Public schools: abolish them?

Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2012/04/19 13:49:00
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The Ayn Rand world has no room for public schools. They indoctrinate
instead of educating, and far from protecting rights, often violate

The Ayn Rand case against public schools

Ayn Rand herself said little about public schools per se. She said, often scathingly, that most schools do not properly teach children about their own moral worth. In Atlas Shrugged
she poured contempt on teachers who taught pupils to conform instead of
standing up for justice or their rights. But she said little about
public schools directly.

But in one essay
(“Man’s Rights”), she directly criticized the Democratic Party for its
1960 platform. In that platform the Democrats mentioned eight “rights”
that President Franklin D. Roosevelt said that every person should
expect from society. Those were not rights at all, but entitlements:
a job, “adequate” pay, guaranteed security, “a decent home,” “adequate
protection from economic fears,” and—the key—health care and education.

A single question added to each of [these guarantees] would make the issue clear: At whose expense?

In other words: these are goods and services. Someone has to
make them or do them. None of these have anything to do with protecting
real rights, and protecting people from one another.

Today, The Ayn Rand Institute says volumes
about public schools (and colleges and universities), and why free
citizens should abolish them. Thomas A. Bowden, in 2008, condemned a
California appellate judge for saying that children are State property. Of course, “State property” is a misnomer anyway; anything that the State holds is a common, not the property of any one person. The point here is that children are no\ one’s property or common. The adults who have responsibility for children are the parents or guardians, not the government.

The specific context of Bowden’s remarks is worse than the usual
context of “an entitlement from the State that other taxpayers must pay
for.” The defendant-appellant in that case chose to home-school her children, and a judge said that she may not do this. Why? Because

allowing every person to make his own standards on matters of conduct in which society as a whole has important interests

would lead somehow to social chaos.

Matters of conduct?

What “matters of conduct” do interest society? CNAV
can name at least five: do not murder, cheat, steal, lie, or covet.
What irony! These are the last five of the Ten Commandments. But public
schools must not teach anything called “The Ten Commandments.” That
would break “separation of church and state.” (Yet in California, no one
in authority objects to blending mosque and state. But CNAV digresses.) Furthermore, public school teachers teach their pupils to covet, both in lessons and by example.

Public schools do not work
School books in a public school

A stack of school books with an apple on top.

The most important reason that any parent wants to home-school his or
her children is that the public schools have failed. Trade media for
the public school “industry” admits as much. In 2011, according to School Library Journal, only thirty-two percent of Americans graduating from high school were proficient in math, and thirty-one percent proficient in reading. These figures come from a Harvard University study.

Detractors of American freedom often cite figures like these. But this study looked at all American students, most of whom graduated from public schools. The Harvard team broke their sample down by race, but not by public schools v. private schools or home-schooling. They took no interest in schooling other than public schools, schooling that might give better results.

By what authority?

But more important than whether public schools work or not, is: by what authority does government keep a school? Ayn Rand focused on one problem only: schooling is a service.
Student and teacher (or parent and teacher) decide together, by mutual
consent, how much that service is worth. When government does any
service, it decides what it is worth. (And often it decides
that a school needs more administrators, and secretaries for the same,
than teachers.)

The California court opinion that Thomas Bowden objected to,
illustrates a worse problem. When the government teaches your children,
it decides what to teach. Basic subjects like math and reading present little controversy, other than how well
the schools teach math and reading. But when teaching the “Social
Studies,” and even science, teachers can and do distort reality and
social memory. Adolf Hitler perfected the art of distorting social
memory, and using government schools to do it. So, too, did Josef Stalin
and Mao Zedong. Barack Hussein Obama and his “czars” learned their own
lessons well.

Read More: http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/04/19...

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  • Sterling sbtbill 2012/04/20 23:57:45
  • WGN Sterling 2012/04/21 02:42:48
    As stated before, private schools have how many "special ed" students?
    How many lower intelligence students that are ADHD, or autistic, or are discipline problems?
    The public schools have to take them all. The private schools do not.
    If you did this one thing, public schools would do far better: Send all students with an IQ below 110 back to their parents to be home schooled. THEN, and ONLY THEN, can you compare a private school to a public school.
  • Sterling WGN 2012/04/21 04:30:07
    I addressed the person who asked that already. Private institutions would be set up that would be tailored to special needs children. I don't understand why that idea is so horrible to people. You can admit they are special needs students you just don't seem to think they need special care.
  • Benji Sterling 2012/04/21 02:20:12
    So you think only the rich should go to school?
  • Sterling Benji 2012/04/21 02:27:27
    Don't be an idiot.
  • WGN Sterling 2012/04/21 02:43:46
    But that is what it would come down to in the end.
  • Sterling WGN 2012/04/21 04:27:41
    And do only the rich have access to electricity or indoor plumbing? Do only the rich drive around in cars? The argument that only the rich would have it is a silly argument.
  • Benji Sterling 2012/04/21 16:24:42
    I know that when I was a kid my parents could not afford it. Every industrialized nation has public schools.
  • Sterling Benji 2012/04/21 16:49:06
    When you were a kid your parents could not afford what? School? When you were a kid public schooling was around. Yes every industrialized nation has public schools, every industrialized nation has a lot of things. Let's forget for a moment that we pay more than any other country for our schooling per student, let's forget that our schooling is ranked very poorly among the developed nations, let's just look at our schools and be honest when we say they are not great. What can we do to make them better? The simplest thing is to let parents have a choice in where they take their kids. I'm not for the abolition of public education, I am for making private education a viable option. People claim that if we allowed for vouchers then "only the rich could afford private education," but it's the opposite, it's making private education more affordable for everyone. Right now only the rich can afford private education, if we allowed parents to take the money they paid in taxes to their local school district (their money, not the governments) into private schools or charter schools or even their homeschools, it would make our education system vastly superior to what it is now, and probably even make us a front-runner in the world again.
  • Arizona1950 2012/04/20 04:30:49
    But abolish the Dept of Education and give the responsibility of public schooling back to the individual states...each states is unique and their education should reflect it in more ways than the Feds way of homgenizing our public schools.
  • Wake Th... Arizona... 2012/04/20 05:01:49
    Wake The Sheeple
    The States never had the rights, it was privatized before the Federal government took it over.
  • Arizona... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 05:06:50 (edited)
    Hmmm ... I do believe when settling this country it was the public meeting house that was built and also used for public schooling and worship ... and this was before we had a Federal government.
  • Wake Th... Arizona... 2012/04/20 05:10:46
    Wake The Sheeple
    Correct, the private churches educated the children.
  • Arizona... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 05:15:52
    Kinda missed the point of the "public" meeting house didn't ya. Intentionally, perhaps?
  • Wake Th... Arizona... 2012/04/20 05:27:47
    Wake The Sheeple
    Was it state/ government run, any city or government oversight?
  • Arizona... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 05:29:03
    Hmmm .... why don't you check out the meeting house that Benjamin Franklin spoke of ... I'm done here.
  • Wake Th... Arizona... 2012/04/20 05:30:16
    Wake The Sheeple
    I'm not looking to be contrary, I'm just looking for the truth.
  • Arizona... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 05:32:39
    So aren't I ...

  • Wake Th... Arizona... 2012/04/20 05:59:55
    Wake The Sheeple
    I've seen this and as you can see by my avatar & screen name I agree with him, but what does it have to do with the topic at hand?

    Again I am not trying to be contrary, I am only searching for documentation showing government (any level city, state, etc) oversight or control of education before the 20th century as the norm because I haven't seen it.
  • Arizona... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 06:04:52 (edited)
    Well dear I am not a walking encyclopedia so you will have to do your own reasearch. I suggest Ask.com

    I left a comment which is my belief and mindset that our people should have some sort of education even the poor.

    Enough said now ... bye-bye.
  • Wake Th... Arizona... 2012/04/20 06:07:19 (edited)
    Wake The Sheeple
    I am all for returning schools to the control of the churches and paid providers of education. The government has no place in education, that is a recipe for indoctrination & tyranny.
  • Arizona... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 06:20:27
    Only because we have allowed them to give themselves powers they were never allowed to have ... the states are much closer to the people and much easier to watch ... school committees are formed by the people ... not elected politicians same goes for the PTA the closer to the people the better.
  • WGN Wake Th... 2012/04/21 02:45:35
    Religion has no place in education-period!!!!
  • Wake Th... WGN 2012/04/21 05:10:22
    Wake The Sheeple
    You are entitled to your opinions, just don't force them on my children.
  • AL Wake Th... 2012/04/20 06:15:44
    You got it, They're doing a much better job at half the price per stupid as a public schools as well!
  • AL Wake Th... 2012/04/20 06:13:15
    The money paid for each student-should go into an account, so the parent and student can pick either a public school or a privet school themselves instead
  • Wake Th... AL 2012/04/20 14:07:28
    Wake The Sheeple
    I live in Arizona where that is already being done.
  • AL Wake Th... 2012/04/21 05:46:20
    Praise the Lord, I just wish all the other states would wake up as well!
  • justonemom 2012/04/20 04:18:16
    Private schools!
  • Benji justonemom 2012/04/20 04:53:22
    right because we all can afford that
  • Wake Th... Benji 2012/04/20 05:02:19
    Wake The Sheeple
    If we weren't taxed to our eyeballs we could.
  • justonemom Benji 2012/04/23 20:14:55
    no, we can't but we can also fund private schools with the tax dollars we will save.
  • tweet_tweet 2012/04/20 04:07:36
    Ah hell, let's get rid of state universities too, and state med schools.....wouldn't that be a fantastic idea....NO! This is insane
  • Lady Wh... tweet_t... 2012/04/20 14:03:31
    Lady Whitewolf
  • gary 2012/04/20 03:54:49
    yes and we must get rid of social security and medicare. These are socialist programs and Romney will get rid of this waste.
  • Wake Th... gary 2012/04/20 05:03:42
    Wake The Sheeple
    ...Joking I hope?

  • Lady Wh... Wake Th... 2012/04/20 14:03:45
    Lady Whitewolf
    HOPE SO!
  • Wake Th... Lady Wh... 2012/04/20 14:11:02
    Wake The Sheeple
    I wasn't arguing with the abolishment of social security of Medicare, I was finding it incredibly niave that they thought Romney, an R wearing liberal would abolish them...
  • Mark In Irvine 2012/04/20 03:40:48
    Mark In Irvine
    "The most important reason that any parent wants to home-school his or
    her children is that the public schools have failed."

    it is the parents who say this who have failed ... failed to make sure their kids do their homework, failed to read to their kids, failed to set a good example ... failed to realize that expecting the school to do all the work of educating their children is tantamount to abandoning their responsibilities as parents to educate and prepare their children for adulthood ...
  • Defend ... Mark In... 2012/04/20 11:11:37
    Defend Western Civlization
    Home Schools are superior to the liberal progressive indoctrination camps known as public schools

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