RAVE If you believe conservatism is destroying America?

American☆Atheist 2012/07/18 02:18:02
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  • rightside 2012/08/11 15:07:54
    No rave for you
    Silly rabbit, bama's for idiots.
    When the bank (government) tells the liberals that there is no more money, they print more.
    When the bank tells the conservatives there's no more money, they quit spending.
  • America... rightside 2012/09/12 23:01:35
  • rightside America... 2012/09/13 03:24:07
    Yes, you are a legend in your own mind. La La Land is great for youz guyz!
  • America... rightside 2012/09/13 04:30:00
  • rightside America... 2012/09/13 04:32:29
    who said it was.
  • America... rightside 2012/09/13 07:06:07
  • rightside America... 2012/09/13 14:36:27
    You DiMs have a way of making up sentences and putting them out sayinge we said that. I think its called lying.
  • USAF Vet 2012/08/02 06:31:25
    No rave for you
    USAF Vet
    BHO and his followers have done more destruction to America in just 3.75 years than all conservatives combined for 225 years.
  • beavith1 2012/07/23 18:10:08
    No rave for you
    liberalism is destroying America. when you make it up as you go, sooner or later, you create a problem you can't resolve.

    and here we are...
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/23 18:26:37
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/23 18:36:00
    socially. fiscally. soon to be militarily.

    what's left?
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/23 22:11:38
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/24 03:06:28
    socially? gay marriage. promoting welfare, rather than working on the economy. oo. a double hit. that's financial, too. national debt at $16T and climbing. an economy with 8.2% static unemployment and annual GDP growth well short of 2%.

    on 1/1/13, the military budget will be sequestered.

    he, and his democrat friends aren't getting it done.
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/24 18:00:27 (edited)
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/26 05:20:11
    then you area tool of the DNC. they stated whining about Bush in 2003 but didn't get any traction until 2005.

    compared to Obama, Bush is a genius...
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/26 05:35:06
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/26 05:36:37
    like has nothing to do with it. i thought he was lousy. Obama is a disaster.
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/26 05:40:57
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/26 05:44:51
    i couldn't care less what color either is. Bush was bad, Obama is incompetent.

    what else is there?
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/26 05:47:47
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/26 05:55:50
    Bush $4.4T added to the national debt over 96 months. Obama? $5.5T in 48 months.

    unemployment stuck at 8.2%? with of sign of relent?

    housing starts down. house prices down.

    yeah Obama's a piker...
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/26 06:01:25
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/26 06:04:53
    Obama had all the answers. for $800B unemployment would never cross 8%. and he was right! it hasn't dropped below 8% since he's been in office.

    Bush wasn't running...
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/26 06:30:34
  • beavith1 America... 2012/07/29 04:05:29
    how can you do worse than Obama? he's failed us all.
  • America... beavith1 2012/07/29 18:16:30
  • Lanikai 2012/07/23 15:50:24
    No rave for you
    Sorry, True conservatives and Christians are all that is preventing total anarchy and a dictatorship.
  • Bill 2012/07/22 21:25:21
    No rave for you
  • Elleryqueen 2012/07/22 14:08:05
    No rave for you
    Actually the opposite. Liberals, especially the head muslim, marxist liberal, foregone conclusion who, are destroying this country.
  • America... Elleryq... 2012/07/23 15:15:10
  • Elleryq... America... 2012/07/23 15:18:51
    Sometimes. Do you watch MSNBC?
  • America... Elleryq... 2012/07/23 15:23:28
  • Elleryq... America... 2012/07/23 15:29:45
    Doesn't explain a thing. MSNBC is propaganda as is ABC, NBC, CBS and print media. All lapdogs of the present pseudo-president.
  • America... Elleryq... 2012/07/23 18:27:53
  • Elleryq... America... 2012/07/23 19:56:10
    a) Being a died in the wool progressive you will not believe anything that is not left leaning.
    b) I stated that I "sometimes" watch Fox News.

    I can only assume that believe in and follow people like, The View, Rosie O'Donnell, CNN with Piers Morgan, who isn't even from this country or a U.S citizen, et al.
  • America... Elleryq... 2012/07/29 18:19:08
  • Elleryq... America... 2012/08/01 12:04:18
    Truth hurts doesn't it.

    Since the "LSM" leans waaaaaay left, your side, to you it isn't biased. It seems anything in favor of oblunder, obama to you, lower case "o" intentional, is the truth. Not so, especially coming from the "MSM" as you call it.
  • America... Elleryq... 2012/08/01 20:38:47
  • Elleryq... America... 2012/08/01 22:05:29
    You're right, they don't cater to the right, but sure as hell cater to the leftwing.
  • America... Elleryq... 2012/08/01 22:12:25
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