Rahm Emanuel Calls It 'F—knutsville'

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Matt Welch at Reason takes a gander at Vanity Fair’s latest piece on the Obama White House and finds it pretty cringe-worthy. “I wonder sometimes if they have any idea how this looks to the rest of us,” he writes. A sampling from VF:

Larry Summers, who served as Clinton’s Treasury secretary for the last 18 months of his term, says, “It used to be there was a kind of rhythm to the day” with the tempo picking up after the markets closed and as newspaper deadlines approached, between four and seven P.M. “That’s gone.” And, according to Rahm Emanuel, C.I.A. director Leon Panetta thinks “it’s a huge problem” that Washington runs at such “a highly caffeinated speed.”

Emanuel calls it “F–knutsville,” and Valerie Jarrett says she looks back wistfully to a time when credible people could put a stamp of reliability on information and opinion: “Walter Cronkite would get on and say the truth, and people believed the media,” she says.

People don't trust the media because the media has proven that it can't be trusted. The NYT claimed it initially (and erroneously) supported the Iraq War because it didn't ask enough questions of the Bush administration. Apparently, the NYT didn't learn its lesson because it asks no questions of the BO administration about the economy, the two wars in the Middle East, healthcare reform, illegal immigration and broken promises. Our country is going to hell in a hand basket and the NYT assures us everything is swell thanks to BO's big government policies and unsustainable spending. This is all about the filth and trash Obumer dragged in with him from Chicago. They can't help themselves. Look at Blago. No ethics no class no brains all of them!

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  • Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy su... 2010/08/10 14:01:14
    Sherry Mowery, My Cowboy suffers no longer...
    This whole administration is nuts! BO doesn't have time to have a schedule at the White House.....all he cares about is his golf game, basketball, partying and travel to campaign for himself. Don't worry Rham, 2012 is coming and you won't have this problem anymore. This statement is for Rahm Emanuel and Valerie Jarrett....WE THE PEOPLE ...KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE...from morons like you...

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