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News 2012/06/14 13:00:00
Students at New York City's Stuyvesant High School have been protesting the school's dress code in an interesting way lately, by setting aside a single day and refusing to follow the code. They called the revolt "Slutty Wednesday." It doesn't necessarily mean the students tried to dress like "sluts" -- in fact, photos suggest it was pretty tame -- but the message was clear. We asked the public if it was appropriate.

Though the majority decided Slutty Wednesday was inappropriate, a good deal of respondents stood up for the students. Many of them argued that the outfits pictured in the photographs were not "slutty," and the name was clearly just a device used to make a point. However, more had a problem with kids trying to push in that direction when they could be fighting, say, that soft drink ban.

Teens Toy With the Idea

As you might expect, teens were much more likely to go for the idea. Teens came up with it, after all. But it was still split, which means there are probably a lot of students at Stuyvesant who aren't onboard with Slutty Wednesday. As respondents got older, their support steadily dropped. Likewise, parents were one of the least supportive demographics.

Females Fight It

The pictures mostly show girls walking the Stuyvesant halls, but results suggest girls are quite a bit more resistent. This is almost certainly due to the word "slutty," which can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some girls will obviously be offended by the word, while others might use it more as a metaphor or symbol. More often than not, it's taken as offensive.

Looks Good to Liberals

The political correlation was expected, but we didn't think it would be the most divisive demographic. There are definitely parallels here to feminist and liberal movements, such as Rock The Slut Vote. So, even though it's a dress code issue, Slutty Wednesday is more likely to appeal to those who sympathize with reactionary women's rights movements.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Slutty Wednesday. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Kibbles Jay Cal... 2012/06/16 17:55:30
    Good for them, its a travesty, I weep for what my generation is turning into.
  • Jay Cal... Kibbles 2012/06/17 00:25:06
    Jay Calderone
    It's just a name
    and all this was was a protest against pointless rules put in place for no reason. You weep because your generation is turning into people who aren't afraid to defy authority and stand up for their rights?
  • Kibbles Jay Cal... 2012/06/17 04:16:31
    Nono I weep for my fellow peers who deem clothing is more important than school and that they should be paid for doing what they're supposed to do. We've come to the point where it is "oh look I've done something well, where's my treat." and let me ask you this, would you go to a professional job wearing a tank top and shorts, I think not.
  • Jay Cal... Kibbles 2012/06/17 20:03:34
    Jay Calderone
    Look, I hate fashion too, but I hate people who think they can tell me what to wear or how to act or what to do even more. and i agree with you that kids today are spoiled brats, but i don't agree that they should just follow the dress code if it's too strict. and it would depend what the job was.
  • Kibbles Jay Cal... 2012/06/18 07:14:00
    From what I read this dress code was pretty standard, hell that's how its always been, seems to me that someone, most likely a popular student thought "hey I don't like that I can't dress to show off, lets rebel" and then lo and behold the other students flocked behind that idea.
  • Jay Cal... Kibbles 2012/06/18 22:18:12
    Jay Calderone
    But the clothes in the photo look ok too, so maybe the dress code was too strict.
  • Kibbles Jay Cal... 2012/06/19 08:17:07 (edited)
    No those clothes aren't alright. They look too lackadaisical. they aren't at a beach nor are they just at home, they're at schools, even if the clothes count as fine casual wear they're breaking school guidelines. Truth be told I think they should be given a uniform, that would lead to appreciation quickly whenever they can dresss how they wish.
  • Jay Cal... Kibbles 2012/06/19 15:52:07
    Jay Calderone
    they're just clothes. uniforms are way too strict.
  • revardvandam 2012/06/15 22:40:25
    Slutty Wednesday Yes it was inappropriate
  • Confederate 2012/06/15 19:32:31
    just movve proof of the western trash called a american.
  • Kibbles Confede... 2012/06/16 17:56:11
    Its an, not a, as for trash, it canbe found anywhere not just here in the Americas.
  • Confede... Kibbles 2012/06/16 18:00:44
    I'd figure the country and people with the way the economy is would have a better way to spend their money and a better way ro spend their time. But demoncrats and liberals and those trash progressives love to act as if the country is fine Obama himself said it was.
  • Kibbles Confede... 2012/06/17 04:18:38
    Funny that comes from you, apparently you live in Minnesota, so either you're a conservative with warped views like many of the conservatives who deem liberals stupid evil Marxists or your lying about where you live due to some unforeseen reason, or lastly three you're simply trying to stir up trouble with your comments.
  • EmpathyReigns 2012/06/15 18:47:57
    You can be sexy without show all your cookies! I'm just saying! Leave something for the imagination!!!!
  • Kibbles Empathy... 2012/06/16 17:56:39
    Right, see I don't see this as them fighting for self expression, I see this as a fight to show the goods.
  • Ronulan3766 2012/06/15 18:12:26
    I find encouragement in this article. I love seeing young people buck the system. You go girls.
  • Kibbles Ronulan... 2012/06/16 17:57:18
    Sure showing the system doesn't rule you is good btu this is simply idiocy.
  • Cookie 2012/06/15 17:57:53
    I see nothing slutty with what those girls are wearing.If they were wearing,mini-mini skirts,high heels,and a push up bra with a very low cut shirt then yes,that would be slutty.
  • Sam LeFay 2012/06/15 16:49:10 (edited)
    Sam LeFay
    I just hate our damn dress code. If you are actually enrolled in school right now, you know that these rules are selective and only apply to some people, which, more likely than not, are the females with curvy bodies. Boys are hardly ever persecuted, however far their pants sag, but even if a lady's butt is completely covered, if you're wearing heels or look hot, they will make you change into khakis. A girl without any hips can wear booty shorts to school and nothing will happen, but wear a jacket with a lace back over your halter dress and they send you to the principal's office.

    By all means, revolt! Screw them and their unfounded rules!
  • harasni... Sam LeFay 2012/06/15 18:37:15
    I don't know what school you go to, but when I was in school ALL the students were reprimanded appropriately if s/he violated the dress code. The boys more so for their baggy jeans, despite wearing a belt. Not all schools are the same.
  • Sam LeFay harasni... 2012/06/16 22:05:56
    Sam LeFay
    Actually, I understand. They can't catch everyone: there are nearly 3,000 kids in our school. Girls who are poorly dressed, but are considered relatively harmless will be ignored. That's just how life is, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't suck. >:
  • mishka1220 Sam LeFay 2012/06/16 22:38:02
    I went to Catholic school and I also remember our dress code being unequally enforced. The girls could only wear one pair of earrings, your skirt could only be a couple of inches above the knee etc... The girls liked to roll their skirts a bit shorter of course.... The Principal threatened to have the girls wear jumpers because of this, however the boys were far worse wearing their pants below their butt with their boxers sticking out. His attitude was far less harsh on the boys. Interestingly enough the principal was never against the teeny spankies the cheerleaders wore. I understand where you are coming from completely. I think you girls protested in a very classy way. Not overdoing it and definitely making your point. Social action now means great change and hope for a better future. You girls are awesome.
  • Glfer65 2012/06/15 16:06:52
    Dress codes have shown it hampers the education rather than promotes it. Students feel about themselves if they are able to be individual.
  • Kibbles Glfer65 2012/06/16 17:58:20
    They can dress how they want, they already have their individuality, this is just them wanting to attract others.
  • harasnicole 2012/06/15 13:51:19 (edited)
    There is nothing wrong with dress codes in schools. I had to deal with it for three years in middle school and I never complained. It's not like these girls are demanded to wear their school clothes 24/7. They can always change when they get home. I did.
  • Kibbles harasni... 2012/06/15 14:10:47
    I know what you mean, I had a school uniform and I never was too annoyed, all I did was get home and change, they make it seem like the school is trying to suppress their self expression.
  • gunner 2012/06/15 12:37:50
    This is why we call them kids.
  • Karl 2012/06/15 09:22:04
    I really wish I hadn't looked up more on this. They honestly sound like brats complaining about a rather reasonable sounding dress code.
  • Kibbles Karl 2012/06/15 14:11:51
    Pretty much what they are.
  • Jinx 2012/06/15 07:54:50
  • Jiorgia 2012/06/15 07:04:41
    school is for learning, not fashion statements.
    I grew up wearing school uniforms (at every school i went to).
    It is a much better idea then casual schooling for many many reasons and this is just one of them.
  • Kibbles Jiorgia 2012/06/15 14:12:24
    I would love to hear how they would handle a uniform, bet you that would change their tune right quick.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2012/06/15 05:53:02
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    Slutty Wednesday is completely inappropriate! Now Tramp Tuesday is where it's at! teenage tramp
  • twocrows 2012/06/15 05:14:49
    meh. they wanted to make a statement. they did. what's the big deal?

    or, to put it another way: what's the point of 'freedom of speech' if you don't use it?
  • rhirhi 2012/06/15 04:59:43
    No its fine. At my school we have titty tap tuesday and slap ass friday and whack a whore wednesday
  • Pug For... rhirhi 2012/06/16 11:29:29
    Pug For Huck
    LOL....well done.
  • joe mauro 2012/06/15 03:10:24
    joe mauro
    i love slutty days
  • tina williams 2012/06/15 03:09:57
    tina williams
    I do not agree with the approach and it I were head of the school that would be the main reason they would not get a casual day.
  • Kibbles tina wi... 2012/06/15 05:44:00
    Hell the school should show them how bad it could, make them wear uniforms for half the year, I bet they would enjoy what they have right now really quick.
  • Hidden Noname 2012/06/15 02:26:15
    Hidden Noname
    Inappropriate. Save the slut show for the mall, keep it out of school. Slut Wednesday is just an excuse for free advertising of their goods and services.

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