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News 2012/04/02 21:00:00
George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin on February 26, and it took about one month for the case to reach the national spotlight. Now it's easily the most controversial item in the daily news, dividing the public at every turn. In addition to the ambiguous details surrounding the shooting, a big part of the controversy concerns its racial implications. Some suspect Zimmerman attacked Martin because of his race, and as a result the case has taken on elements reminiscent of the Rodney King case in 1991. There's even a Twitter movement called #KillZimmerman demanding street justice. We asked the public if this is getting out of hand.

No one is short on an opinion when it comes to this case, but most people can agree that the whole thing is getting just a little out of hand. One thing we noticed from both sides of the argument was a finger pointed at the media. The Top Opinion read, "Newspapers and television news don't care whether or not [Zimmerman] might be innocent or guilty so long as it drives ratings up, they'd dance for joy while America burned if they got ratings." Sadly, it's probably true. Very little has been confirmed about the case, but the media has done an excellent job at recklessly speculating.

The Dividing Line

Obviously, there was a fine political line between the left and the right; liberals tend to give Martin the benefit of the doubt, and conservatives tend to give Zimmerman the benefit of the doubt. However, a third of liberals agreed the opposition against Zimmerman is going too far. It's one thing to take Martin's side, but resorting to further violence will only aggravate tensions further.

College Controversy

One of the only non-political demographics that came close to justifying the level of controversy was college students. It could be that the issue is being tossed around at greater velocity in university classrooms, where debate is generally encouraged. High school students did not feel the same.

More Women Want Resolution

Beyond politics and the classroom, there was very little difference of opinion. We suspected men would be more willing to continue the controversy, and that was true, but only by a small margin. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on. Most people just want to take it down a notch.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about George Zimmerman. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Joey melly~t... 2012/04/02 23:47:00
    It is pretty sad .
  • dave b 2012/04/02 23:25:58
    dave b
    What the worst thing is, is seeing out media whipping up a public frenzy with doctored video and audio to skew public perceptions.
    I firmly believe the media is trying to fuel a race war.
  • True~Male dave b 2012/04/02 23:30:42
    They are along with Obama
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/05 23:43:48
    Jack the Dude
    Thats what they always say.
  • True~Male Jack th... 2012/04/06 21:19:22
    Obama would love nothing more than to see a race riot --that way people get their thoughts off of the bad economy and Obama's failed policies !!
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/07 04:55:22
  • True~Male Jack th... 2012/04/14 19:49:13 (edited)
    All false, Obama has cause so much division in the nation a civil war is about to break out !
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/16 01:41:46
    Jack the Dude
    Oh ok. Him trying to make the country better has caused division. Ok.

    Just btw, a civil war is not going to break out, calm down.
  • True~Male Jack th... 2012/04/19 01:34:27
    Oh OK -dah !!
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/19 18:26:16
    Jack the Dude
    dah??? Whats that mean??
  • john doe dave b 2012/04/02 23:32:30
    john doe
    That is exactly what they are doing, the powers that be like division, it makes it easier to control the masses.
  • True~Male john doe 2012/04/14 19:51:29
    Obama has divided the nation --he'll lose his re-election !! He's powder now !
  • (>*~*)>... dave b 2012/04/02 23:32:41
    I believe you are right. It is quite obvious. Blood spilled for their entertainment.
  • melly~t... (>*~*)>... 2012/04/02 23:44:23
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    Um, Zimmerman, and no one else, spilled blood. And no one is entertained by the needless death of a young man.
  • SoD melly~t... 2012/04/03 00:16:55
    "Um, Zimmerman, and no one else, spilled blood."

    Remastered video of Mr. Zimmerman being booked suggests otherwise.

    "And no one is entertained by the needless death of a young man."

    That's only true if Mr. Martin did not attack Mr. Zimmerman, which given newly released audio and video footage does not seem to be the case.
  • melly~t... SoD 2012/04/03 00:26:55 (edited)
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    Please link "newly released" footage, because everything I've seen and heard is the exact opposite. Police document injuries. They didn't, and he doesn't look injured.

    newly released footage ive heard exact police document injuries injured
    The funeral director saw no injuries on Trayvon's body that would result from his fighting and injuring Zimmerman.


    And how would that be entertaining? One thing we do know. Zimmerman was asked to stop following him. He didn't. He got out of his car and forced a confrontation. If he hadn't, both would be alive and well.
  • SoD melly~t... 2012/04/03 02:27:23 (edited)
  • melly~t... SoD 2012/04/03 12:07:36
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    That shows a mark, maybe. So? Where is the blood gushing from his nose? Where is "his bashed in head"?

    The audio is the same as what I've already heard.
  • SoD melly~t... 2012/04/03 13:33:11
    Mr. Zimmerman was treated for his injuries at the scene. They stopped the flow of blood before they put him in the squad car. The only case in which they wouldn't have treated Mr. Zimmerman on site is if he had made doing so impossible.

    What arbitrary amount of injury must one sustain before you think deadly force is justified?
  • Latti I... SoD 2012/04/03 21:46:37
  • SoD Latti I... 2012/04/04 00:53:32
    The police dispatcher asking about Mr. Martin's ethnicity is the only reason Mr. Zimmerman mentioned his skin color. That's something which has been reveled in NBC's internal investigation of their selective audio editing.

    Remastered video:


    Unedited audio:

  • (>*~*)>... melly~t... 2012/04/03 02:19:10
    I was speaking about the way the media circles things like a bunch of sharks. Not just this one case.
  • Jack the Dude 2012/04/02 23:25:41
    Jack the Dude
    I am a Liberal and I think it has gone waaaaaaaay to far. Even though I TOTALLY think that Zimmerman is GUILTY and he should TOTALLY be put in jail for a while, I still think the "hate" for him has gone waaaaaaay to far. I also dont think he is a racist either.
  • True~Male Jack th... 2012/04/02 23:32:50
    We need to wait until all the evidence is heard -- Basically I don't think Zimmerman will get a fair trail in the USA --The Trail should be moved to Mexico or Canada .
  • Grammar... True~Male 2012/04/03 00:08:47
    Grammar Freak
    Do you realize what you said?
  • True~Male Grammar... 2012/04/03 00:17:24
    of course -do you ?
  • Grammar... True~Male 2012/04/03 00:47:09
    Grammar Freak
    The idea of moving our business onto foreign land doesn't sound a little creepy to you? Are we:
    a) so corrupt that we can't perform a fair trail in our nation?
    b) going to ask 12 foreigners to decide because there are no unbiased Floridians/Americans?
    c) so interested in hating each other that we are willing to move Florida State (or US court, depending on the outcome of the investigative agencies) court outside the US in order to prevent riots because this issue has everyone of every race incredibly pissed off to the point of explosion?

    Choose any combination of answers.

    And were your idea to happen, who pays? That's a hell of a lot of people to pay to live outside the US for the duration of a trial. Who the hell pays for that?

    This is Florida's business. Let's let Florida handle it or allow the federal agencies to take over & do their job. But they have to be able to do it IN Florida. This is an American situation. We need to solve it ourselves, on our soil.
  • True~Male Grammar... 2012/04/03 03:31:32
    LOL-or just drop the whole thing --
  • HappyGuy True~Male 2012/04/03 04:08:09
    i AGREE
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/03 22:05:27
    Jack the Dude
    Hahahahaha that will never ever happen..........ever. He will defintely get a fair TRIAL.

    I like how u spelled trial wrong twice.
  • True~Male Jack th... 2012/04/04 00:58:23
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/04 23:07:22
    Jack the Dude

    Hahahahahahahaha diddly squat!?!?!?! LOL.

    Well, I defend that with the blame Bush factor card which had 1000 Attack while the Obama blame factor card only has 100 attack.
  • True~Male Jack th... 2012/04/05 23:29:27
    Oh Well ..............Some idiots will do anything for attention !!!
  • Jack th... True~Male 2012/04/05 23:48:19
    Jack the Dude
    Ya, when a person has nothing to say, it means that the other person won the arguement.

    Like you by commenting on everyone's posts?? Lol. I win. And TRUST me, I have ALL THE ATTENTION I NEED. Actually, I personally dont need the amount of attention Im getting in "real" life.

    Real, as in not on here.
  • lufkincy Jack th... 2012/04/02 23:59:36
    You don't put someone in jail beause you "think" they are guilty. The Feds have been involved in this case for almost a month. If they come up with evidence that Zimmerman is guilty, he will be charged and arrested. Until that time, you must consider him innocent.
  • Jack th... lufkincy 2012/04/05 23:42:57
    Jack the Dude
    I know, but IF evidence shows that Zimmerman did not use the "self-defense" claim correctly, I think he should be put in jail. He should go to jail for at LEAST 6 months, for 1. killing Trayvon, and 2. Disobey orders and following Trayvon that ended up in him shooting Trayvon.
  • Mr. Wonderful 2012/04/02 23:21:08
    Mr. Wonderful
    No, the people have every right to be upset. Also it is an eye opening event to see how both the police and DA's all over the country routinely screw up cases. To say what the police did and didn't do in the Zimmerman case is shocking and should be a wake up call to everyone. What the DA didn't do is far more shocking. This was a whitewash from the beginning because he was the son of some ex judge. Obviously phone calsl were made, strings were pulled. People are and should be up in arms.

    As far as Zimmerman, he's a world class Putz. A probable racist and bigot. He's very likely guilty of manslaughter and for him to still be free as a bird is disgusting. Try this SOB and now. Then try him again on federal hate crimes.
  • gvc Mr. Won... 2012/04/03 00:43:56
    Jeez what a moronic statement.
    People like you are responsible for keeping this case fueled.
    Shut up and let Florida do their job.
    It's not up to you or anyone else to determine Zimmerman's guilt.
  • Mr. Won... gvc 2012/04/03 03:33:17
    Mr. Wonderful
    You're the idiot. It is exactly because the clowns in Sanford did NOT do their job that both the governor of Fl appointed a special DA to look into what they screwed up but also the feds correctly are looking at the sloppy police work, (the FBI was all over the crime scene today) and they may very well file hate crime charges as well.
  • gvc Mr. Won... 2012/04/03 04:37:39
    We have taken a poll and established with out question, you are the idiot.
    I wouldn't hang my hat on the possibility that charges of any type will be filed against Zimmerman.
    Wish we could charge people for being stupid....you would be serving a life sentence. :-)

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