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SodaHead News 2012/06/14 13:00:00
Students at New York City's Stuyvesant High School have been protesting the school's dress code in an interesting way lately, by setting aside a single day and refusing to follow the code. They called the revolt "Slutty Wednesday." It doesn't necessarily mean the students tried to dress like "sluts" -- in fact, photos suggest it was pretty tame -- but the message was clear. We asked the public if it was appropriate.

slutty wednesday sodahead

Though the majority decided Slutty Wednesday was inappropriate, a good deal of respondents stood up for the students. Many of them argued that the outfits pictured in the photographs were not "slutty," and the name was clearly just a device used to make a point. However, more had a problem with kids trying to push in that direction when they could be fighting, say, that soft drink ban.

Teens Toy With the Idea

As you might expect, teens were much more likely to go for the idea. Teens came up with it, after all. But it was still split, which means there are probably a lot of students at Stuyvesant who aren't onboard with Slutty Wednesday. As respondents got older, their support steadily dropped. Likewise, parents were one of the least supportive demographics.

Females Fight It

The pictures mostly show girls walking the Stuyvesant halls, but results suggest girls are quite a bit more resistent. This is almost certainly due to the word "slutty," which can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some girls will obviously be offended by the word, while others might use it more as a metaphor or symbol. More often than not, it's taken as offensive.

Looks Good to Liberals

The political correlation was expected, but we didn't think it would be the most divisive demographic. There are definitely parallels here to feminist and liberal movements, such as Rock The Slut Vote. So, even though it's a dress code issue, Slutty Wednesday is more likely to appeal to those who sympathize with reactionary women's rights movements.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Slutty Wednesday. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Jenn the Psycho 2012/06/14 17:41:16
    Jenn the Psycho
    Interesting. The outfits, at least in the pics, weren't slutty...
  • kotabear 2012/06/14 17:32:58
    Maybe it's me... Maybe it's because I live in Florida... but those outfits are absolutely normal in my school! I just don't see a problem with what they're wearing. Well, the fishnets can go.
  • theprothinker 2012/06/14 17:29:48
    It's all part of a "take me as I am" attitude that stinks. I could tell you stories every day about people that can't get a job or lose a job because they insist on "being what I am". If "what you are" is deemed unacceptable, grow up and become what you ought to be.

    I know teenage boys. If you want them to keep their mind on their work in the workplace or in school, have the girls more modestly dressed. We're not doing anyone a favor by making a school a place to let your individual self expression ruin the tone of what's going on.
  • Kibbles theprot... 2012/06/14 17:30:32
    Correct you are.
  • Beat Ma... theprot... 2012/06/14 20:24:45
    Beat Magnum True Hero
    You're right. We need our schools to pump out more unoriginal worker bees for the business world, not free thinkers.
  • Sofahead Beat Ma... 2012/06/14 21:40:34 (edited)
  • theprot... Beat Ma... 2012/06/15 15:28:31
    There's absolutely no correlation. Most of the highly productive, intelligent, and creative people come from a conservative, no-nonsense, disciplined youth. It's provable.
  • HypothesizeIt 2012/06/14 17:20:49
    One word.
  • Kibbles Hypothe... 2012/06/14 17:30:50
    And Bam! Just like that they shut the hell up.
  • David (... Hypothe... 2012/06/14 19:57:31
  • sandra.dunsmoor 2012/06/14 16:59:32
    They`re highschool students, not women with years of maturity....Jail? Really? For what exactly? Trespassing? Yeah, that`s it, ruin their young lives with a police record because they are standing for something,,,,right or wrong jailing them is NOT the answer...
  • spike66 2012/06/14 16:56:44
    That's slutty? Obviously those girls don't watch Jersey Shore.
  • DJMzHavok spike66 2012/06/14 16:59:27
  • Alex spike66 2012/06/16 04:37:17
    They also haven't been to a Hawaii public school either hahaha! This is actually considered 'covered up' in some respects...
  • Jenn th... Alex 2012/06/18 02:40:11
    Jenn the Psycho
    Same way in California where I grew up. Girls always wore spaghetti straps, booty shorts, low-cut cleavage collars, and shirts that wouldn't cover all the way down.

    I shook my head when I saw the pic... this is nothing. I hope the real deal had more than that to make such a fuss!
  • Alex Jenn th... 2012/06/18 05:56:54
    Same deal here!
  • MissAsianCherryBlossom 2012/06/14 16:41:34
    i dont like this...no no wtf, JUST BECAUSE YOUR A FEMALE. DOESNT MEAN U HAVE TO SHOW EVERYTHING!!! -.-
  • Kibbles MissAsi... 2012/06/14 16:44:14
    Damn straight, this wasn't self expression, this was just showing off the goods.
  • MissAsi... Kibbles 2012/06/17 21:07:50
    i know right wtf is with the 21st century....
  • intolerantrwj 2012/06/14 16:40:46
    .... easy cure.

    Those that don't comply to the Regs get sent home with note requiring parents to appear in school .... those who don't leave the School Property get arrested and expelled

    .................. was that all that difficult ?
  • Kibbles intoler... 2012/06/14 16:44:47
    Best solution I've heard of, hell make the children wear uniforms, I bet they'd want those restrictions back very quickly.
  • intoler... Kibbles 2012/06/14 17:01:52
    I'm here to tell ya', uniforms are a darn site cheaper than Designer Apparel !

    Funny how we allow things to get all blown out of proportion when a simple fix can nip it in the bud < s >
  • Kibbles intoler... 2012/06/14 17:05:25
    Damn right there cheaper, my mother had to buy me five pairs of pants(all black) and two green polos and three black polos that breathed oh so magnificently. Cheapest school year clothing ever.
  • intoler... Kibbles 2012/06/14 17:45:53
    ..... 12 yrs of Catholic School and I know where you're comin' from my friend < s >
  • TheMayor intoler... 2012/06/15 14:43:49
    .... in the 'new order', it is not as simple as showing them the door. Now the 'nanny state' require that the safety of the little buggers demands tax-payer paid trandportation portal to portal. No kidding - special school bus to transport the detention students regardless of where they live!
  • intoler... TheMayor 2012/06/15 14:59:01
    .... I see and hear it everyday ... wife involved in student transport and you're correct, it's crazy.

    I think it should be handled just a little bit different. End of detention, those parents who haven't picked their children up from school, can pick them up at the local police dept where they are behind bars until signed-out and the additional expense's are paid by the parent .... wanna bet discipline improves immediately !

    In my world we do a Survey as to what age/grade discipline becomes a overbearing cost factor .... what ever that age/grade indicates that is now the last ' Mandatory ' year of school ... we throw the trash to the wind.

    Now, we take all funds saved from the disciplinary side and pump it all into the kids who really are there to learn ... including Free College.

    The trash we threw out also has a few things to think about when leaving school ... No Fed Freeloader Program Eligibility !

    Fed Program eligibility can be re-instated via a Military hitch and upon completion of said Hitch, Education can be continued at point of dropout at no cost except transport.

    Yeah, I know, I'm a real Prince ... spell that prick .. Prince.
  • TheMayor intoler... 2012/06/16 21:46:58
    ... college is not the end all be all. I am/was never much of a studebt. As a hands-on learner, I am very talented; however, I did have great difficulties with learning at all formal levels.

    I feel that the general education failure is not very successful and has not gotten much bettter in the half century since I graducted in the middle of my high school gradudating class.

    By my measurement, I was successfil in my career (software engineering) dispite my formal education.
  • intoler... TheMayor 2012/06/21 16:34:27
    ..... hey, we blew a major portion of Japan off the map and did it with basically an 8th grade education .... we ain't so dumb < s >
  • ComeOnNow 2012/06/14 16:38:33
    It is sad that the feminist movement has resorted to degrading women and attacking successful women and become nothing more than abortion hacks and women exploiting their bodies instead of their minds. It seems to me to be the opposite of what women should stand for.
  • Trish 2012/06/14 16:37:37 (edited)
    The girls and boys who participated are just tired of being held down to something that was way more popular back in the day. They did not look slutty whatsoever on that certain day. The reason they named it "slutty" Wednesday was because apparently the school thinks that everyday clothes show to much skin and are otherwise slutty. The students are only trying to have at least one day every week of freedom, whats wrong with that? And furthermore it wasnt JUST GIRLS who wanted this, guys wanted to dress freely just as well.
  • Kibbles Trish 2012/06/14 16:45:34
    The problem is that people abuse that fact. You give an inch some decide to take a mile.
  • sandra.... Trish 2012/06/14 17:04:08
    Nothing, nothing is wrong with that.....and they shouldn`t be jailed or expelled for standing for something.....I don`t like the idea of uniforms, too politce state if you ask me...everyone running around like little carbon copies of each other BUT it is a solution that does not ruin the kids`s futures....
  • Trish sandra.... 2012/06/14 17:09:19
    Studies shown that a dress code does not affect a child's performance in school. Where I live and many other places as well The schools that do not have a dress code do better than schools that do.
  • Kibbles sandra.... 2012/06/14 17:31:54
    no child is special or different, they have to strive for that designation.
  • Jerry 2012/06/14 16:37:10
    Didn't notice anything Slutty. In fact; might have been more entertaining if the shorts had been a little shorter.
  • Bob, the reasonable one 2012/06/14 16:34:05
    Bob, the reasonable one
    Not slutty enough.....sheez!!!
  • Keith Herriott 2012/06/14 16:31:57
    Keith Herriott
    Kids are at school to learn discipline as much as academic achievements. Uniform should be something to be PROUD of!!!!
  • Kibbles Keith H... 2012/06/14 16:48:00
    I may not have been proud of the uniform we had(considering it lacked anything special, all it was was either green, gray or black shirts with either khaki or black pants/shorts) but you're right, hell I'm just damn happy to get an education, and here these cusses are saying they work their butts off and deserve to dress how they want. oh yes Timmy and Kimberly, that's why we send you to school, to dress how you want, the schooling is simply optional.
  • ParaTime♥ Keith H... 2012/06/14 16:54:59
    True we have to our school and to tell you the truth it looks very smart and nice :)
  • Sammi </3 2012/06/14 16:30:45
    Sammi </3
    i believe that is the worst thing they could let the teens do

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