Rave if you find it totally DISGUSTING that a parent would exploit the death of their own child for national publicity and propaganda

whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2013/02/15 15:03:39
"cleopatra" pendleton mother of the teenager slain less than a mile from obanger's home on chicago's south side two weeks ago has become THE media darling since her appearance at the state of the disunion address seated at the right hand of michelle----yesterday in washington, eyes full of alligator tears, mz. cleo sobbed and slobbered over the death of her daughter. in reality her daughters murder was the best thing that ever happened to the family. now mr. and mz. cleo are in the national spotlight. it will mean wealth for them as the gun control lobby will pay her handsomely as the media swordswallowers shove her down out throats.
God forbid one of us would lose a child or grandchild for any reason only to put our puss on national television for gain. today 400 pound mz. cleo will kick off her grand performance as the new poster pig for gun control. she plans a million mutha march for total gun confiscation. her new wardrobe was tailor made by omar the tent maker.
this entire spectacle should make you want to vomit no matter what side of the issue you are on.
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