Public Opinion Says Loaded Guns in Cars Are OK [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2011/08/26 23:00:00
Earlier this week we asked SodaHeads what they thought about keeping a loaded gun in the car, and the results are in.

SodaHeads overwhelmingly decided that keeping a loaded gun in the car should be your legal right, and that majority spanned across a huge range of demographics. However, there were still a few statistics that stood out to us.

For instance, ever wonder what exactly the difference between a "liberal" and "progressive" is? Looking at their responses to this question, liberals are far more likely to concede gun control than progressives. In fact, liberals were markedly in support of allowing loaded guns in cars.

The original question was tied to a recent incident involving a clumsy gun-owner on a Tennessee highway who accidentally shot himself, but that didn't deter votes in the least.

Wanna find out more? Hold your breath, and get ready for another Deep Dive infographic -- powered by SodaHead.

(For clarity's sake, we counted "only in the trunk" responses as a yes.)

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  • Jackie Debs 2011/08/26 23:17:17 (edited)
    Jackie Debs
    Loaded guns are fine in most places as long as responsible adults are the ones carrying them, LAWFULLY, as demonstrated by the various background checks and permits that we already have in place. This isn't even up for debate. The constitution is clear.

    You can have a gun on a goat

    You can have a gun in a boat

    You can have a gun in your house

    You can have a gun near a mouse

    You can have a gun inside your den

    You can have a gun to anger a dem

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  • cccp~ma... gunner 2011/08/28 16:56:00
    Crazy bastard! LOL!
  • gunner cccp~ma... 2011/09/03 05:03:31
    Why,I thank you !! =) Got a 12 ga. 870 Rem.pump beside the bed too. It has 6 rds in an Uncle Mikes sidesaddle on the reciever,an 8 shot extension magazine beneath the barrel,a sling,and 2 rds in the mag. The hammer is down,so to activate , all that I need to do is pump it once.While investigating what woke me,I feed the mag. a few more. The chosen loads are #4 buck,00 buck,and slugs. The #4`s are first up.Slugs, last. In the corner is a Garand.The wife has a S&W 38 on her side, loaded.I usually sleep well. Alarm system is an extremely nervous little ankle biter. Knock first,enter when invited.The justification ? We have been robbed, and the economy is worsening. The crime rate will go up. Including home invasions.People will become more desparate as time goes on. I`ll feed and house any polite, needy person.Yep,crazier than a bedbug,thats me =)
  • cccp~ma... gunner 2011/09/03 14:40:02
    You are looking to kill somebody? Having a loaded gun in public is not safe! :(
  • gunner cccp~ma... 2011/09/04 05:05:43
    Then you shouldn't. As for me, having a loaded gun in public is very safe. I`m just as well trained, and perhaps better than your local constabulary. Example, I visited a prison. Out side the Officers were to unload their weapons before entering. I was a bit surprised to see a couple bullet holes down low on the DOOR. Going from the outside, in. I`ll trust myself thank you. Now you can,if you wish,obtain training to a satisfactory level of proficiency, here. Concealed permits are available. I have several,in my name. I agree,life is precious, and I wish the criminal element felt the same. I do not take the responsibility lightly.
  • cccp~ma... gunner 2011/08/28 16:56:53
    Where I live, you can't carry a gun, and a loaded gun, around the town.
  • gunner cccp~ma... 2011/09/03 05:07:51
    Most sorry to hear that. Politicians that disarm the population,do not do it for the citizens welfare. They do it for their own. Even a mouse,when cornered,will put up a fight. No man should be un-able to defend his home,family or himself if need be.By any means. A firearm being the top choice.
  • cccp~ma... gunner 2011/09/05 00:11:43
    I am happy because of this. Any threat to us can be neutralized, because any normal person with a gun around other people is a potentially criminal.
  • dave ki cccp~ma... 2011/09/06 18:04:11
    dave ki
    Let me get this straight:A normal person around other people if he/she has a firearm is a potential criminal?Almost sounds like what some of the anti gun people here want to do.
  • cccp~ma... dave ki 2011/09/07 01:49:02
    If you have a gun you can kill anybody around you. Guns should be banned in public area, and they are banned in public area.
  • dave ki cccp~ma... 2011/09/07 19:46:19
    dave ki
    I bet you would be surprised how many people are next to you everyday that you don't have a clue they are carrying a firearm.Sorta forgot where you are but...Your right guns should be banned in public,that way some nut job can be on his merry way shooting everyone in sight and not worrying much about anyone shooting back.Hmmm Norway comes to mind.
  • gunner cccp~ma... 2011/09/17 02:42:54
    My dear friend, I really hope the day never comes where you need a firearm to save your loved ones or your self from a crazed killer. The police will not reach you in time to save you. What they do here, is wait for a while until they think the last shot has been fired. How long does that take ?
  • RobertJames 2011/08/28 13:32:47
    My neighbor accidentally shot himself in the ass sitting on a .38 in his truck. Funny story for the grandkids, but he's lucky he didn't hit the femoral or worse.
  • Lanikai 2011/08/28 12:51:38
    We should be able to carry a loaded gun ANYWHERE we go. THAT is our legal, constitutional right and crime would be less if we all did. No thug is going to rob a person who might shoot them, snatch the purse of a lady packing heat, attempt to rape a woman who can and will out gun him.

    Get out there and take a gun class, get a permit and carry-EVERYWHERE.
  • Julio Lanikai 2011/08/28 15:50:12
    This post is so funny. Where do you think the lady who's packing heat keeps it? Most likely, it's in her purse that just got snatched. Now the guy has a free gun too!

    If a mugger has a gun on you, what do you think your odds are of drawing and firing before they just shoot you?

    Both examples are completely absurd reasons to think carrying a gun might save you from anything.

    Statistically speaking, the #1 target of guns is the gun owner. Literally more people are shot by their own gun than someone else's. Yes, this includes suicide, accidents and intentional shootings but it's still a fact.
  • cccp~ma... Julio 2011/08/28 17:02:43
    Some people still feel safe with a gun, so they may carry it at home and not around other people in public. Having a concealed weapon in public is illegal.
  • Lanikai cccp~ma... 2011/08/28 19:45:10
    Not here it isn't.
  • cccp~ma... Lanikai 2011/08/28 21:03:23
    I forget that the United States had more guns and more crime. I am sorry.
  • Lanikai cccp~ma... 2011/09/06 14:31:30
    If more Americans had guns and carried them in legal fashion, the crime rate would drop considerably and quickly.
  • dave ki Lanikai 2011/09/06 18:13:18
    dave ki
    Isn't it odd how people equate guns with crime?Personally I think there is plenty of crime(way to much).Absolutely more people legally armed would cut it down.
  • cccp~ma... dave ki 2011/09/07 01:50:07
    The more guns people own will cause more gun theft.
  • dave ki cccp~ma... 2011/09/07 19:55:34
    dave ki
    There is a CERTAIN amount of logic there, however the more of anything ups the chances of it being stolen, but anyone that desperate for a firearm will get one,one way or another.
    Anyone comes into my house uninvited,FIRST they have to get by the dogs THEN get by me(assuming I'm home...then just the dogs).
  • Lanikai Julio 2011/08/28 19:44:54
    Many women here wear a holster, I have a leg holster on order. And we can get our hands into our purses REALLY fast for those who bag carry.

    Letting a mugger (RARE doewn here) know you are armed as well, let's him know he has a fifty, fifty shot at injury for his effort.

    Carrying is empowering, you KNOW you will not be a victim again. THAT means the world to a woman who has been powerless against a stronger person.
  • cccp~ma... Lanikai 2011/08/28 17:01:08
    You constitution isn't right. Carrying a loaded gun in public is a threat to people's safety and they should be fined or possibly jailed.
  • Lanikai cccp~ma... 2011/08/28 19:45:34
    If ANY one of the people on that Island in Norway had had a gun, the death toll would have been smaller.
  • cccp~ma... Lanikai 2011/09/03 14:41:58
    Sweden (where I live) has less murders per capita and we are not allowed to bring a gun in public or around other people unless there is a good reason.
  • snowleopardking 2011/08/28 12:24:06
    I carry all the time, everywhere I can legally.
  • VICTORIA 2011/08/28 09:51:14
    Aww, isn't that cute? Sodahead is trying to pretend that Public Opinion is synonymous with Sodahead opinions.
  • gunner VICTORIA 2011/08/28 13:43:21
    Actually,I don`t care what public opinion is or is not. I carry a gun loaded and off 'safe' all the time, everywhere I go. And I will continue regardless of someones opinion. I`ve seen to much and have to many experiences with idiots..
  • fitz gunner 2011/08/28 18:44:39
    How many idiots have tou gunned down? Carrying a gun off 'safe' makes you one of THEM.
  • ally VICTORIA 2011/08/28 16:33:57
    I also like how they throw up their hands in disgust when a child gets hold of one of the "right to carry and I keep it loaded by my bedside" loaded guns and shoots a sibling or the child themselves.
  • VICTORIA ally 2011/09/02 01:19:53
    And some of those kids get tried as adults, and some have the community throw benefits for them.
  • ally VICTORIA 2011/09/02 13:31:15
    It all depends how great a lawyer your family can buy for your defence.
  • VICTORIA ally 2011/09/03 02:13:43
    Basically, yes.
  • Charles R. Anderson 2011/08/28 09:07:54
    Charles R. Anderson
    Of course you have a right to have a gun in your car. How odd that such a large difference exists between those who are Cancers and Taurus'. That is really strange.

    So what was the breakdown for conservatives, libertarians, and mixed economy lovers?
  • Lanikai Charles... 2011/08/28 12:52:26
    or catholics and protestants.
  • cccp~ma... Lanikai 2011/09/03 14:44:10
    Christians are all hate mongering psychopaths. Christians want to force their religion on the world and kill the opposition.
  • Charles... cccp~ma... 2011/10/13 07:22:23
    Charles R. Anderson
    Where does this come from?
  • Jake Blanton 2011/08/28 09:00:59
    Jake Blanton
    I usually have at least one firearm with me in any vehicle that I'm driving. If it is my pickup, I also usually have somewhere between 500-1000 rounds of ammo also in there. I usually go to the range in my pickup and don't bother to take the ammo back out of the vehicle.
  • Jake Blanton 2011/08/28 08:59:00
    Jake Blanton
    A firearm is a tool. I look at it like carrying a spare tire and jack. I might not need the spare tire every day, but when it is needed, you need it right then and there. Some people think that you can put your life in the hands of AAA or the cops. In both circumstances, you are being naive.
  • JonDeniro 2011/08/28 07:17:36
    Read the Constitution...the answer is self-evident.

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