Quote of the day from Ben Stein - the hypocrisy of our federal government under Barack Obama

Ken 2012/08/31 21:48:54

Paradoxical Quote of the Day from Ben Stein:

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government

that requires every citizen to prove they

are insured. . . but not everyone must

prove they are a citizen."

Now add this, "Many of those who refuse,

or are unable, to prove they are citizens

will receive free insurance paid for by

those who are forced to buy insurance

because they are citizens."

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  • kaZappoo 2012/09/01 01:17:05
    yepp ,,,hypocracy isn't the term to use here !
    idiocy is more like it ,,

    same as a few other issues !

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  • Geofreak 2014/08/31 20:07:42
    Ben Stein didn't say this: http://www.snopes.com/politic...
  • patricia.e.knight 2013/11/01 14:52:09
    Isn't that something, think about it.
  • Ken patrici... 2013/11/01 16:50:32
    Add the following and it becomes really something to think about:

    Most people in this country are not even required to prove that they are citizens, or to prove that they are who they say they are in order to vote -- and that's the way the liberals like it.
  • parkerpetters 2013/10/29 16:24:55
    Hahahahahahahahaha. This should bur my cousin Chris W. in the ass. reap what you sow[...]
  • sara 2012/10/11 02:19:01
    Noone read Obama care including Obama before it was passed as a Tax. Talk about lying to Americans when he promised transparency in his election campaign. As long as Americans allow this dictator to do whatever he wants without going through the proper channels we'll get more of the same
  • kyle.comerford 2012/09/27 21:58:50
    Ben Stein is a smart man but he himself has said that this quote is false. He never said it or wrote it. No part of the ppaca will give healthcare to non citizens. to think that he would say this is an insult to Ben Stein.
  • redhorse29 2012/09/04 05:32:02
    I think I am going crazy.
  • JimmyIIX 2012/09/03 15:39:05
  • britbiker 2012/09/03 13:23:40
    The way things are progressing right now, it don't surprise me
  • sglmom 2012/09/03 07:26:51
    A truly observant man ..
    (love his wit .. his humor .. )
  • Al C. 2012/09/02 12:15:44 (edited)
    Al C.
    It all starts and ends with a President who's not a citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ken Al C. 2012/09/02 15:29:28
    What can you say about a President who tells an implacable foe "After my election I'll have more flexibility. . ." while he is pitting Americans against each other?
  • Al C. Ken 2012/09/02 15:38:21
    Al C.
    He's doing that now and if he gets re-elected it will only get worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rusty 2012/09/02 03:47:57
    A humble genius......states it plainly so anyone with half a brain working can SEE..!! I love this guy.
  • DuncanONeil 2012/09/01 23:47:46
    How is that paradoxical?
  • Ken DuncanO... 2012/09/02 00:14:53
    paradoxical: 1. a statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. 2. a self-contradictory and false proposition.

    You don't believe the Health Care law that requires citizens to buy health insurance, but allows non-citizens to get free health insurance isn't absurd on its face?
  • DuncanO... Ken 2012/09/02 12:25:31
    My position was that we were discussing the quotation, not the law itself. Which, in pite of the SCOTUS ruling still reads as unconstitutional.
  • Ken DuncanO... 2012/09/02 15:30:40 (edited)
    I believe Ben Stein's quote was intended to reflect the provisions of the law, which I agree is unconstitutional.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/09/01 22:54:50 (edited)
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    Ben Stein is great -- I can hear his dry little voice saying those words VERY clearly.

    I'm not sure I'd call it hypocrisy -- stupidity, idiocy, ridiculous, paradox for sure. But Ben's probably cleverer than I am, so if he wants to call it hypocrisy, ok.
  • caius madison 2012/09/01 22:10:51
    caius madison
    Leave it to Ben Stein and all is clear. My hats off to you sir.
  • Plantgypc 2012/09/01 19:50:28
    Ben Stein hits it on the button.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2012/09/01 09:37:02
    Lady Whitewolf
    He's a 1%'er.... WTF does he know?
  • Ken Lady Wh... 2012/09/01 14:04:04
    Truth when he sees it!! I see you've adopted the "divide and conquer" theory of the Obama campaign, pitting Americans against one another using greed and envy. Congratulations.
  • Rusty Ken 2012/09/02 03:43:59
    As you have stated it.....the #1 tactic in the communist playbook to create resentment and turn citizen against citizen. Causing citizens to blame and attack rather than reaching for the brass ring!
  • caius m... Lady Wh... 2012/09/01 21:56:41
    caius madison
    When I first came to this site in April, you used to be the voice of reason. What has happened to you? :(
  • Ken caius m... 2012/09/01 23:21:14
    Someone kidnapped the real Lady Whitewolf and replaced her with an Alinsky-trained imposter.
  • jeane Lady Wh... 2012/09/02 15:26:56
    Sorry accidentally raved you. This is one smart man who knows a LOT!
  • JimmyIIX 2012/09/01 06:04:43 (edited)
    Sick fin truth, disgusting. What a pitiful string of administrations Just run us into the ground right..
  • Mike W 2012/09/01 03:58:13
    Mike W
    Genius, sad but true under the current anti american administration
  • Ken 2012/09/01 03:33:31
    Liberal hypocrisy is the worst of all.
  • Prairie Wind 2012/09/01 03:24:15
    Prairie Wind
    This isn't going to last for long. We either run out of money or begin to get smart and stop the handouts.
  • Matt 2012/09/01 03:22:17
    Quite a plug for openness and honesty from Nixon's speechwriterl
  • jgreyone Matt 2012/09/01 21:14:10
    Obama makes Nixon look like a choirboy; we've never had a more corrupt person as President than B. Hussein!
  • Ken jgreyone 2012/09/01 23:22:10
    You've got that right, and the media lets him get away with his hundreds of millions in bribes and paybacks to his supporters.
  • Matt jgreyone 2012/09/01 23:36:09
    After murdering about 60,000 of our young, fighting "commies", Nixon paid them a respectful tribute by giving China "most favored nation" trading status. Subsequent administrations removed tariffs and sent all of our manufacturing jobs overseas. Friends of organized labor, Clinton and Obama signed all of the job killing "free trade" agreements into law. The repercussions of Nixon"s policies did not affect his administration because we were still enjoying the prosperity that Eisenhower and Kennedy fostered.
  • Ken Matt 2012/09/02 03:50:56
    What "60,000" of our youth did Nixon "murder?" If you know your history, you would know that our involvement in Vietnam escalated into a "war" under Lyndon Johnson. It was fought under Democratic administrations from 1960 (Kennedy's Green Berets and aid to the South) to 1968 (Lyndon Johnson's escalation), a period of 8 years. Nixon was elected in 1968, took office in 1969 and ended the Vietnam War he "inherited" (to use Obama's excuse) by January, 1973. right at 4 years in office.
  • Matt Ken 2012/09/02 15:06:21
    Johnson was mostly responsible for those deaths. It took a lot of pressure to get Nixon out of 'Nam. Once international investment was allowed in China, to exploit the slave labor, all of the sudden, they were our best friends. They suck a lot of money out of this country and are still arming our enemies, but that doesn't seem to matter.
    china arms terrorists
  • Ken Matt 2012/09/02 15:36:04
    You are correct about China. Though Nixon was responsible for the thaw in our relationship with China, it was left to presidents who followed to allow the one-sided trade that is aiding them and hindering us and allowing them to build up a military that is anything but peaceful. They now claim virtually the entire South China Sea as their territorial waters, even though they have a very small shoreline contiguous to it and other nations, such as Vietnam and the Philippines are surrounded by it.

    China south china sea territorial claims
  • Space Invader 2012/09/01 02:56:54
    Space Invader
    And so goes the insanity of the ObamaLand express
  • santa6642 2012/09/01 02:29:18
    He's right on.

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