Racism on SodaHead

The Thinking Woman 2012/03/07 07:57:52
It is time to stop the racism, one step at a time and it begins HERE and it starts NOW.
All over this site people are complaining about how many days Michelle Obama has been on vacation, how many days President Obama has been on vacation. ENOUGH!

Did anyone complain about how many days Bush spent on vacation. Did they care how many days Laura Bush was on her lavish vacations? No, you never once heard them complain.

It is time to call it what it is. RACISM. Birthers are nothing but racist. These good christain conservatives posting all over about these vacations are RACIST. We need to call them out, expose them for the hate mongers they are. We need to stand up for what civil rights people fought so hard for and legally gained. It is time now.

If they want to post about Obama's vacations, where were their voices when this happened?

Then why didn't they question this?

During 2 terms as President, Bush
spent all or of part of 487 days at Camp David, on retreats and made 77
trips to his Crawford Ranch, in Texas, where he spent all or part of 490
days, on his Ranch.
The total number of days of vacation or retreat
President Bush took, while in office over a period of 8 years was 977
days, or 32% of his total time in office, was spent on vacations or

Laura Bush and four female friends have escaped
together for a week every summer. They arrived at Mammoth Lakes on July
8, 2001 and a day later came to Tuolumne Meadows Lodge with an entourage
of some 25 people, including Secret Service agents, a White House
communications team, various aides and several park officials. The group
took up about 15 of the 70 cabins at the site.

July 27, 2003
Laura Bush and all her friends arrived at Lake Crescent Lodge in
Washington State for a week long vacation in the Olympic National
Forest. "I have a group of friends that I grew up with in Midland,
Texas, and we hike every summer at a national park," said Mrs. Bush.
Yes, she and her friends arrived on Air Force II with lots of Secret
Service Agents.

July 23, 2006 Denali National Park & Preserve in Alaska

Lady Laura Bush arrived in the park by train on July 23rd for a
one-week vacation at a private inholder lodge in the Kantishna area.
Members of the park staff assisted Secret Service and White House
personnel with communications, security and logistics. A small number of
rangers from other parks in the region were detailed to Denali to
maintain normal operations so that a portion of the parks law
enforcement staff could be assigned full-time to augment and assist the
Secret Service details. During the week. Mrs. Bush and a small group of
friends enjoyed daily hiking excursions throughout the park. On Friday,
July 28th, she and her companions traveled to park headquarters to tour
the Murie Science and Learning Center, a collaborative venture by
Denali, seven other national parks, and several park partners. She later
attended a luncheon hosted at the center and greeted park staff and the
regional director. [Submitted by Richard Moore, North District Ranger]
is the second time in the last couple-three months that LaWa has taken
advantage of a western national park for a little "getaway with close
friends" whose number, names, relationships, and particularly gender is
somehow never mentioned.

In June 2008, First Lady Laura Bush
visited Mount Desert Island, Maine with a small group of friends for a
brief vacation. She did not plan any public appearances before she
arrived, but she was out in the public eye during her visit and met with
Acadia National Park superintendent Sheridan Steele.

Laura Bush
and her daughters, Barbara and Jenna, traveled to Africa in 2007, where
they went on safari. Yet her trip was regarded as an "official" visit
and included several public events.

And yet you say you are not racist. YOU ARE RACIST! You never questioned Bush now did you?
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  • Risk 2012/03/07 14:22:37
    Why is that racism ? When people complained about Bush vacations, was it racism ? Is it only racism if they complain about the Obama vacations ? What BS ! Seems the Liberals believe that anyone who complains about the Obama's in any form is a racist.

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  • benvolio staardu... 2012/03/13 06:11:31
    I am pacifist pal. Peace. :)
  • The Thi... staardu... 2012/03/13 06:57:41
    The Thinking Woman
    So very true, thank you for your wonderful comments, sweetie.
  • benvolio Stryder 2012/03/13 06:08:49
    Maybe 911?
  • teigan 2012/03/10 09:35:15
  • aneed2know 2012/03/09 06:52:14
    Hey Thinking, all this means nothing to them, you see Bush's were entitled to do this where the Obama's well they aren't you see they are democrats and there is a different standard for democrats. Hell you did not even mention the Bush daughters drunken Rio B-Day trip.
  • The Thi... aneed2know 2012/03/10 07:02:16
    The Thinking Woman
    I won't stoop to thier level. I left that out.
    aneed2know, anyone who sees what is going on in America today, knows it is racism and nothing more that is driving the hate towards Obama and his family. Never has so much undeserved hatred been pushed upon any president and the only difference is the fact that this wonderful President just happens to have darker skin. Nothing more, nothing less. He is one of the hardest working presidents this nation has ever seen and I do know history with judge him as a peacemaker and a great president while judging so many of the republicans as racist bigots. What a shame. Another period in history that future generations will be ashamed of and wonder what these people were thinking.
  • staardu... The Thi... 2012/03/13 03:35:10
    well said.
  • The Thi... staardu... 2012/03/13 06:59:59
    The Thinking Woman
    Thank you. cherokee indian woman thanks
  • Mike aneed2know 2012/03/11 23:38:39
    Absolutely Brilliant
  • aneed2know Mike 2012/03/12 05:03:34
  • benvolio aneed2know 2012/03/13 06:12:20
    All Bushes were filth too! What is your point?
  • Chris- Demon of the PHAET 2012/03/08 23:08:56
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    I almost always agree with you Thinking Woman but I'm not getting the connection on this point. There is surely a lot of racism on SH but isn't this more "Republicans think ANYTHING Obama does is wrong!" rather than racism?
  • The Thi... Chris- ... 2012/03/08 23:48:28
    The Thinking Woman
    The political pandering has far surpassed simple politics.
  • Chris- ... The Thi... 2012/03/08 23:53:53
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Fair enough. But do you think the majority of hatred toward Obama is racist? (That may be a stupid question considering your poll.)
  • The Thi... Chris- ... 2012/03/08 23:57:38
    The Thinking Woman
    Yes, while there has always been distention between the parties, it has never been so hate filled as this. The birthers is just an example of the hate. The pledge by the republicans to NEVER vote for anything that would hurt the rich. A pledge to vote on ANY and ALL tax increases no matter what. This is just beyond party disagreements.
  • Chris- ... The Thi... 2012/03/09 00:02:25
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    Sad but all too true. Santorum? Really? Who ever would have thought Regan would seem like a moderate?! :)
  • The Thi... Chris- ... 2012/03/10 07:07:46
    The Thinking Woman
    Boy, ain't that the truth.
  • akgold The Thi... 2012/03/20 10:11:42
    The birther stuff was started by DEMOCRATS. You want racists? You must mean the people in Hillary's campaign.
  • aneed2know Chris- ... 2012/03/09 06:55:38
    yes, when you see postings like he should go back to Africa followed by impeaching him for what they never say. As a child i grew up over seas and never heard the word Ni**er until my family moved back to the states. Then i heard why dont you go back to Africa you jungle bunny, or spear chucker, i had no ideal what this meant. So asked my mom and she told me, i was like i have never lived in Africa, she told me with people like this it does not matter, " you are black so therefor you dont belong here", so yeah when people say things like that it is racism.
  • Chris- ... aneed2know 2012/03/09 12:58:16
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    I grew up in the Northeast in a pretty liberal household so I really never realized how prevalent racism was, and is, until I got older. Since being on SH I see it's still alive in well and it never ceases to amaze the opinions some folks will defend.
  • aneed2know Chris- ... 2012/03/10 05:33:39
  • Mike Chris- ... 2012/03/11 23:42:34
    I think Obama is a liar, unqualified, and should be impeached. Therefore classify me as a racist
  • Chris- ... Mike 2012/03/11 23:59:30
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    If that's why you dislike Obama why would I classify you as a racist? Thant's not what this poll is about. I know lots of people who don't like Obama and they're not racists. I think what others are talking about is much subtler than that.
  • aneed2know Mike 2012/03/12 05:06:59
    i dont know if you are racist, but what i do know is you are a ignorant moronic brain dead xenophobic idiot.
  • Mike aneed2know 2012/03/12 15:28:54
    Gotcha it's Okay for you but if someone disagrees with you then its damnation time - Typical liberal approach to everything
  • The Thi... Mike 2012/03/12 05:20:50
    The Thinking Woman
    How is Obama a liar
    How is he unqualified
    On what grounds should he be inmeached

    Can't give reasistic honest answers to these, then yes, you are a racist.
  • Mike The Thi... 2012/03/12 15:47:38
  • Israel The Thi... 2012/03/14 19:21:42
  • ehrhornp Mike 2012/03/12 19:42:02
    Will do. :-)
  • The Thi... Chris- ... 2012/03/12 05:19:43
  • Mike aneed2know 2012/03/11 23:40:14
    And that was but a few - black call themselves N@@#g all the time
  • aneed2know Mike 2012/03/12 05:05:41
    say what, where in the hell did that come from. And no not all blacks call each other that word, so maybe you should stop stereotyping, that would be like me saying all Easter Kentucky men sleep their sisters or mothers.

    But hey you wanna do it go right ahead, just be prepared to get a beat down.
  • Mike aneed2know 2012/03/12 15:48:49
    Did I say all ? No I didn't. Yes I do here it frequently, and yes it should stop
  • teigan aneed2know 2012/03/22 18:11:47
  • aneed2know teigan 2012/03/23 07:42:38
    i am sorry your grandson should not even say it, i dont allow my children to say it and when they did they got popped in the mouth for it. no one should use that word, no one. but for your grandson, it could get him in a lot of trouble, a whole lot of trouble if the wrong person hears it.
  • teigan aneed2know 2012/03/23 08:22:25
    When he was growing up with his two bi-racial siblings, the word was never allowed. He is now 19 and is talking to his black friends on FB..
    I don't see girls doing this, it appears to be a guy thing. His siblings are 16 and 12, the do not use it, as a matter of fact my granddaughter took her friends to task for it she told them it is not acceptable and was raised not to use it no matter what color you are. He played football in highschool at a school that is about 60% black and evidently this is how they greet each other. I don't hear him saying it when I'm around him and his step cousin who is black too, but I do see him and his friends talking that way on FB. Most are football friends that still get together to play. His sister has a lot go white friends that drive me nuts when I'm around them because they talk black slang all the time and I can't understand a word they are saying. It's seems white girls are wanna be blacks, it's really weird. My granddaughter talks normal except when she's with her friends. I can't understand them when thier together. Of course that's probably their objective. LOL

    Of course he was never allowed to run around with his pants hanging down his butt either, but he does now.
  • The Thi... Mike 2012/03/12 05:22:12
    The Thinking Woman
    Are you really that ignorant and full of hate?
  • Mike The Thi... 2012/03/12 15:49:53
    Not at all just expressing my view - and liberals can't stand it without classifying someone as a racist or hater
  • Israel Mike 2012/03/14 19:22:32
  • aneed2know Mike 2012/03/23 07:43:28
    well when your views happen to be racist, why should we stand for it. You must be Zimmerman on SH

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