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Every year, pop culture produces a new pallet of clever costume ideas. Last year Lady Gaga and Snooki were on top. This year's top pop disguise was no surprise -- Charlie Sheen, purveyor of the preposterous and coiner of such winning phrases as "Adonis DNA" and "Vatican assassin warlock." But the King of Crazy still couldn't take down the No. 1 costume of the year...


Which Popular Halloween Costume Is Your Favorite This Year?

28% Prefer Zombie Costumes

The hordes have spoken. Keep your brains in your back pocket on Monday, because even with timely subjects like Sheen and Steve Jobs in the mix, more than a quarter of voters picked the living dead as their favorite costume of the year. A few words of advice for nervous trick-or-treaters: Aim for the head and don't stop moving.

Charlie vs. Zombies

Charlie #Wins With Men

It looks like most of the zombies this year will be women. Men actually prefered the Charlie Sheen idea over zombies by a couple percent (32% Sheen, 30% zombie). But 20% of women also dug the Sheen idea, so expect to see some diverse Charlies in the crowd. (Zombie Sheen, anyone?)

Books and Braaaiiiiins!

College is filled with zombies -- and we don't mean that figuratively. Half of college students said they preferred zombie costumes, and college-aged voters (18-24) lead the age demographic for zombies. If someone comes up with an antidote, you know where to send it.

Lurching Across the Aisle

Political parity is hard to come by as election year approaches, but conservatives and liberals are in agreement over one thing: Zombies. Both parties favored the living dead at 31% and 33% respectively. Moderates, progressives, and libertarians all preferred Charlie Sheen.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit the original Halloween costume story. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Flea 2011/10/28 22:37:34
    I find the term "zombie" to be racist and intolerant. They should be termed " the mortally challenged"...

    zombie  living dead  brains costume

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  • Louis Shipman 2011/11/01 23:52:13
    Louis Shipman
    I thought Charlie Sheen was a Zombie charlie sheen zombie
  • Ketel-One 2011/11/01 14:46:16
    For obvious reasons
  • Beth-RAWR-Foster 2011/11/01 12:56:30
    vampires FOR THE WIN. vampire
  • *The Gentle Giant* 2011/10/31 16:50:44
    *The Gentle Giant*
    Zombie's got my vote
  • MindaBrown *The Ge... 2011/11/01 00:48:28
    Shows ignorance.
  • LILY 2011/10/31 16:23:36
    pretty cool
  • Mark5610 2011/10/31 15:17:28
  • Larson Whipsnade 2011/10/31 13:35:56
    Larson Whipsnade
    Brains are a rare commodity these days!
    give me the brain
  • Gone 2011/10/31 05:25:53 (edited)
  • D.G.rocks 2011/10/31 02:52:52
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/10/31 02:49:07
    Jack's Pearl
    Why anyone would want to dress as Charlie is beyond me, much less angry birds, Lady Gaga, or Schwarzenegger.
  • MissJo 2011/10/31 02:03:05
  • Haley Smith 2011/10/31 01:53:44
    Haley Smith
    Being a zombie is more fun! Woman zombie
  • Jeff 2011/10/31 01:19:47
  • ellencalvo 2011/10/31 01:06:46
    I went as the Phantom and ROCKED IT! Got 2nd place at my school's costume contest! WHOOO!

    Phantom Of the Opera movie
  • Sour Dime 2011/10/30 23:38:52
    Sour Dime
    what about zombie charlie sheen?
    charlie sheen zombie
  • les_gvt Sour Dime 2011/10/31 02:14:57
    That wasn't from just another night out partying?
  • Sour Dime les_gvt 2011/10/31 02:15:50
    Sour Dime
    lol possibly
  • raine les_gvt 2011/10/31 11:53:07
    OH poor charlie. I miss him or miss seeing his antics
  • les_gvt 2011/10/30 22:17:22
    I hadn't realized there was a difference between the two
  • MissJo les_gvt 2011/10/31 02:03:54
    Don't insult zombies like that!
  • Ken 2011/10/30 21:36:49
    Charlie Sheen or a Zombie? What's the difference?
  • MissJo Ken 2011/10/31 02:03:43
    Zombies are cooler.
  • Ken MissJo 2011/10/31 02:29:13
    True, Zombieland was the greatest movie in a long time!

  • James 2011/10/30 20:09:11
    thank God...I hate Charlie Sheen...got to love Zombies though
  • musicman95 2011/10/30 19:09:12
  • SmithBandit 2011/10/30 18:51:51
    zombie kowz are cooler undead cow
  • Aran Smeallie 2011/10/30 18:03:16
    Aran Smeallie
    zombies or charlie sheen? ithought they were one and the same lol
  • ☠Marz555☠ 2011/10/30 17:02:59
    See another prediction of Harold Camp realized... The Mayan calender predicted that next year it would be vampires again.
    Nostradamus even predicted this doomsday, and don't even get me started on revelations.

    There will go from Mont & Aventin,
    One who through the hole will warn the army:
    Between two rocks will the booty be taken,
    Of SECT mausoleum the renown to fail.
    The incendiary trapped in his own fire,
    Of fire from the sky at Carcassonne & Comminges:
    Foix, Auch, Mazères, the high old man escaped,
    Through those of Hesse, Thuringia & some Saxons.
  • President Camacho 2011/10/30 14:58:55
    President Camacho
    zombie is so 2010 and boring.
  • Tara 2011/10/30 14:39:06
    Dressing like a celebrity is usually lame. Put some thought into it. A recognizable character is better....even more so in zombie form!
  • BackRoadz 2011/10/30 14:38:52
    Seriously....who would want to look like Charlie Sheen for halloween?!? Sheen might like kind of trollish but i'd rather have a good costume......
  • Lonna121593 2011/10/30 13:42:31
    i love zombies!!!
  • Derpasaur 2011/10/30 09:09:36
    Oh, wow... I don't like the whole zombie costume idea it's been around for awhile... I'm going as a Sceneish Nerd/Hipster, It's Unique, and cute.. c:
  • Blade 2011/10/30 07:15:18
    dressing up like a Zombie is too easy. put some thought into it walking dead tv walking dead amc
  • coach k 2011/10/30 03:54:09
    coach k
    charley is not a costume
  • nolibsperiod 2011/10/29 23:37:24
    I find the picture offensive to the swishy pants. That's what they looked like in the 50's when they came out of their closets.
  • findthelight2000 2011/10/29 23:32:17
    Zombie - cool!

    Charlie Sheen - Winning? I think not!
  • Walks_on_Clouds 2011/10/29 23:18:21
    I gotta go with the zombies. The chicks are so much hotter!!!
  • Cellar Door 2011/10/29 21:42:01
    Cellar Door
    I'm actually going to be a zombie unicorn this year for Halloween... It will be AWESOME. :3

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