PUNDIT RIGHT: Sean Hannity On Oil Spill Political Fallout

News 2010/06/04 15:00:00
Yes, I agree with Sean Hannity. The political fallout will be huge.
No, I don't agree with Sean Hannity. It's not the president's fault.
I think Sean Hannity.
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The Gulf coast oil spill is not like Hurricane Katrina, it's more like the hostages taken in Iran that ended Jimmy Carter's presidency.

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  • JoeLin 2010/06/05 20:23:22
    No, I don't agree with Sean Hannity. It's not the president's fault.
    Hannity is a bigger ass than Limbaugh. I think Limbaugh believes his crap, but I think Hannity is saying whatever gets him a bigger pay check. The guy is a liar and he spins everything about every democrat. It isn't the person as much as it is the party that he hates. Although I do think he is racist he would be just as nasty and wrong if Hillary were in office. Any democrat drives him nuts.

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  • Russ 2010/06/07 18:12:16
    I think Sean Hannity.
    Beats the Rep drum as always. I think Mr. Luntz is more accurate in his final statement.

    As far as the oil spill. This is BP's issue to fix.
    It doesnt matter who the pres is - (s)he would be blamed.
  • Frank 2010/06/06 16:43:55
    Yes, I agree with Sean Hannity. The political fallout will be huge.
    Anything to get rid of Obama.......
  • haShe 2010/06/06 03:38:33
    No, I don't agree with Sean Hannity. It's not the president's fault.
    Let's hold BP responsible. Let's use our our politicitians and legal channels to do their jobs. We have government agencies who need to be put to task. BTW why are we even letting these companies operate without the worst case scenario equipment already in place. Stop trying to turn every event in the country into a political wedge. I'm not buying it. Do the local politicians and people feel the president should stop and address this issue. I think we are trying to make everything into a political issue. Get over it and get the mess cleaned up then bill BP and if they don't pay bye bye BP. Americans are smart enough to be able to read "BP" and not buy fuel from them. They do call themselves "Beyond Petroleum", time to see action. www.bp.com
  • ttownbb 2010/06/06 02:31:06
    No, I don't agree with Sean Hannity. It's not the president's fault.
    How is this Obama's mess? Ok.. He is President it happened on his watch. What else can he do in this emergency? If he takes over BP’s company, he will be accused of taking over businesses and called a socialist. If he lets the free market fix the spill, he will be called a weak president. With all things considered he is doing the right thing by keeping Bp responsible for the mess and losses suffered by the people. It is also Bp's responsibility to do the restorative actions need for the disaster they committed.
    Remember; these are the people who meet behind closed doors to develop the Cheney/Bush energy plan. Seems like every time there is a disaster of hard time it can be traced back to the Bush/Chaney , or Cheney/Bush administration.
  • wers ttownbb 2010/06/06 03:47:43
    I love the way Bush and Cheney hold you libs captive year after year....can't get over them. Amazing how your liberal arguments always come around to "blame Bush" !
  • ttownbb wers 2010/06/06 19:31:18
    I guess you also like being fooled into war in Iraq, Wms's mone. degrelating wallstreet, great ression Near depression. Thanks for the save DEMS/OBAMA. Biggiest increase in gov spending in the history of the U.S. Failing economy. Dramatic loss of GDP. Greatiest expansion of gov in the history of the U.S. He also hield the Repubs captive for eight years. The Cheney/Bush heild the U.S hostage for eight years.
    I am moderate, but the dems got it rigtht when it comes to the everyday working man. My Question to you "WHAT HAS THE REPUBS/CONSERVATIVES DONE FOR YOU LATELY." I was a die hard REPUD, then I reaalised they only were interested in the affairs of Big business/ oil. I voted for Bush in his first term. After I saw what a mess he had gotus in I voted differently. For those who think Cheney/Bush was a good administration I would ask them to check their person likes and dislikes. Obama is a new and different face of the Presidency. This does not make him bad for the U.S. Let us embrace our dicersity, not condem our strength as a nation. I believe his vision of The U.S is right. So to all the haters, I say move into the 21st. century.
  • wers ttownbb 2010/06/07 23:44:02
    BLAME BUSH....BLAME BUSH..... Obama is definately NEW....first time we have had the misfortune of having a true socialist, American hating, Muslim if the office! If you think his kind is the answer for America, take a look at Europe....socialism has destroyed them....you need to wake up....just because you dislike Bush doesn't mean we need this radical idiot at the helm. Moving into the 21st century doesn't mean abandoning our American ways for the "new, socialist, muslim, ways" !!!
  • ttownbb wers 2010/06/08 01:07:54
  • wers ttownbb 2010/06/08 02:16:26
    Extreemely intelligent reply....thank you.
  • ttownbb wers 2010/06/08 02:27:51
    I thought you would understand.
  • Frank ttownbb 2010/06/06 16:45:08
    I bet you blamed bush during his term for the Katrina crisis, didn't you?
  • ttownbb Frank 2010/06/06 19:36:12
    Some , but there was and is enough blame to go around. Why compare Katrina ,a disaster made by nature, to a disaster made by greedy men, looking for black gold. I believe the president is open to your and anyone's ideas on the Gulf incident. No one blamed Bush for the weather, they blamed him and other officials for suffrage of the people during the days after the crisis. "Heck of a Job Brownie"
  • xoldsalt 2010/06/06 01:27:53
    Yes, I agree with Sean Hannity. The political fallout will be huge.
    BO has done nothing but talk and this is one time that his smooth talking is not going to help him. The EPA hasn't even decided on a fine yet. So far only the Gulf Coast states are going to need reparations to clean up and make up for seafood harvest lost, tourism lost, etc. If they don';t get it capped soon as they say, it will affect the East Coast and God knows if it continues up the Gulf Stream it could affect the Northeast's seafood harvest. This is a major disaster that should have been foreseen and prepared for.
  • CrystalRain 2010/06/06 00:52:57
    I think Sean Hannity.
    Yesterday, Barak Obama visited Caminada Bay in Grand Isle, Louisiana and saw the devastation wrought by this oil spill. He was very concerned in every aspect. There are 20,000 people working around the clock to contain and clean up the oil spill. The president has also deployed 17,500 troops from the National Guard. They are also working with scientist and engineers to try to rectify the devastation. I think instead of talking about this we should all be on the coast cleaning it up for our generation and beyond.
  • EM1-SS 2010/06/06 00:15:03
    I think Sean Hannity.
    why is it that the most hawkish radio talkers are college drop outs and draft dodgers?
  • Packeryman EM1-SS 2010/06/06 03:59:18
    You are right on, most were college drop outs, alcoholics, druggies, and draft dodgers. Most were DJs spinning records on FM radio before they suddenly became all knowing political gurus overnite. Follow the money. corporate created them. Otherwise how does an individual working for close to minimum wage suddenly appear on 3 to 5 hundred syndicated stations across the nation. No wonder the Independents are leaving or have left the Republican party. Who with any common sense could stay part of an organization with these guys as their de facto leaders. Remember the Godhead (Limbaugh) calls for flushing and purging the party of all moderates and rhinos. The GOP ends up with 22 to 25 % of the party of Reagan. They have been hijacked by the religious right. It will be the death of the party as moderates leave to become Independents. The baggers are no different, they have been infiltrated from the start by Republican operatives(Dick Armey and Freedom works, now Forbes has joined with them, Palin states it is not a third party movement but meant to strengthen the base of the GOP). The baggers partys here were a flop, they were led by a far right wing local shock jock. All you saw was anti Obama signs. This kind of crap is why you want see Dems or Independents rallying behind the likes of the Armey, Hannity, Beck and the rest of the trash spewing hate on AM radio.
  • Vic 2010/06/05 23:54:55
    Yes, I agree with Sean Hannity. The political fallout will be huge.
    If Obama had any leadership abilities, every oil tanker owned by an American company would be on that spill sucking up oil and getting it out of there. Other countries' tankers should be there to help. Every time there's a disaster of any kind, anywhere in the world, the U.S. is there doing the heavy lifting. How many countries are helping us out here? ZERO!
  • Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupi... 2010/06/05 23:33:14
    Yes, I agree with Sean Hannity. The political fallout will be huge.
    Terri3GS..Allergic to Stupidity.
    I think this was a setup to bring about the Lunatic Cap and Trade.
  • Diane 2010/06/05 23:12:08 (edited)
    No, I don't agree with Sean Hannity. It's not the president's fault.
    What's the president going to do? Swim down and cap the pipe himself? I live in Florida, and I don't blame Obama. I blame BP and the drill, baby, drill conservatives. And Frank Luntz and Sean Hannity seem giddy with excitement over the prospect of a Republican win due to the oil spill.

    And another thing. When Rand Paul says President Obama is being too tough on BP, and that criticizing BP (a British company) is un-American, it makes me very angry. WTF is Rand Paul thinking? He must be crazy!
  • wers Diane 2010/06/06 03:55:08
  • Diane wers 2010/06/06 04:38:51
    You're right, I shouldn't have said retarded. I changed it to crazy.
  • Diane wers 2010/06/06 22:05:44
    And Palin advocated "drill, baby, drill" in both ANWR AND offshore, so your argument doesn't hold water!
  • wers Diane 2010/06/07 23:45:55
    What facit of argument would that be?
  • Diane wers 2010/06/08 00:07:13
    Palin is the one criticizing environmentalists for this oil spill, when she actually pushed for deep water drilling during the 2008 campaign. She is a hypocrite!
  • wers Diane 2010/06/08 02:36:06
    She advocated drilling on land, and in the oceans. The BP oil leak is not the first, or worst oil spilll in history....45,000 Americans die in auto accidents yearly...but we don't ban cars....we don't ban alcohol, we learn from mistakes, we go on.....life is full of problems, disasters.....we require oil, we have trillions of barrels of untapped oil reserves but we allow a few enviornmental groups to prevent the safe, sane extraction of this necessary fuel....the oil spills of the rest of the world are far more severe, but we say nothing about them....when this spill is cleaned up, and BP is criminalized and made to suffer because they make money.....we will still need oil. In the mean time if the government is severe enough on PB, then perhaps thousands more people will be out of work, and the cost of our fuel will increase some more.....boy, what a great deal for everyone! Perhaps instead of being so willing to blame and point fingers at everyone we think is responsible for all the woes of the world, just perhaps we would be better off in correcting the problems, create better methods of production, alternative fuels, and elect politicians who care more about the majority of Americans than each little minority and their liberal bs wishes. I am certain that your hatred for Palin is simply because she is a Republican....your primary concern is for your "party", not our nation.
  • Diane wers 2010/06/08 02:45:59
    Here's a quiz for you. How much has the price of gas gone up since the oil spill happened?
  • wers Diane 2010/06/08 03:16:34
    Here is the answer.....give it a little time....Congress will try to pass their Cap and Trade bill, using the oil spill as their best fear tactic...and many will buy into this lie....when this bill passes....fuel, petroleum products, plactics, etc. , etc, will increase in cost DRASTICLLY! Then ask yourself just how this oil spill affected prices.
  • Diane wers 2010/06/08 04:33:02
    We'll see.
  • Frank Diane 2010/06/06 16:43:05
  • Diane Frank 2010/06/06 22:09:24
    During the 2008 campaign, Palin advocated offshore drilling.
  • wers Diane 2010/06/07 23:47:14
    If the environmental wacos and government regulations prevent drilling on land, then by all means we must drill elsewhere....we need petroleum products in case you have not noticed?
  • Diane wers 2010/06/08 00:17:08
    So, if we would have drilled in Alaska, there would have been no offshore drilling? Is that your argument?
  • wers Diane 2010/06/08 02:49:20
    I live in Montana, North Dakota....center of one of the largest oil reserves in the world...more oil than all the rest of the oil reserves in the world....to date, with current drilling technology well over 2 trillion barrels of oil...another reserve as large lies less than 1000 ft below the surface in the Rocky Mountain regions of Montana....an even larger one in Colorado, and Wyoming...and then the massive reserve in Alaska....most of these reserves are not tapped because environmental groups have prevented drilling because of their adjenda only....where I live, oil is drilled, refined and beneficial to all....no damage to the environment, flora, fauna or creatures....wonder why it is ok here on the plains and badlands, but is so destructive in the mountains and wilderness areas which the environmenal wacos have deemed beautiful and sacred? Yes, these wacos have prevented drilling and production to the point that we are unable to provide the amount of petroleum needed by our nation, and they have made it impossible to construct any new refineries as well....so, do you really think these people have not hurt us all? That they have not forced our dependence on foreign oil? Palin is not the enemy....
  • Diane wers 2010/06/08 04:43:40
    During their televised debate, Palin told Biden, "You even called drilling— safe, environmentally-friendly drilling offshore —as raping the outer continental shelf."

    She went on to add that "with new technology...it is safe to drill and we need to do more of that."

    Now she is blaming environmentalists for the gulf oil spill? She's a hypocrite! She must think Americans are stupid!
  • wers Diane 2010/06/08 23:43:33
    Drilling is very safe....environmental wacos are to blame for many things, cause and affect!
  • Diane wers 2010/06/09 03:56:27
  • wers Diane 2010/06/10 01:07:00
    I live in the middle of one of the world's largest oil reserves, and production....drilling is safe.....I speek from personal experience and knowledge of 40 years from those who do the actual drilling...There are accidents in the business...and when that happens, it is cleaned up....government standards...not environmentalist waco's standards....their standards are NO drilling, No dams, No cutting , No irrigation, No farming, No wind chargers, No nuclear power facilities, No hunting, No fishing, NO< NO NO.....
    I might caution you to NOT believe one report produced by a super liberal, environmental waco friendly source....
  • Diane wers 2010/06/10 01:56:03
    Obviously you didn't read the link I posted.
  • wers Diane 2010/06/11 03:42:30
    Can't read !
  • Diane wers 2010/06/11 03:53:25
    You can't read?
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