Public Opinion Says Punishing Kids With Hot Sauce Is Child Abuse [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/08/25 22:00:00
Earlier this week we showed SodaHeads a video clip of Jessica Beagley, a 36-year-old Anchorage woman, forcing her 8-year-old child to keep hot sauce in his mouth and take cold showers as punishment for behavioral problems at school.

The video is from a November episode of "Dr. Phil," so you may have seen it before, but Beagley was just recently charged with misdemeanor child abuse because of her actions.

Here's an except from the original "Hot Sauce Mom" story:

She could get up to a year in prison along with her $10,000 fine, and The Anchorage Daily News reports it only took the jury one day to decide she was guilty.

Henry Paul, a Mount Sinai psychiatrist, told ABC News, "The stun -- the shock -- the acute anxiety can also lead to [a] long-term type of post-traumatic stress disorder that we often see in criminals who are incarcerated.

Most SodaHeads thought the hot sauce treatment was way out of line, but there are always dissenters. So it's time to take a deeper look into the demographics behind our results and see who they were.

Let's dive.

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  • Elmo~WA... harley ... 2011/08/28 08:29:14
    That made me giggle.
  • harley ... Elmo~WA... 2011/08/28 19:00:12
    harley oldman
    Good....We all need a little giggle once in a while..... :D
  • Elmo~WA... harley ... 2011/08/29 06:59:15
    We do :D
  • harley ... Elmo~WA... 2011/08/29 12:00:08
  • ♫♪‼Chlo... harley ... 2011/08/29 05:25:31 (edited)
    ♫♪‼Chloey Arddun‼♫♪
    haha, nice one.
  • harley ... ♫♪‼Chlo... 2011/08/29 12:01:07
    harley oldman
  • Connie ... harley ... 2013/12/05 16:18:30
    Connie Stewart
    Hilarious! I'm from south Louisiana also.
  • harley ... Connie ... 2013/12/10 19:25:18
    harley oldman
    It`s always good to converse with someone below the Mason-Boudreaux Line ... : )
  • thy-lady-x 2011/08/25 22:47:52
    hmm. Intersting stats
  • Jimbo 2011/08/25 22:47:14
    Depends really on the level of punishment. I would not condemn her for putting some on her forefinger putting it in her child's mouth for cursing at school. Thumbsucking kids have had it done for decades. I don't agree with that type of punishment preferring suspension of privileges far more than anything corporal or this.
  • blushn1980 2011/08/25 22:47:07 (edited)
    I think drinking is a little excessive. People may think I was mean when I put allum (the pickling spice) on my finger tip then in my kids mouth for biting. It isn't painful, just yucky tasting. It took 2 times to get her to stop.
    I think parents should be creative with their punishments, not abusive.
  • Soldier4Christ82 2011/08/25 22:47:05
    It's hot sauce. And water. What's the big deal? Also, children need to be taught that it's not OK to lie, and if that's what it takes then so be it.
  • Builder Soldier... 2011/08/25 23:37:20
    Gee I actually agree with something soldier said. It is only hot sauce. I had it done to me to break me from using my left hand. I love it now. I put it on just about everything, especially fish and eggs.
  • dredogg Soldier... 2011/08/25 23:39:15
    have you ever had it done to you?
  • Soldier... dredogg 2011/08/25 23:45:41
    I have had my mouth wshed out with soap, and soap is a lot more harmful than hot sauce.
  • dredogg Soldier... 2011/08/26 00:22:24
    how do you know if you have never had it happen to you. a child of 4 or 5 will look at hot sauce as far worse. one cause the parent is already mad and two because hot sause burns. soap just tastes bad. Psychologically, the damage is far worse and long lasting. the damage done to the child leads to behaivor that is far worse later on. also, the child when he/she grows up will continue a cycle of abuse that is far worse. this is long lasting damage. these are the people that later on we ask "what the hell happened." washing your mouth out with soap i am sure is something that you fell was not pleasant. but i am sure or hope it didnt go much past that. i am sorry that happened to you. i find it very sad.
  • Soldier... dredogg 2011/08/26 06:24:06
    Good, then hopefully it's psychologically damaging enough to teach the child it's not OK to lie to his parents, but realistically just because you want to make believe that hot sauc or soap is going to traumatize a child for life doesn't mean it's actually true. If the child is such a weakling that he can't handle hot sauce or soap without being permenantly traumatized than he'll probably end up killing himself over having a hangnail later in life.

    Why is it so sad? I knew why it happened and I knew I had it coming.

    By the way, the child is 8, not 5.
  • Fef 2011/08/25 22:42:37
    Mom: "What happens when you lie to me?"
    Kid: {crying} "I get hot sauce"
  • Chris -... Fef 2011/08/26 15:12:04 (edited)
  • PanDuh 2011/08/25 22:38:25
    I didnt know this was abusive. My mom and grandma did this to me a lot when I was younger :\ hope I dont get incarcerated now.
  • Fef PanDuh 2011/08/25 22:40:24
    Did you see the video? The mom really did a number on the kid

  • Soldier... Fef 2011/08/25 22:47:48
    It's hot sauce, not cyanide.
  • PanDuh Fef 2011/08/25 23:04:07
    Im not saying I support it. My grandma damage my tongue from the hot sauce she used on me. All I know is that if I ever have kids, Im never using that method of punishment. And I was three.
  • zero Fef 2011/08/25 23:39:50
  • redneck zero 2011/08/26 00:54:34
  • zero redneck 2011/08/26 03:31:30
    If she's such a nutcase, explain why her other 6 kids are fine.

    I would encourage you to just talk it out with your kids when they misbehave, and if they won't listen to you, you should just except it. Discipline is torture and it harms children.

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