Qualifications to be President of the United States?

What qualifications for POTUS, does Barrack Obama have or has demonstrated that make Sarah Palin such a non-candidate? qualifications potus barrack obama demonstrated sarah palin non-candidate qualifications potus barrack obama demonstrated sarah palin non-candidate

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  • steve "Democrats have commi... 2009/11/01 22:29:20
    steve "Democrats have committed Treason on their country"
    If Barack Obama was qualified under The Constitution, he would have already revealed his birth Certificate. IF your asking actual "Qualifications" to be POTUS, the only thing he had going for him as the MEDIA LOVED HIM!

    Sarah Palin has more qualifications when Obama took office and also has something that I call SPUNK. Sarah Palin endorsed Hoffman for the 23rd NY Congressional District over the Republican Candidate and what is about to happen? HISTORY!!!

    Do not for a minute underestimate this moose shooting, ex governer from ALaska...... Like they say in Hollywood.... You ain't seen nothin' yet! She has been ridiculed, brow beaten, and keeps coming back for more with a smile on her face. Sarah is plenty tuff and I can tell you for certain that she has a SPINE unlike Obama!

    nothin ridiculed brow beaten smile sarah plenty tuff spine obama nothin ridiculed brow beaten smile sarah plenty tuff spine obama nothin ridiculed brow beaten smile sarah plenty tuff spine obama

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  • zkittle06 littleb... 2009/11/02 02:30:47
    Im not saying he's the smartest guy out there....or that I like him as president. But Palin is an idiot.
  • littleb... zkittle06 2009/11/02 02:36:48
    Yeah, so do the Russians! As Numb Nuts gave away deployment of SDI in Eastern Europe the Russians were concluding a deal to sell modern SAMs to the Iranians! Yeah he's a real stratigic genuis! Have fun with your superhero!
  • zkittle06 littleb... 2009/11/02 03:22:09
    You guys are pathetic. Nothing is black and white like that. He's not my superhero. Just because I think Sarah Palin is an imbecile doesn't make me an Obama worshiper. Seriously this right and left stuff is ridiculous. The forefathers would hate you all.
  • littleb... zkittle06 2009/11/02 03:31:55
    What's rediculous? I have not defended Palin here.....I am pointing out this guy is not qualified and why I feel so! You are the one staing he has a brain! I pointed out the Russians sure don't see it! He sent the Secretary of State to India. They told her to take the Co2 emissions treaty and stick it where the methane is! Then because they know we need then to be nice & ginger to the Pakis she had to placate them with some juicy new hi-tech military hardware they want! It is what it is......ain't nothin right or left about it...... what I have said is strait down the middle! Now shutup & deal the cards!
  • zkittle06 littleb... 2009/11/02 03:41:24
    What are you talking about or arguing with me. I'm not defending Obama or never did in anything I said. I don't think he's an idiot is all. I'm calling Palin an idiot. If you have something to say about THAT. I am willing to debate about it. But if you're just going to shit out irrelevant facts at me that have nothing to do with anything I've said we can stop this conversation now.
  • littleb... zkittle06 2009/11/02 03:46:20
    "Irrelevant Facts"? I gave you clear examples of his inexperience! They are facts look them up! Sorry you have your panties in a twist!

    You said he had a brain I say he's on the international stage a dupe!
  • zkittle06 littleb... 2009/11/02 03:47:34
    ""Irrelevant Facts"? I gave you clear examples of his inexperience! They are facts look them up! Sorry you have your panties in a twist!"

    I never said he was experienced...I said Palin was an idiot.
  • littleb... zkittle06 2009/11/02 03:52:48
    Your claim was he had a brain! Why is he not using it?
  • zkittle06 littleb... 2009/11/02 03:53:39
    Just because you disagree with his politics doesn't mean he's an idiot.
  • littleb... zkittle06 2009/11/02 03:55:28
    He's an Idiot if the Russians, Iranians & Indians play him like a Bass Fiddle!
  • jacobsm... zkittle06 2009/11/02 04:05:24
    Just because you disagree with Palin politics, doesn't mean she is one.
  • RightMind zkittle06 2009/11/02 04:31:34
    No, but hes not a leader either, and he never will be a leader! Hes a moo cow community agitator!
  • jacobsm... zkittle06 2009/11/02 04:03:29
    You keep saying that she is an idiot, now back it up with something other than...."you say she (Palin) is an idiot"

    Your argument holds no merit until you can look in the mirror and accept that you sound ignorant.

    Ignorant because she is a woman? It certainly seems that is what you are implying.
  • RightMind jacobsm... 2009/11/02 04:10:38
    Yes it certainly does! Sounds like he has a problem with a beautiful woman being a leader, maybe she scares him!
  • zkittle06 RightMind 2009/11/02 05:07:06
    Solid defense.
  • zkittle06 jacobsm... 2009/11/02 05:06:48
    Its not because she is a woman. I have respect for many women. And I wouldn't mind a female president. I would mind Palin as president though. I think she has little to no sense.
  • jacobsm... zkittle06 2009/11/02 05:16:27
    Come back when you can back up what you are saying with actual facts. Not something the mainstream media has spoon fed you.

    You disrespect her because of the negative and very powerful campaign against her.

    She would have defended our Constitution. That makes for a good qualifier for POTUS, unlike what we have and are seeing today.

    It is sad.
  • zkittle06 jacobsm... 2009/11/02 17:31:26
    I am saying actual facts.....maybe she can get that "Department of Law" to uphold the Constitution. Maybe she can use more of the taxpayer money to go on shopping sprees or take her family on a few more vacations. That's fiscally conservative right. I guess if she was president she would say "I am president, I can do whatever I want til the courts tell me I can't". Remember her said quote as mayor? Pretty stand up choice there. And those are FACTS and you can look them up.
  • RightMind zkittle06 2009/11/02 17:37:14
    Damn son, you bout stupid!
  • zkittle06 RightMind 2009/11/02 17:48:29
    Nice defense as always.

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