Rave This: If you are tired of hearing Republicans whine and moan about Romney losing the election. They need to get over it!

Mopvyzo USA 2012/12/14 08:59:15
Rave This If you are tired of hearing Republicans whine and moan about Romney losing the election
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  • Sissy 2012/12/14 12:24:15
    Right now Mo, I'm just plain tired and getting even more so of Republicans period. They haven't learned a thing from this election. They continue to push forward their Agenda that will utterly destroy them. Everything from continuing to pass legislation to suppress votes, assaulting women's rights, pushing policies that will further divide us and paying not even a bit of attention to what the people said on Nov. 6th.

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  • BrassLine 2012/12/16 17:58:18
  • Mary Mary BrassLine 2012/12/18 01:22:05
    Mary Mary
  • Maynard 2012/12/16 13:55:12
    The only reminders I see?

    ALL FROM LIBTARDS like this one.
  • TidBit 2012/12/16 04:35:55
  • THE BEACH 2012/12/16 03:01:13
  • Big brother 2012/12/16 02:00:57
    Big brother
    Please shut the hell up already. It's called bitter syndrome. Many reasons why he lost and a unyeilding since of entitlement.
  • reaper 2012/12/16 01:58:30
    don't seem to be doing much of it anymore. just making up more stupid crap due to obsession.
  • ~ Niyala ~ 2012/12/15 23:38:09
  • Mary Mary ~ Niyala ~ 2012/12/18 01:20:56
  • Eleynaxo626 2012/12/15 21:59:15
    Rave this is you're tired of hearing the Democrats brag and sneer about Obama winning the election. They need to get over it! pompous
  • ~ Niyala ~ Eleynax... 2012/12/15 23:37:06
    ~ Niyala ~
    I JUST made a question about that...
  • Sister Jean 2012/12/15 21:15:11
  • VickyyCox 2012/12/15 20:12:43
  • dru dixon 2012/12/15 19:39:27
    dru dixon
    Your asking a lot from an ignorant bunch!
  • Broddy 2012/12/15 18:22:11
    i voted for Romney, he lost, never was an issue it is how elections work but then i am an Independent and not any wing.
  • Roger47 2012/12/15 18:01:30
    A RWNJ referred to the President as "the usurper" just yesterday. It seems some still can't face reality.
  • Common Sense Conservative 2012/12/15 17:59:38
    Common Sense Conservative
    Ha, conservatives aren't whining about Romney not winning. But conservatives are definitely concerned about Hussein Obama winning for a 2nd time. He sucks ass as POTUS
  • dave b 2012/12/15 17:02:30
    dave b
    Still gloating, I see.
  • sneekyfoot 2012/12/15 16:25:28
    time to work together you wont want to see what the next mid term election brings
  • jimmy "In God We Trust" 2012/12/15 14:51:18
    jimmy  "In God We Trust"
    Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote." -- Benjamin Franklin
  • Hawkeye 2012/12/15 14:12:26
    I don't know of ANYBODY whining over Romney losing.. I DO hear a LOT of concern over Obama winning,, though..

    In the end,, It's AMERICA that LOST.. NOT just the Republicans..

    The only GOOD thing that'll come of this is that "Bush did it" ain't gonna cut it anymore..

    Within the next 4 years,, even the Obama supporters will be FORCED to admit the sheer and utter FOLLY of their choice....

    If you,, the Obama supporter,, THINK that Obama ain't coming after YOU next,, you have a very unpleasant and costly awakening ahead of you..

    He won't get enough from the current targets of his personal "War" on American Success.... Targets that he made YOU make YOUR personal enemies..

    NOT by a LONG shot.. NOT even if he gets every penny they possess..

    NOBODY'S going to be immune to Obama's plans.. NOBODY escapes the PRICE he's demanded of America..

    Not EVEN Left Wingers..

    If you THINK you're hearing whining NOW,, WAIT 'till he turns on YOU... The screaming,, gnashing of teeth,, wringing of hands,, the hair pulling and the howling in rage that you'll be hearing THEN will be coming from YOU..
  • Jackie 2012/12/15 08:08:34
    Mopeder it's you, Contard and your fellow Liberals on SH who ARE the ones who are constantly WHINING about Republicans supposedly whining??? You "won" lol, we get it..move on. Do you have anything of substance to post of what's going on in our country and around the world other than RAVE THIS IF YOU THINK REPUBLICANS______________?
  • realist Jackie 2012/12/15 09:55:47
    I really don't think he has anything more in him. I'm still waiting to be surprised though.
  • roxie 2012/12/15 08:06:21
    Sad Sore Losers!
  • T J 2012/12/15 05:36:50
  • miro.plachy 2012/12/15 04:06:52
    Looks like John Boehner, and he isn't drunk.
  • eyeballz 2012/12/15 03:51:20
    I think for the most part, it is now history, and left there . Comments like these keep trying to drum up more problems !
  • AJ 2012/12/15 03:22:25
    Amen. No offence to Republicans
  • Vive le Canada Libre!!! 2012/12/15 02:58:18
    Vive le Canada Libre!!!
    When I saw this I laughed so much.
  • realist 2012/12/15 02:57:12
    To be honest I haven't heard a single republican mention Romney at all in a few weeks now.

    It just seems to be you and a couple of other liberals that get a kick out of laughing about something none of the republicans really care about anymore. They can't stand Obama sure, but its got nothing to do with Romney, they just think Obama is a twat.

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes for you to come up with a relevant topic.
  • RoyJLores 2012/12/15 00:53:45
    Only braindead statists think the world is divided in their pathetically narrow world view in which only Demonicrats or Repugnicants exist and nothing else...

    statists world divided pathetically narrow world view demonicrats repugnicants exist
    statists world divided pathetically narrow world view demonicrats repugnicants exist
  • realist RoyJLores 2012/12/15 02:58:06
    Oh man that T-Shirt is amazing :)
  • Unclecracker 2012/12/15 00:51:04 (edited)
    Seems to me the biggest whiner and crier is the one who provides these constant, and very insecure posts. Sounds a little insecure to have to constantly cry like a baby with a reminder to the Republicans that his guy won. Or could he possibly be trying emulate his fearless leader and rule his own little soda head world. I find this person to be very small indeed. I think it funny the mindless boobs that will follow his post like dogs slobbering for a bone. But then, look who they voted for. A mind wasn't necessary.
  • Giantfighter 2012/12/15 00:21:41
    Fed up with all the weasle lies, deceit, unsubstantiated opposition & whining of the Republic Party all the way down to the tea party & not too happy about the Democrats for putting up with it. Maybe it's time for the Independents & Libertarian to rise up for control!
  • Getting... Giantfi... 2012/12/15 15:43:32
    It was independents and libertarians that helped to put Obama back in office. They were either influenced by the mudslinging or simply believe Obama and Romney are the same. Of course we'll never know so we are now saddled with a known quantity and failure. Perhaps the fiscal cliff will be educational as well...probably not.
  • Giantfi... Getting... 2012/12/29 02:00:06
    The mudslinging came from the Republicans & the alternative of choosing Romney over Obama was not an option this country needs to rebuild after the deterioration caused by Republicans. The constat lies, cover ups & hate displayed by the republican party didn't help their cause. I'm neither Democrat or Republican & it's sad that their weren't better alternatives, but this was still the best move as far as I'm concerned. It's DONE, deal with it! Make a better choice in the next election with positive solutions, instead of whining, complaining & continuing to do nothing but ":sling mud"!
  • Getting... Giantfi... 2012/12/29 03:45:13
    I guess I didn't witness the general election you did. You're neither democrat or republican yet you push the dem party bs pretty well. Btw, we all have to deal with it. Unfortunately, the morons that put Obama back into office will likely be the biggest sufferers of his failed policies yet they enthusiastically voted him in...scary!
  • Giantfi... Getting... 2013/01/02 10:16:42
    Have you forgotten about the morons that elected the idiot Bush who caused much of what Obama has to dealwith twice? I'm Independent, but know a smarter choice when I see it....& I'm NOT alone. :) But hey, thanks for your opinion & insults that show what you're all about.
  • Getting... Giantfi... 2013/01/02 14:19:09
    Ahh yes the "independent" that knows to blame Bush for the problems Obama is ignoring. You know alright.
  • Giantfi... Getting... 2013/01/04 05:56:40
    Hmmmm. I wonder if you complained this much when Bush was bringing our country into the downward spiral Obama took on & IS doing his best to fix.

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