Rave here if you love and admire President Obama.

soHotsoSmart 2013/02/16 22:19:28
You ,may show your support and admiration here for President Obama, by raving.
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  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2013/02/17 02:40:10
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    I admire his ability say almost nothing, and yet have the media fawn all over him.

    Think I'm wrong? Go back and look at news coverage of Bush at the beginning of his second term. And don't forget, we're still in Iraq and Afghanistan and bombing in Libya and Pakistan. Oh, and GITMO is still up and running and unemployment is 7.9% and the economy shrunk last month.


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  • Bun 2013/02/22 23:12:25
    A Good Man in the White House!
  • Big Daddy 2013/02/21 18:33:43
    Big Daddy
    Mama says if ya can't say nutten nice, Dont say nutten so ________________- there it is
  • Samsonite the Ninja Warrior 2013/02/21 05:27:37
    Samsonite the Ninja Warrior
    Yeah he's cool.
  • max reilly 2013/02/21 03:46:42
    max reilly
    Love and admire? No. Respect as our president? Of course. He may not be the best, and he may not be the smartest, and he may not even be the sexiest, but he still deserves our respect.
  • Jrogers 2013/02/21 02:54:32
    Lot's of Love for the President these days - from all around the globe
  • redhorse29 2013/02/21 01:14:47
    Oh please. Gag me with a stick. No love before, now or ever for this liberal progressive social democrat or his effort to bankrupt the nation.
  • Jeff F. 2013/02/21 01:08:56
    Jeff F.
    Who would you prefer? Dubya? MITT??? For me, it's Hillary, but Obama's doing a damn good job compared to the cokehead bush...
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2013/02/20 21:00:14
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    F*ck I accidentally clicked on Rave!
  • Big Daddy Not A C... 2013/02/21 18:30:54
    Big Daddy
    Shame on you He sucks
  • Not A C... Big Daddy 2013/02/21 19:16:53
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
  • Bun Big Daddy 2013/02/22 23:13:45
    Yup he sucks all right
  • Brendakp 2013/02/20 20:29:05
  • Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio 2013/02/20 20:05:23
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    he has reach to the other side of the isle, he does seem to care about education, the does seem bent on ending all the wars, and he does seem like he is trying to solve this ecomonical issue without upsetting to much people (though its not working in any sense)
    i just wish more people would activly support him other than voting.
  • sbtbill 2013/02/20 19:55:58
    I think Obama is an average President. He is doing what he thinks is right. Some of it I agree with some I don't. Don't see why anyone would love him or hate him. Admire him well to the extent I admire any politician yes I do.
  • Zakkary... sbtbill 2013/02/20 20:06:51
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    keeping it real
  • Eastexn25 2013/02/20 19:25:07
    How funny... 1058 comments and only 98 raves. That backs up my opinion that Obama pretty much sucks at being President!
  • Zakkary... Eastexn25 2013/02/20 20:09:22
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    your on sodahead, of course thats the case.
    its rare to find any love for obama in this website.
  • kiote1963 2013/02/20 18:32:40
    Raving......I am RAVING MAD he's still president!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bronar 2013/02/20 14:58:54
    All the ravers must be from the press. Love? Come on people.
  • Not A Crybaby Richard <3Fre... 2013/02/20 14:31:54
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    elmo can t make it more obvious

    Proof that Obama is a bad president.
  • Zakkary... Not A C... 2013/02/20 20:14:11
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    the graph doesn't have any supporting information. i could make that exact graph on photoshop in twelve minutes, and even if the graph were true, to think that any one person can control the market is foolish. we're not in feudal times, and you have no proof.
  • Not A C... Zakkary... 2013/02/20 20:45:56
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    You can look it up on the Internet and it won't be much different.
  • Zakkary... Not A C... 2013/02/20 20:56:12
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    doesn't matter, my second point still has grounds
    "to think that any one person can control the market is foolish."
  • Not A C... Zakkary... 2013/02/20 20:57:30 (edited)
    Not A Crybaby Richard <3Freedom!
    Then why did it always add the same amount of debt every year of his presidency?
  • Zakkary... Not A C... 2013/02/25 18:23:08
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    not because of any one person's doing

    you try running a global market and see how that works out.

    or you could try actully learning something about how the market runs from the library. (not the internet)
  • rmhoperenton 2013/02/20 14:22:05
    Hey you dumbass teabagger President Obama haters....Check out this link and then start thinking twice about some things. President Obama has plans for you wacko's
  • tlee rmhoper... 2013/02/20 23:03:21
    then they come for you. learn history!.
  • ConservAngel 2013/02/20 14:06:25
  • kevin.m.koop 2013/02/20 13:20:15
  • Zakkary... kevin.m... 2013/02/20 20:20:11
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    well, he offically ended the war in iraq. we may still be there, but there are american soilders in japan and germany still aslo. so thats two things. coming next december, it will be three.
  • tlee Zakkary... 2013/02/26 00:09:26 (edited)
    we built a billion dollar base there and will be stocked with around 17000 targets/ people!.Good thing we are going to let women on the front lines,maybe the masses can keep the body count supply going to appease the owners!.http://usliberals.abo...

  • reaper 2013/02/20 08:05:37
  • soHotso... reaper 2013/02/20 08:13:18
    Yea, perpaps. Either that, or go down as the first foriegn born President, who failed a country and left if bankrupt, while chasing his leftist agenda and anti-colonialist dreams of payback..
  • reaper soHotso... 2013/02/20 08:34:05
    remember when i said something about people making stuff up? thank you for believing such stupidity still.
  • lisa reaper 2013/02/20 08:37:15
    Thank you for being so gullible to believe that the man walks on water is the greatest president ever!!! If it weren't for people like you the Media wouldn't have jobs!!!
  • reaper lisa 2013/02/20 08:48:46
    what made you think i believe that about him?
  • soHotso... reaper 2013/02/20 19:22:12
    Please stop worshiping traitors and liars. thanks.
  • Zakkary... soHotso... 2013/02/20 20:23:46
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    okay, then i'll stop worshiping the GOP, FOX, the tea party, libertarians, and the ill-informed.
  • reaper soHotso... 2013/02/20 21:41:12
    yeah, i worship no one, and the only traitors and liars and the cons that have lost their minds believing everyone else is automatically an enemy just because they have different views on things.
  • Zakkary... soHotso... 2013/02/20 20:21:12
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    nah, i think the former.
    that latter is a bunch of crap.
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