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In case you failed to notice, it's election day! All that campaigning and debating and politicking has lead up to this 11-hour window. Absentee voters have already done their duty, but if you're walking in, this is your day. Naturally, we asked the public for their poll day predictions, and here they are.

Based on more than 1,500 registered votes (unregistered votes were filtered out to ensure legitimacy), SodaHeads feel Mitt Romney is more likely to come out on top after all the votes are tallied up. As usual, the results were pretty close -- 47% for Obama and 53% for Romney -- but as you know, an election can be decided by the smallest percentile. If Romney can pull the same numbers at the polls, it will be more than enough.

Party Lines

Predictions don't necessarily reflect party affiliations. For instance, an Obama supporter could feel Romney has better odds. However, that was almost never the case here. Nearly every liberal thinks Obama is going to win (92%) and nearly every conservative thinks Romney is going to win (96%). But because conservatives were 4% more confident, and because more of them voted, Romney took the lead.

Middle of the Road

Voters who were not affiliated with either party were much less predictable. The moderate group and the "other" group, both having notable sample sizes, were slightly in favor of Obama. The combination of liberals, moderates, and "other" voters was actually very close to the total number of conservative voters.

Asking the Unemployed

One of the core issues in this election was unemployment, and unemployed voters were largely in favor of Romney. Broken down by employment status, students were actually the only group favoring Obama. As we've noted in previous recaps, young voters are often less likely to vote. Many aren't even allowed to.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about the election. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Edie 2012/11/06 20:53:14
    I have my hopes and prayers on Mitt Romney he is such a good honest man certainly what this nation needs after the past 4 years of lies and deceit.

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  • kcandi 2013/06/26 23:08:54
    Not no, but hell no!! Why would anyone vote for him now? The republicans really need to find a MUCH better candidate. And I thought he said he would not run again!!
  • girlygirl 2013/04/12 21:51:21
    God forbid!
  • JamesChevyII 2013/03/20 21:33:12
    We already know who won this one...
  • katyuska rojas 2013/02/24 18:46:10
    katyuska rojas
    what happen to sod ahead predictions. the majority in soda heads are tea badgers or course they will win, but soda head do not represent the country majority
  • Seriously Folks 2013/01/24 02:30:35
    Seriously Folks
    Wow, they miss that one by a SEVERAL COUNTRY MILES. But the Right drove home the point to us as well as their Candidate's Campaign, they NEVER LET FACTS GET IN THE WAY.

    I see they are true to their WORDS!
  • Becky 2013/01/08 21:13:21
    Well since this is 1/8/2013, I guess we all know that the President of the United States won again. Y E A H! I'm so glad, I didn't want to go in a BINDER!
  • rightwingrick 2013/01/06 17:20:14
    So Obama wins in a wipeout, by 5 million votes. Hmmmmmmm.
  • Freedom4America Group 2012/11/25 09:19:54
    Freedom4America Group
    How did we ever miss this poll? You actually thought Romney had a chance? LOL

    He was chosen to LOSE to Obama. Why else would he act like a NAZI against the Liberty Movement unless he wanted to LOSE?
  • Don Quixote 2012/11/19 19:34:54
    Don Quixote
    I give thanks that teh SoadHeads were wrong. We will all be better for it.
  • manny 2012/11/18 18:52:46
    Was a real hope for our future but hate win.
  • concretepete 2012/11/16 02:31:53
    now how do you "numbnuts" feel about electoral votes, its all right because you can secede
  • Pam 2012/11/13 07:39:40
    Well, you can't be right all the time.
  • Centrist_Bill 2012/11/12 05:16:41
    PUBLIC OPINION > SodaHeads Predict Mitt Romney Will Be the Next President!!!

    OMG how does it feel to be WRONG. Epic FAIL. sodaheads predict mitt romney president omg feel wrong epic fail
  • us 2012/11/11 01:52:04
    I believe mitt romney would be a good president, but I don't who else will run.
  • stevegt... us 2012/11/11 19:56:59
  • us stevegt... 2012/11/12 04:14:12
    thanks for writing, but what is wrong having children, and grandchildren.
  • GOP Poison 2012/11/11 00:45:14
    GOP Poison
    It was NOT Romney,IT IS THE MESSAGE. Montana and North dakota and Missouri and Indiana all voted in democratic senators.IT IS THE MESSAGE.
    Michelle Bachman wins by the skin of her teeth and Jesse Jackson Jr.who has been in a treatment center for mental problems since June wins in a landslide.IT IS THE MESSAGE.One tea party backed candidate wins out of twelve.IT IS THE MESSAGE.
  • scottcleaves 2012/11/09 20:40:09
    All I'm hearing lately on the Sodahead right-wing propaganda machine is the sound of crickets chirping. What happened?
  • Lee 2012/11/09 19:29:56
    Don't think I'll look to Sodaheads for predictions!

    Let's see. What other areas are the Conservatives proving to be bad at?

    Global climate change comes to mind.

    Understanding the value and role of science is another.

    Interpretation of the of these words is a third:: "It is harder for a rich man get into the Kingdom of Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle."

    For conservatives, this translates to--as expressed by Romney-- "I don't care about the very poor." And his proposed policies could be stated as "If we cut taxes to the wealthy, we can balance the budget by cutting benefits to the poor." If the poor are lucky--which in the last 39 years they haven't been--some of that wealth will "trickle down."

    I call an inconsistency like this as an "anomaly" between the observation (a text within scripture) and one's model. In this case, the model or models the who Jesus was and what role his teaching as the spiritual leader of Christianity plays in the behavior of Christians.

    See www.explorethegap.net/ for details.
  • the warrior monk (BN- 0 ) 2012/11/09 15:23:51 (edited)
    the warrior monk (BN- 0 )
    As of Thursday night, November 8, 2012, Obama is winning the popular vote by just more than 3 million votes and all the votes aren't counted yet. That number is projected to go up based on where the remaining votes are coming from. Sorry your research was off. It seems "Sodahead Politics" decides based on ideology and then changes the numbers to fit the ideology. That's not news, it's propaganda.
  • rightwi... the war... 2013/01/06 17:22:41
    Final vote tally.....Obama wins by 5 million votes! One of only 4 presidents in our history to win by 51% or higher margin TWICE!
  • Ahzz 2012/11/09 14:49:44
    This poll is yet more evidence that SodaHead has been overrun by conservatives that have rejected reality.
  • rbeas 2012/11/09 12:54:40
    Well that only proves the overwhelming soda heads do not know what they are talking about after all.
  • Mattie Sanders 2012/11/09 02:34:00
    Mattie Sanders
    The American people are smarter than this!!
  • PetrifiedElephantPoop 2012/11/08 20:08:16
    As Good as Rasmussen I see.
  • decrepittex 2012/11/08 03:40:39
    Seems like the Soda Heads were wrong. I could hear heads exploding from miles away.
    Brown went down, Akin got his ass handed to him, Mourdock got an old fashion butt kicking, and Mittens and Paulie bit the dust. Pretty good night!
  • kateisgod 2012/11/08 02:52:35
    NO. NO.
  • bad 2012/11/08 00:47:34
    Where are all the teabaggers tonight?
  • bad 2012/11/08 00:44:08
    You lost
  • gr8American 2012/11/07 20:15:16
  • Mel 2012/11/07 19:47:31
    OH WELL! *LOL*
  • Kaleokualoha 2012/11/07 18:55:55 (edited)
    My condolences on your loss, conservatives! Welcome to the REAL world, not the alternate reality bubble in which many of you seem to live. As some pundit commented, the GOP is a "Mad Men" party in a "Modern Family" America!

    Sodahead poll results once again prove how far to the right Sodahead actually is. It makes me feel like a missionary in Right-Wing Fantasyland!


    "I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." - Martin Luther King Jr. (1929 - 1968)
  • gb 2012/11/07 18:39:24
    Nothing was in favor for Mitt Romney...he lies to much and changes his mind every fifteen minutes
  • MB gb 2012/11/07 19:24:53
    And our new president does not lie?? He has lied for the past 4years
  • decrepi... MB 2012/11/08 03:45:23
    Make that our re-elected President, he's not new thank heavens.
  • rightwi... MB 2013/01/06 17:24:50
    About what, exactly??? And please don't rely on Faux News for your list of supposed lies, as they have been shown to be inaccurate in their reporting time after time after time (including "Romney will win in a landslide").
  • DutchHeretic-Social Equalist 2012/11/07 18:33:22
    DutchHeretic-Social Equalist
    Were they wrong WOW
  • skip 2012/11/07 18:20:00
    what does 6billion dollars get you a loser
  • John Walker II 2012/11/07 18:06:05
    John Walker II
    I'm looking at the poll and seeing not a realistic image of america here on Sodahead, but how innudated with Conservatives it is.

    This website is not a neutral site, but conservative in nature.
  • decrepi... John Wa... 2012/11/08 03:48:06
    Surely you didn't just figure that out. Mostly what you get here are repeated Faux news talking points.
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