Rave If You Agree That The Conservative Movement Has Become A Safe Haven For Racists, Bigots, and Homophobes. 5 Ways To Stop Hate.

Che Guevara - Hero 2013/02/27 15:30:52
Rave If You Agree That The Conservative Movement Has Become A Safe Haven For Racists, Bigots, and Homophobes.
  1. 5 Ways To Stop Hate:
  2. Imagine that you are them. If you are fighting with someone, just imagine how annoyed they are at you. Avoid being angry, as this hurts yourself instead of others.

  3. Be assertive with the things you are saying
    . Become the "bigger" person in the situation otherwise others will get more upset.

  4. Block them online
    . If someone is annoying or harassing you online, such as MySpace or Facebook, immediately block them. When blocked, they can't see you or send you messages. Avoid communication before the block and don't stoop to their level of immaturity just to have the last word.

  5. Avoid showing emotions
    . Never show yourself getting upset or angry. The other person will know that they are succeeding to annoy and anger you.

  6. Avoid letting words get to you
    . Sweep it off your shoulder.

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  • XXMr.Scare99XX 2013/08/05 13:37:33
    I am conservative but i have to agree.So-called conservatives are racists and homophobes,but these people are not true conservatives but are ignorant fools who just pose as conservatives.

    These bigots go against everything conservatives stand for and give us all a bad name.
  • TheBorg 2013/03/08 05:47:40 (edited)
  • Aader 2013/03/07 16:59:49
    just proves my point. liberals and "conservatives" are more interested in arguments than fixing the country. I am a Constitutionalist Conservative and I am not Racist or homophobic. I simply care about 3 things my family, the Constitution, and my personal defense tools. aka guns. there are a few thing I don't like welfare, too much fraud; income tax, I work too earn my money the government should take it to give it too someone who isn't willing to work.
  • claona 2013/03/06 14:04:28
    I am sure that they are safe and comfortable in whatever bolt hole they have hunkered down in; under a bed, in the sewer, in the darkness, under a white cloak, inside a giant tea urn etc etc.
    But rather than ignore them and their comments and 'contributions' is it not too much of a waste of a good comedy situation... Their humor quotient is so (unintentionally) high. If I go to a comedy club I have to pay to get a good laugh.... on SH I get it for free!!!!
  • Just Jenn for Now 2013/03/06 07:12:04
    Just Jenn for Now
    I can't consider these jackwagons to be true Conservatives. Unfortunately, the "conservatives" today - moreso on this site than ever - have skewed and warped the definition to use the title as an EXCUSE for their immoral behavior.

    I have a close friend of the family that is a shining example for what a Conservative is MEANT to be, and I wish she could sit down with their wanna be CHILDREN of SodaHead and teach them a thing or two!
  • phil.olding.3 2013/03/04 09:20:55
    Very few conservatives are racist, bigots, or homophobes.

    Saying that the "conservative movement is a safe haven" for such things is like saying that the progressive movement is a safe haven for mental retardation and infringement of other people's constitutionally protected rights.
  • TheBorg phil.ol... 2013/03/07 06:04:21 (edited)
    I think you are confusing Republican with conservative. Conservatives are racist, bigots and homophobic. However, not all Republicans are. In fact there are many Republicans who have been silenced by the radical right wing of the party (the tea baggers). Look through any of the political posts here on SodaHead. Even if you are a moderate Republican or right of moderate, if you are anyone who disagrees with a radical right wing viewpoint, you are called a lib'rul, socialist, commie pink-o, Obama supporter.

    The radical right wing is just filled with hate which is more than evident by the conservatives that post here on SH.
    obama supporter radical wing filled hate evident conservative post sh
    obama supporter radical wing filled hate evident conservatives post sh
  • phil.ol... TheBorg 2013/03/07 20:58:04
    Conservatives are not racists, bigots, or homophobes.

    Conservatives are people that want to maintain the way of things as it currently is, or was, and conserve the Constitution.

    Whenever Obama says that he wants to do something unconstitutional, and people call him stupid, idiots like you call people who put down Obama "racist"

    He's not an idiot because he's black. He's an idiot because he's an idiot.
  • TheBorg phil.ol... 2013/03/08 01:51:08
    Conservatives are not racists? HaHaHaHaHa

    conservatives racists hahahahaha
    conservatives racists hahahahaha
    conservatives racists hahahahaha
    conservatives racists hahahahaha
    conservatives racists hahahahaha
  • phil.ol... TheBorg 2013/03/08 10:33:42
    Only the top one of those is racist. All the other hate is based on this wonderful thing known to the rest of us as "fact"
  • TheBorg phil.ol... 2013/03/09 07:36:08
    Thank you for demonstrating to us that Republicans are indeed racist.
  • phil.ol... TheBorg 2013/03/09 07:42:37
    Calling someone a communist is not racist. Telling someone to go back to their home country is not racist. Calling someone a terrorist is not racist.
  • Che Gue... phil.ol... 2013/03/09 07:53:59
    Che Guevara - Hero
    How did that 2012 election work out for you ? lol
  • phil.ol... Che Gue... 2013/03/09 07:54:57
    I voted independent, and I don't live in a swing state, so it worked out exactly like I figured it - my state is retarded, and my vote for president meant nothing.
  • TheBorg phil.ol... 2013/03/09 17:05:47 (edited)
  • phil.ol... TheBorg 2013/03/09 19:02:49
    Hey, dumbass - if you photoshop Osama bin Laden's face and beard on to Obama's face, that's calling him a terrorist.
  • TheBorg phil.ol... 2013/03/09 22:16:26
    Ummm yeah, only Osama bin Laden has a turban and beard.
    ummm yeah osama bin laden turban beard
  • phil.ol... TheBorg 2013/03/10 00:12:25
    That's clearly Osama Bin Laden's turban and beard, taken from a very popular photo of him.
  • Grandbrother 2013/03/04 07:29:00 (edited)
    I wasn't going to rave this until I just now perused the latest top polls in news & politics. I mean holy crap - these right wing extremists are just hate-filled psychos...
  • Marine Corps 2013/03/04 06:58:59
  • Dan 2013/03/04 01:54:54
    Che Guevara was racist. He only slaughtered his own poeple.
  • Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL 2013/03/03 22:26:02
    Patrick Henry~PWCM~JL
    Not at all-the real conservatives are far more accepting and tolerant than any Libtard ever thought of being.
  • spike66 2013/03/03 22:25:58 (edited)
  • phoenix AFCL-PWCM 2013/03/03 20:38:57
  • Marie 2013/03/03 16:47:05
    Strange that not agreeing equals Hate! My son is gay, and I love him, that does not mean I believe he should get married!
  • WankerBait Marie 2013/03/03 21:18:47
    Do you believe he shouldn't get married ?
  • Marie WankerBait 2013/03/11 16:36:31
    Why ruin what they have?
  • RH 2013/03/03 13:57:14
  • jaeman 2013/03/03 11:08:30
    This post sounds like another "poor-me" whiner, complaining that their cause is not being addressed, therefore, time to bash anyone that disagrees, soliciting more "poor-me" whiners! That whole party is made up of "poor-me" whiners.
  • DJ Techzaz 2013/03/03 06:48:43
    DJ Techzaz
    I suppose you could explain away your hero.
  • VICTORIA 2013/03/03 05:34:43
    Looks like you've proven how controlled by anger and fear and hate the rightwing is.
    Just look at all of the emotion and attention they expend on you.

    They're absolutely obsessed with you comrade.

    hugs and kisses
  • carlton999 2013/03/03 02:42:43

    remember that one kid in your neighbor hood who used to run home stop and turn around outside of his house, call you a bad name to piss you off then run inside so you couldn't do anything about it. the Internet provides a safe haven for them.
  • Marie carlton999 2013/03/03 16:49:02
    You had a tough childhood???
  • carlton999 Marie 2013/03/04 05:27:11
    I had fun childhood.
  • Buoyant Leadraft 2013/03/03 02:23:41
  • Lady Wh... Buoyant... 2013/03/04 21:23:55
    Lady Whitewolf
    Thankies! I was looking for just such a pic!
  • Tom Dundee 2013/03/02 23:20:49
    Tom Dundee
    Liberals, if you wish to stop the hate, stop talking.
  • Lady Wh... Tom Dundee 2013/03/04 21:24:53
    Lady Whitewolf
    WHY? Only CONNIES should have an opinion?
  • Tom Dundee Lady Wh... 2013/03/09 02:52:06
    Tom Dundee
    No, we just expess our opinions without the hate, unlike liberals.
  • Tom Dundee 2013/03/02 23:19:55
    Tom Dundee
    No Raves, because all those stellar citizens and illegal aliens are constituent groups in the Democratic party.
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