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News 2013/04/09 19:00:00
When it comes to teenagers and contraception, you can guarantee that there's going to be a disagreement on how to handle the matter -- and Fox News' poll last week proved it. Last week, a federal judge ruled that the morning-after pill, also known as Plan B, must be made available over the counter for women of all ages. There's definitely been some criticism since the decision, but who's doing the criticizing? And who agrees with the judge that all women -- including young teenagers -- should have access to the pill? Let's dive.


It's not really a surprise that parents were the least likely to support younger kids getting access to the morning-after pill, since they're the ones with the kids getting the contraception. 58% of parents voted that the morning-after pill should not be available to women of all ages, while 68% of people without kids supported the judge's new decision.


We couldn't properly recap this poll without delving into the age demographic. And as we imagined, age has something to do with your opinion on this matter. The 13-17 age group (which is the group that this new ruling would essentially affect) were the most supportive of the judge's decision to make the morning-pill more accessible, with 75% voting in favor of the ruling. Additionally, 18-24 year olds (69%) and 25-34 year-olds (63%) were also supportive of more accessible contraception. We guess young people stick together? As for the older crowd, well, they weren't that into it. Only 47% of 35-44 year olds and 45% of 45-54 year olds supported with the ruling. And those over the age of 65 were the least supportive, at 40%.


There's no doubt that the access of morning-after pills directly affect women a little more than they do men, since gals are the ones taking the "no baby" medication to begin with. But both genders have an opinion on the matter -- and they more or less agree. While both men and women voted that the morning-after pill should be available to all ages who seek it, women were 7% more supportive than men. 61% of women agreed that the pill should be available to all ages, while 54% of men had the same opinion.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit Fox News' poll about the morning-after pill. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • IC Freeley 2013/04/09 21:20:50
    IC Freeley
    I'd rather my high school-aged sister be able to get it if she needed it then to have to go through my mom or stepdad. No offense to them, but like many parents, they all too frequently let their emotions get in the way of parenting.

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  • Sakura Uchiha 2013/04/16 18:17:27
    Sakura Uchiha
    Yes, I cant control a 16 year old from having sex but I can control weither or not protection is avalivble (sp?)
  • Steven Carr 2013/04/16 02:30:45
    Steven Carr
    I personally would not use it at my age but I can't stop anyone else from gulping down the pills.
  • Randy 2013/04/16 00:43:15
    Trust me if you deny kids access....wait 16 years and its another dumbass that blocks the freeways and votes without doing their research.
  • Joker~RWAC/CFM 2013/04/15 13:47:11
  • amorris72200 2013/04/15 12:08:18 (edited)
    I do, for a %100 FACT, know where my pre-teen is at ALL times!! He's 12 and goes to the middle school less then 50 feet from our house, and NEVER goes anywhere unless it's with a family member! I volunteer at the school, and make sure I stop in every once in a while to let him know that I'm not too far to catch him if he's messing around with drugs, smoking, or sex! He's NOT "dating" anyone, He's 12!!!! I ask him all the time when he talks about the kids "dating", if he's taking anyone to the movies? Or bought her dinner? Unless you take that person somewhere other then school, you are not calling it "dating". Also he does every thing with family members, we ride bikes together, we go places together, and if we have to bring a non-family member along, a CLOSE eye is used! It's called PARENTING!!!!!!!!! Do it sometime, it's quiet a rewarding job! Don't whine when your 12-13 year gets knocked-up, after you let her sleep over at a boy's house, or go to the mall for HOURS alone! And don't tell me you just can't keep THAT close attention on your kid! You can lock them down till 18 and after that they can make their own messed up choices! If kids where smart enough to make decent choices for themselves, then we would drop them off somewhere after their born and let them have at it! Get a clue people, and start RAISING your kids!
  • amorris... amorris... 2013/04/15 12:10:32
    So in short, no it should be given to all ages!
  • Nichole 2013/04/15 07:41:57
    I'd much rather my high-school aged brothers' girlfriends be able to get it then have to go through their parents. Their parents would tell my parents and then my brothers would be in trouble for doing something natural.

    When I was in high school, I would have much preferred being able to get this if I had needed it instead of going to my parents.
  • Just Jenn for Now 2013/04/15 03:07:52
    Just Jenn for Now
    It's necessary to have it available for all ages. As much as we preach about not having pre-marital sex, or at least how we shouldn't be engaging in sex until we're of a responsible age and with use of protection, we will never be perfect.

    Henceforth, it NEEDS to be an option.
  • Darr247 2013/04/14 22:20:31
    Ummmm... apparently you're not clear on the concept, Sodahead News... you're supposed to put the poll HERE.
  • Sam 2013/04/14 20:08:23
    First of all NO. 2nd Its probably left better to the parents to decide this...not to schools or religious institutions.No one asked the Mom to get pregnant. So leave the choice in her hands. Last but not least condoms need to be used. I am sorry guys..but if your want to get a girl pregnant...this is probably a sign that you shouldn't at all.
    After all - the pain a female goes through - during pregnancy is not something we have the ability to comprehend.I have seen the after effects of this towards my step dad. Its not romantic on any level. He was hated all through the pregnancy and this was after it was consuel. Its not funny...on any type of level. Birth control if you feel you need it you should either buy it yourself or it should come from a parent.
    But raping a woman is not right.
  • Joyce Turner 2013/04/13 03:52:24
    Joyce Turner
    Where will all this nonsense end?!! Why not give guns to serial killers...they're going to kill anyway..Now make sure all the pedophiles have a good stash of "plan B" around, because they're going after the children anyway, and at least they won't end up pg..let's make it easy for them.
  • Joseph Mallery 2013/04/12 22:24:21
    Joseph Mallery
    Oh please. I'M a teenager and even I am against premarital sex, let alone condoms, let alone this thing, let alone abortion.
  • Pronata... Joseph ... 2013/04/14 16:17:15
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    People ought to reject all the nasty contraceptives. Big Pharma contraceptive devices and drugs, have nasty side effects, aim to prevent actual real future human life, and promote sexual immorality with an air of false security.

    Guys don't like to use condoms? Yeah, for very good reason. Who wants to have sex with a flimsy balloon? I watched some "how to use a condom" YouTube video somebody posted, and it was unbelievable, how shoddy they made their magic condom to sound. "Be sure to squeeze any air out of the tip when rolling it on, or when the semen hit it it may break." Makes it sound as if a condom will sooner or later break regardless.

    Condoms have problems of dulling of sensation, poor fit, semen back pressure, and multiple modes of failure. The obvious remedy is NOT to use a condom, but to let families grow naturally. But then that means what the Bible says. Sex is serious spiritual bonding, to only be enjoyed with one's faithful spouse within marriage.

    Human life is sacred in all its forms, even spurting semen. Is it any wonder so many people find they have practical or "religious objections" to "birth control?"

    Yeah, true live waits, but people also have the option to consider if they are ready to marry younger, so that they don't have to wait for natural reproductive sex, too long.
  • Scrappyang 2013/04/12 22:24:05
    I was capable of having sex at 10! That's not saying I did or even knew what it was (that was 50 years ago). But I would have liked knowig I had the opporunity to save going through a terrible experience had it been forced upon me. Most medical persons agree that the younger the person hang a chld the less likely to go full term or to have vable pregnancy later in life. Younger girlws especially are scared to tell their parents anything that has happened to them. These positions come from years of being a rape crisis councelor. So yes, I believe they should be available to all females who are capable of becming pregant. Although, I also believe as I do wit abortion, this metod should NOT be used for birth control;.
  • Caitlin 2013/04/12 21:30:39
    Let's face it. Teenagers are going to have sex. Its what they do. By letting them have the pill its not advertising for them to go and have sex, it's simply saying that if you do end up doing it then there is something you can do to prevent and baby.
  • lady_c5_loadmaster 2013/04/12 17:56:54
    I would say "NO". I am responsible for my child until they reach the age of 18, therefor I have the responsibility to discuss her medical options and come to a proper decision.
  • Kidasha 2013/04/12 13:27:03
    Hell yeah. If a condom breaks or something anyone should have the right it play it safe
  • joshBigBoss 2013/04/12 10:16:31
    If little kids have access to pills that stop pregnancy then they are going to start having sex just so they can use the pills. It's counter productive to what we should be doing which is to teach responsibility and modesty.
    My children are my own and if any adult tries to interact with them negatively behind my back then I wash my hands of what happens to them.
  • Kidasha joshBig... 2013/04/12 13:26:20
    the same argument can be made for condoms.
  • joshBig... Kidasha 2013/04/12 19:38:04
    I don't agree with giving them condoms anyway.
  • Pronata... joshBig... 2013/04/13 04:01:18
    Pronatalist Pronatalist
    Condoms have problems of dulling of sensation, poor fit, semen back pressure, and multiple modes of failure. How did they ever sell people on such flimsy pieces of crap? Who wants to have sex with a nasty balloon?

    More people could get married younger, then enjoy having "all the children God gives."

    ban condoms
  • shadow76 2013/04/12 08:19:42
  • united we should be 2013/04/12 04:04:00
    united we should be
    Alot of people are for it but what are long term effects? Most of what I read here from the people for it have yet to provide facts and studies, that it is even safe in the long run? So are we going to have to open more fertitily clinics to fix a problem when they become older and want kids? There are consquenses for everything we do to our bodies whether they become very big or very small medical issues in our future.
  • David Lee Saunders 2013/04/12 01:09:11
    David Lee Saunders
    This reply is for Grammar. His post is on page 5 of the subject matter. The site for some reason will not let me reply to his comments:
    Sir, excuse my bluntness, but your ignorance is absolutely frightening. I pray you do not have children. Either you are a new arrival from Planet Pluto, or you have been held captive in a cave for last 30-40 years. My elementary friends and I at 10, 11, and 12 were having sex, mostly experimental at first; nevertheless, there was penetration with girls our age. The duration was short, but I knew this was what the grownups were fighting over. Sir, a little suggestion, just because you have not experience a situation, act, or you never heard of it, your lack of knowledge, thank God, is not all there is. Take off your blinders. Seek the world that awaits you, if you have the courage to consider that maybe you lack information that the rest of us have. For you own edification, Goggle the question of 12 years old and under, are physical capable of having sex, but outside your pristine world, they do.
  • ♩♪♥Vict... David L... 2013/04/12 05:39:44
  • David L... ♩♪♥Vict... 2013/04/22 15:35:43
    David Lee Saunders
    You are a tipical lazy information gatherer. I stated particuarly for people like you (lazy in investigating matter) that my reply is to "Grammar's" and his post, at the time was on page 5. My reply had nothing to do with parents raising me to have sex at 10, 11, and 12.
    To the contary. Hey lazy bones, go back to my reply to Grammar's original post. By the way, if my mother read where I said, "You're parents f_ _ _ _ _ _ g raised you wrong, she would wash my mouth out with soap. Is your parents going to wash out your filthy vulgar mount with soap? If they won't, I volunteer for the job!!
  • joshBig... David L... 2013/04/12 10:18:43 (edited)
    Your statement is a good jump off point for an argument justifying pedophilia. I've seen NAMBLA members saying similar things.
  • David L... joshBig... 2013/04/25 13:57:01
    David Lee Saunders
    Josh, please go back to my original post on page 5. There you will find my view on children having sex. You are responding to my post above where I was criticizing Grammar for his statement that elementary students can not physically have sex. I shared with him that he was in error. My friends and I, at 10. 11, and 12, were engaging in sex with penetration of 10, 11, and 12 year old girls. I referenced Google for him to gain knowlege of the fact that young children can physicaly have sex. If my mother had caught me haveing sex at 10 years old, she would still be beating me. She would be in the Guiness Book for the longest behind tanning of a child. I share this with you because you do not have a filthy and vulgar mouth like Vict..., and becasue you were challenging me on what you thought my post above was suggesting. You inquiry was mature and sought a dialogue.
  • BrazenOpinions 2013/04/11 23:14:54
    For all you anti-abortion activists, vote yes on plan B
  • Hawkeye 2013/04/11 21:10:23
    How does a "No Kids" vote fall into the "Yes " catagory to the question " The Morning-After Pill Should Be Available to ALL Ages " ???
  • Ada Whitmire 2013/04/11 21:01:13
    Ada Whitmire
    I think that if 12-13 year olds need it then you need to go back to parenting school. That is way too young
  • Mike Ada Whi... 2013/04/14 21:55:17
    As long as there is no stigmatization to being a teenage parent, the problem will only worsen.
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2013/04/11 19:19:51 (edited)
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    75% of the 13-17 year olds??? they shouldn't even be THINKING about that yet! and they can buy and take those without the parents knowledge?
  • Kidasha Roy Mun... 2013/04/12 13:21:25
    fourteen and under I understand. But 15 and older...you'd be surprised. Either way, if any female gets pregnant it is HER choice if she wants to take the morning after pill. It is her BODY and parents should not have the right to dictate whether or not she can play it safe.
  • Roy Mun... Kidasha 2013/04/12 15:08:40
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    take away more parental rights?
  • Kidasha Roy Mun... 2013/04/12 17:40:12
    There are certain cases where the individuals rights overrule that of the parents. It is illegal for a parent to force their child to have an abortion it should apply both ways. It should be also illegal for a parent to force their child to carry a baby.

    Once a female is pregnant under the court of law she is emancipated and therefore makes her own decisions in terms of her reproductive health. (with the exception of abortion in states other than New York) . The same laws should apply to minors who need access to contraception. It is their reproductive health and parents should have no say.

    I don't know why parents oppose this. They should be jumping for joy that they won't have to support their child financially because of an unwanted pregnancy.

    Teen pregnancy is the lowest it's been in almost 70 years. This is due to the educating teenagers about safe sex and use of contraception. Teenagers are going to have sex no matter what the parents say.

  • Roy Mun... Kidasha 2013/04/12 19:46:31
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    the lowest in 70 years? it's the highest!
  • Kidasha Roy Mun... 2013/04/13 12:45:56
    People may think that because it's more open because of the media and you have shows like teen mom and all that carp. But actual teen pregnancy rates are significantly low
  • Joker~R... Kidasha 2013/04/15 13:42:50
  • Kidasha Joker~R... 2013/04/17 12:24:29
    It might vary from state to state but I can honestly say that there's no federal law that dictates that grandparent's have to pay for their child's child if the parent is underage.

    From what I've read, the grandparents are responsible for supporting their children until they turn 18. But any children that their children have are not under their responsibility.

    However, it is within the grandparent's right to fight for custody of the baby if the parents are unfit.
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