Both uncle and nephew had some homosexual tendencies which is why Arafat-boy is being exhumed. There is a serious effort to repair his image and prove he was poisoned and did not die of AIDS.
  • Defendn... Red Branch 2012/11/30 17:10:28
    FYI. The Nazi's worked closely with the Zionists. In spirit they are the same supremacist fascists aggressively attacking their 'inferior' neighbors.

    The endlosing was to deport all Jews. Concentration camps with the Israeli flag where in Germany. Zionists controlling banking and politics in the US closed the borders for Jewish refugees, so the Jewish refugees had to go Palestine in order to have the Zionist dream/nightmare fulfilled.

    Check out how Zionists worked together with Nazis from this Jewish site..

    Here's another great side with info lacking a Zionist propaganda spin..
  • Wolf97 2012/11/20 22:59:47
    I do not believe that is true. Cite your sources.
  • Murph 2012/11/20 21:34:21
    Congratulations, that's almost a sentence.
  • RobHom 2012/11/20 18:54:25
    My friend....you need to sit back, pour a really tall glass of really good bourbon, drink it down...and relax. Turn off the TV, shoot your computer...and find a more relaxing venue for your life.

    You are posting non-factual information that does nothing but paint you as a "bonehead".

    The Israeli Air Force has been flying French Mirage jets for a long time, and they buy weapons from all over....as well as make their own.....

    Think about this....if we stopped selling them weapons....they would just buy them elsewhere...and a lot of our defense workers would be out of work.
  • Chokmah RobHom 2012/11/20 22:02:54
    But where would they get the money? We give them BILLION$ each year and loan them BILLION$ more and guarantee their debts!
  • RobHom Chokmah 2012/11/21 01:21:22
    We would probably still send them money....but they would spend it somewhere else.

    Truth is....Israel is a counterbalancing force or presence in that part of the world.

    The arabs are never sure just how the Israeli's will respond....as in to what degree.

    Keeps the little buggers on their toes....

    And you have to remember there is a very large Jewish population in the US....and they want to see Israel survive....

    Sometimes I wonder if maybe we shouldn't "ask" the Israeli's if we can stationed a couple of divisions there for "desert training".....??
  • Chokmah RobHom 2012/11/21 02:56:04
    You need to give a breakdown of the Israeli Air Force, where they get their technology and fuel, and who pays them billions to build and maintain these aircraft. (Hint, hint... it's the ole U.S. of A. that's who)
  • RobHom Chokmah 2012/11/21 03:01:00
    Ummm, yes they have bought a lot from us, but over the years they have bought from France, Russia, England...and built many of their own.

  • Chokmah RobHom 2012/11/21 03:03:06
    We have 'given' them a lot.. or I should say, "We have taxed the working poor of America to provide the oppressive militarism of Israel hi tech weapons to be used against the poor of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt"
  • RobHom Chokmah 2012/11/21 03:07:40
    If that were true....it would be one thing, but if you look at the reality of the situation in that part of the world... You would see that all of the arab countries in that region spent vast fortunes on arms, weaponry, terrorism, armies and all the rest. In fact some of them spent a great deal of their GDP doing so....

    Had the arabs been prone to making compromise with the Israeli's years ago, a great deal of trouble, death, and destruction could have been avoided.
  • Chokmah RobHom 2012/11/21 03:16:42
    If the U.S. and U.K. had given them weapons and BILLION$ in FREE Money (stolen from their taxpayers) then they would have forced Israel into compromising. Israel is far more warlike that the Muslims, and none of the Muslim countries have nuclear bombs... except Pakistan.

    Israel has at least 200 nuclear bombs but refuses to let us inspect them and refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • RobHom Chokmah 2012/11/21 03:21:10
    My friend....I disagree that Israel is more warlike than the arabs or muslims.

    Given the history of the Jewish people worldwide before and during WWII, it was well known that Jews would not fight back, and were generally a non-violent people.

    After over 6,000,000 of them were slaughtered in the Holocaust....they swore it would never happen again....and it hasn't. They realized that they would have to fight to protect what is theirs.....

    We don't know for a fact who does or does not have nukes.... Israel probably does, and as a sovereign nation they are not obligated to do anything they don't want to...
  • Chokmah RobHom 2012/11/21 04:37:41
    Please read up on the Bolshevik Revolution and the beginning with the period 1917-20 and the 66 millions of Christians who were butchered and died at the hands of the Lenin (who's maternal grandfather was Israel Blank), Leon Trotsky (Levi Bronstein) head of the Red Army, Lazarus Kaganovich (KGB), Yakov Swerdlov (Solomon) of the Central Executive Committee, Karl Radek (Sobelsohn) foreign affairs sec'y, Maxim Litvinov (Wallach), Lev Kamenev (Rosenfeld) and Moisei Uritsky.
  • RobHom Chokmah 2012/11/21 16:28:02
    Oh, I am well aware of what happened back then.... but the numbers of people killed by the bolsheviks is up in the air....estimates range fro 4 million to 100 million.....the higher number being somewhat obtuse considering that Russia's population was about 140 million in 1917, and I'm not sure if that included their WWI losses...

    There is no doubt that Russians love to kill each other.... and many of the bolsheviks were Jewish... seems they were really pissed off back then, but in reality...unless you were one of the fat cats....like pretty much sucked in Russia....

    I can only imagine how Americans would react in the same set of circumstances....

    I think my partiality toward the Israeli's is because I believe them to be the safer choice between them and muslims/arabs.

    I haven't any time in my memory ever had a Jew threaten me or dedicate himself to destroying me or my life.....

    History is full of people using politics and religion to kill each other off..
  • Red Branch RobHom 2012/11/30 05:07:04
    Red Branch
    I believe the millions killed by the Bolsheviks in addition to the Russians include, Poles, Ukrainians, Finns, and many others.
  • RobHom Red Branch 2012/11/30 15:00:57
    During the Lenin years, followed by the Stalin years....anyone who did not agree with the "party line" seemed either get a bullet or a free train ride to Siberia....

    It was "non-discriminatory mass murder".....
  • Red Branch RobHom 2012/11/30 15:56:19
    Red Branch
    And Liberals attempt to hide, ignore, or whitewash the evil of Communism because that is where they wish to take us.
  • RobHom Red Branch 2012/11/30 23:41:27
    My friend, I'm not sure that labeling them as liberals is the correct term.... I know a lot of people who might fit that loose description....but the fact is, many of them are gun owners, 2d Amendment supporters, tax payers, and are gainfully employed at a myriad of occupations.

    I prefer to call the miscreants "subversives"....because that is what they are....people who attempt to subvert the Constitution.

    Saddest thing about them is that they aren't smart enough to lift their heads out of the sand to see that communism as a governmental entity or society is a complete failure....

    Oh duh...? Sometimes I think that instead of the doctor slapping them on the ass when they were born....he dropped them on their heads!!
  • Swan Eshdeh 2012/11/20 17:38:51
    Swan Eshdeh
    i raved the question
    but it is not only America
  • amcsquizzy 2012/11/20 16:07:58
    the UK, Germany and France all supply as well plus you have the fact Israel is one of the largest arms producers in the world and heads a lot of R&D; projects and has some of the most advanced weapons in the world so even if other countries didn't arm them the middle east would still be more or less the same
  • sjalan 2012/11/20 15:48:53
    Actually not true. Great Britain supplies them with some aircraft as does France. Germany supplies them with some tanks and armored cars as well.
  • David 2012/11/20 15:46:11
    Israel acquires weapons from a variety of international sources and few if any are simply given to them. Israel also designs and builds it's own weapons. The Merkava tank, Dessert Eagle pistols, etc just to name a few. No, the US is not the only country that supplies Israel with weapons. France and Germany have recently had large transactions with Israel.
  • Woody 2012/11/20 14:36:31
    European Union member states authorised the export of €200 million in arms exports to Israel with France far and away the Jewish state's biggest European weapons supplier.
    Nobody "gives" weapons away...
  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2012/11/20 14:27:32
  • jack frost 2012/11/20 14:26:16
    jack frost
    we give the country wepons we are at warwith
  • Defendn... jack frost 2012/11/21 00:33:16
    Very true, it's called foreign aid.

    foreign aid for dictators
  • jack frost Defendn... 2012/11/21 02:12:14
    jack frost
    why that just helps them more
  • Defendn... jack frost 2012/11/21 02:24:06 (edited)
    It helps the elites profiteer from kickbacks, bribes, no bid contracts etc.

    The longer the wars, the more costly, the more contracts and kickbacks.
    The longer the wars, the more costly, the more debt. => bankster cartel gov debt profiteering is a big force behind it. Goldman Sachs cs bribe both sides.

    war profiteering bank debt and war

    That's why wars are not 'won' but continue.

  • Savious 2012/11/20 14:01:10
    More countries than the US export arms to Israel.
  • fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust" 2012/11/20 13:50:11
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Let me get this straight:
    Less than 1/6 of one percent of our budget goes to give Israel arms. Arms made by Americans working for American companies. That's a bad thing? Americans employed and Israel gets to defend herself from enemies that specifically target civilians rather than military targets.
    Once again, you're on the wrong side of decency.
  • Shinime... fuzzy K... 2012/11/21 00:05:52
    It's not about the amount of money, it's about what the arms we're giving Israel are used for.
  • fuzzy K... Shinime... 2012/11/21 13:51:55
    fuzzy Ken "In G*d We Trust"
    Oh. My error.
    I assume you feel that Israel should send thank you cards to Hamas for the hundreds of rockets launched at civilian centers this year.
  • Shinime... fuzzy K... 2012/12/02 04:36:12
    The proper response to Hamas attacking civilians is not for Israel to attack civilians too.

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