Race recap

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Race recap

by kos
Tue May 18, 2010 at 10:00:34 PM PDT


99.5 of precincts reporting

Conway (D) 44.1
Mongiardo (D) 43.0

Paul (R) 58.5
Grayson (R) 35.4

I predicted Conway 46, Mongiardo 44, and Paul 51, Grayson 41. I did pretty good on the (D) side, shitty on the (R) side.

Oh, and Rand Paul refused to take the concession call from Grayson, showing he remains all class.


99 of precincts reporting

Sestak 53.9
Specter 46.1

I predicted Sestak 52, Specter 48. Again, not too shabby.

Pennsylvania 12th special election:

99.2 of precincts reporting

Critz (D) 53
Burns (R) 45

I predicted Critz 50.1, Burns 49.9. I NEVER would've believed an 8-point victory was in the cards. You've got to hand it to the DCCC. Their field team delivered. And the GOP remains shut out of special election contests this cycle, including several in prime competitive territory.

HI-01 will break that streak this Saturday, but that's a temporary pickup against a split Dem field. Dems will retake the seat in November.


91.3 of precincts reporting

Lincoln 44.6
Halter 42.4
Morrison 13.0
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