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Students at New York City's Stuyvesant High School have been protesting the school's dress code in an interesting way lately, by setting aside a single day and refusing to follow the code. They called the revolt "Slutty Wednesday." It doesn't necessarily mean the students tried to dress like "sluts" -- in fact, photos suggest it was pretty tame -- but the message was clear. We asked the public if it was appropriate.

Though the majority decided Slutty Wednesday was inappropriate, a good deal of respondents stood up for the students. Many of them argued that the outfits pictured in the photographs were not "slutty," and the name was clearly just a device used to make a point. However, more had a problem with kids trying to push in that direction when they could be fighting, say, that soft drink ban.

Teens Toy With the Idea

As you might expect, teens were much more likely to go for the idea. Teens came up with it, after all. But it was still split, which means there are probably a lot of students at Stuyvesant who aren't onboard with Slutty Wednesday. As respondents got older, their support steadily dropped. Likewise, parents were one of the least supportive demographics.

Females Fight It

The pictures mostly show girls walking the Stuyvesant halls, but results suggest girls are quite a bit more resistent. This is almost certainly due to the word "slutty," which can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Some girls will obviously be offended by the word, while others might use it more as a metaphor or symbol. More often than not, it's taken as offensive.

Looks Good to Liberals

The political correlation was expected, but we didn't think it would be the most divisive demographic. There are definitely parallels here to feminist and liberal movements, such as Rock The Slut Vote. So, even though it's a dress code issue, Slutty Wednesday is more likely to appeal to those who sympathize with reactionary women's rights movements.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Slutty Wednesday. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Tim Upham dragon88 2012/06/21 21:43:38
    Tim Upham
    Reminds me of Father Coughlin, who had a radio show in the 1930s, where he blamed immorality on Roosevelt and the Jews.
  • dragon88 Tim Upham 2012/06/22 04:15:53
    He was right.
  • Tim Upham dragon88 2012/06/28 18:41:21
    Tim Upham
    The only thing I can say about Father Coughlin, is that he is dead now, and nobody remembers who he was.
  • Brynn 2012/06/16 18:58:55 (edited)
    Slutty Wednesday is no big deal if they were all dressed like the kids in the photo. If it was called Shorts and Leggings Wednesday then no one would care. They probably labeled it Slutty Wednesday to make a point. Get over it.
  • Ozymandias 2012/06/16 18:53:21
  • Theresa... Ozymandias 2012/06/16 19:38:36
    Der...did you forget that parents are not allowed to be actual parents anymore? Sheesh, Dustin!
  • Ozymandias Theresa... 2012/06/16 19:49:52
  • Kibbles Ozymandias 2012/06/17 04:19:48
    Apparently new age parents want to be friends to their kids rather than say oh...BE A PARENT.
  • Ozymandias Kibbles 2012/06/17 06:55:05
  • Kibbles Ozymandias 2012/06/17 06:57:33
    True that, hell I know my mom raised me with restrictions.
  • Arch Stanton 2012/06/16 18:05:49
    Arch Stanton
    Bitchin! I'm taking a trip to NYC.

    bitchin nyc
  • DavidK 2012/06/16 14:07:11
    Just another day for the real sluts to advertise and expose their real agenda.
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/06/16 13:51:38
  • Kibbles thє вlu... 2012/06/16 17:52:28
    School, that's different then general life.
  • thє вlu... Kibbles 2012/06/16 19:46:31 (edited)
  • Kibbles thє вlu... 2012/06/16 21:44:41
    Do you go to work dressed in a tank top and shorts.
  • thє вlu... Kibbles 2012/06/17 16:45:06
  • ADAMWRIHGT 2012/06/16 13:13:12
    adamwrihgt hi xxxxxxxx
    adamwrihgt hi xxxxxxx
    thesee adamwrihgt xxxxxxx
  • Pug For Huck 2012/06/16 11:26:05
    Pug For Huck
    Of course it was.

    The fact that liberals like it the most even thought they're the "feminist" party, is just plain hilarious.
  • Michaelene 2012/06/16 10:32:49
    What a stupid way to protest, call yourself a slut.
    Shameful children behaving like fools.
    If that were my kid, she'd be so sorry.
    Say goodbye to your car, wardrobe, cell phone and freedom for quite a while.
  • Kibbles Michaelene 2012/06/16 17:53:58 (edited)
    I see uniforms coming by in the near future. If it were my kid she'd lose alot of her clothing, I'd use the school rules as a guide for what she can and cannot wear.
  • Michaelene Kibbles 2012/06/17 11:58:54
    I love school uniforms! My mornings became so much easier. No arguments with the kids.
    As a teacher, it was the best for all, no more showoff's between the have's and have not's.
  • Kibbles Michaelene 2012/06/17 12:32:13
    I love school uniforms too, not the style but how simple it made things. I woke up and thought hmm what should I wear with my black pants, green polo, black polo, or grey polo. Oh my did my mornings become simple.
  • Michaelene Kibbles 2012/06/17 12:35:59
    yes! No class time wasted on admiring or resenting someones shirt.
    Uniforms are a relief for all concerned.
  • Kibbles Michaelene 2012/06/17 13:21:20
    Also economically it's much cheaper.
  • Michaelene Kibbles 2012/06/17 13:24:53
    Yes it is, and it is easier to help those who cannot afford to buy uniforms. Our office had stocks of all sizes.
    The only problem we ever had was the day we took the kids swimming, who's shirt is this? LOL
  • Kibbles Michaelene 2012/06/17 13:42:36
    Haha I imagine that was a tad hard to sort out.
  • Michaelene Kibbles 2012/06/17 13:44:19
    I can tell the different scents of axe bodywash now lol
  • Kibbles Michaelene 2012/06/17 13:57:30
    Ha ha, bravoe, interesting talent to say the least.
  • XRenX 2012/06/16 04:49:01
    Tacky is a more appropriate adjective.
  • ADAMWRIHGT XRenX 2012/06/16 13:14:27
    adamwrihgt hi xxxxxxxxxx
    adamwrihgt tim
  • VICTORIA 2012/06/16 04:29:00
    Like anyone in the real world cares what a bunch of old people on sodahead think.
  • Kibbles VICTORIA 2012/06/17 13:21:39
    Young guy here thinks it was inappropriate.
  • VICTORIA Kibbles 2012/06/21 03:27:14
    Yes, you are.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/06/16 02:30:53
    Christopher Kirchen
    So it's inappropriate; so what?
  • Kibbles Christo... 2012/06/16 17:54:25
    Idiocy is a terrible trend that's growing.
  • Everett Thompson 2012/06/16 00:10:35
    Everett Thompson
    The word 'slut,' obviously would have much more of a negative connotation, to women. I know I automatically think of the word as being another term for prostitute, rather than someone who doesn't care about their appearance. Girls, at the high school age, I think, care more about how they look, just because they still want to be noticed by boys!
  • Kibbles Everett... 2012/06/16 17:54:59
    Correct you are sir, this isn't about self expression, they already had that, what they want is the chance to show the goods.
  • BB 2012/06/15 23:38:49
    They should wait a few years first...
  • Jay Calderone 2012/06/15 22:51:40
    Jay Calderone
    Good for them!

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