Public Opinion Rules Prop 8 Unconstitutional [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2012/02/13 16:31:53
California's controversial ban on same-sex marriage voted into effect in 2008, known as Prop 8, could soon land in the Supreme Court as smaller courts have decided the amendment might be unconstitutional. It was passed by a tight margin four years ago, and when we asked SodaHeads what they thought about the proposition's constitutionality we found that it hasn't gotten any less controversial. Political views were obviously an enormous factor, but we decided to zero in on other demographics, instead -- gender, age, location. We hope you find the results as interesting as we did! Let's dive.

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  • Flamingolady 2012/05/02 03:45:07
    Not for me to judge. Nor other human beings.
  • cfd007 2012/05/01 20:47:47
    Why not allow a man to have many wives?
  • Super l... cfd007 2012/05/03 13:50:29
  • Super ludum 2012/04/21 16:34:32
  • Ejayt7 Super l... 2012/05/02 21:45:17
    I agree, if you let one extreme group do what they want, the other sides should be allowed to do accordingly. The whole head is sick!
  • Super l... Ejayt7 2012/05/03 14:08:03
  • Ejayt7 Super l... 2012/05/04 00:48:55 (edited)
    By ANY means, I didn't think you were stating things to me.
  • Super l... Ejayt7 2012/05/04 01:20:58
  • Val Super l... 2012/10/07 13:02:57
    Homosexuality is NOT a choice, by any means. If any person has the right to get married, why can't others? People often forget that not everyone believes in God, and even if they do, isn't God supposed to love everyone? If he made me the way I am, why then can't I marry the person I love and want to spend my life with? There's nothing immoral in love.
  • Scream 2012/04/13 09:34:13
    I love how all the homophobes here conveniently forget that not everyone in the world believes in God, and that some people don't want to follow the "rules" written down in an ancient book.
  • Ejayt7 Scream 2012/04/18 20:47:14
    Your unbelief WILL NOT STOP GOD's WORK, nor WILL IT MAKE HIS LAW VOID! Ye talk LIKE A FOOL! God's Law is as everlasting as He is! Everlasting to Everlasting  thou art God  gif
  • Scream Ejayt7 2012/04/18 21:21:10 (edited)
  • Ejayt7 Scream 2012/04/19 01:16:15 (edited)
    The joke is on you!!!!!!laughing at God  gif
  • Super l... Scream 2012/04/21 16:40:44
  • Scream Super l... 2012/04/21 21:39:38
    My point is that our lives shouldn't be dictated by what someone else believes.
  • Super l... Scream 2012/04/22 00:32:50 (edited)
  • Sherloc... Scream 2012/04/21 20:17:08
  • Scream Sherloc... 2012/04/21 21:41:09
  • Sherloc... Scream 2012/04/21 22:51:19 (edited)
  • Ejayt7 Sherloc... 2012/05/02 21:47:11
    Yeah, it is their faith if they don't repent; it is the faith of all those who refused to changed!
  • Sherloc... Ejayt7 2012/05/08 13:10:11
  • Ejayt7 Sherloc... 2012/05/11 02:56:56
    A thousands amens to you,this is the truth! Amen gif Amen gif
  • Sherloc... Scream 2012/04/21 22:54:48 (edited)
  • Super l... Sherloc... 2012/04/22 00:37:23
  • Sherloc... Super l... 2012/04/22 02:59:32
  • Super l... Sherloc... 2012/04/23 06:47:13
  • Sherloc... Super l... 2012/04/23 20:24:08
  • Sherloc... Super l... 2012/04/23 20:36:43
  • Super l... Sherloc... 2012/04/25 20:24:23
  • Sherloc... Super l... 2012/04/26 13:44:49
  • Super l... Sherloc... 2012/04/26 19:08:44 (edited)
  • Sherloc... Super l... 2012/05/08 13:44:07
  • Super l... Sherloc... 2012/05/10 14:39:16
  • Bcounted 2012/03/27 21:13:29
    The people decided, the courts should not be involved.
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/03/27 16:38:08
    I would warn against supporting those who have an ambition to "FIX AMERICA" ....... The Changes that Obama wants merely give him the right to regiment all people and those who disagree to be murdered in Concentration Camps. Is this what you relly want.? I a place in NAZI Germany the Jewish Baker had been of the habit of feeding small groups of children. Once he was taken away toi be killed his daily clients were very angry, but they were to;ld they were
    Jew Lovers: and quick;ly shut up.
    Hey you ;likje living like that.???
  • Cap 2012/03/25 16:15:34
    Same-sex marriage may or may not be a good idea, but the idea that it is a Constitutionally protected right is utterly laughable. And, yes, I am aware of all the judicial opinions supporting the Constitutional necessity of not limiting marriage to heterosexuals. Are you aware that Gooding v Virginia, the USSC opinion finding miscegnation laws unconstitutional is, as a matter of law, more supportive of a State's right to limit marriage to hetrosexual couples than it is opposed to such a concept? The factual arguments that are tacked on to the Gooding opinion to make it appear to justify barring same-sex marriage requirements can just as rightfully be used to compel states to permit polyandry.
  • leigh 2012/03/09 11:16:34
    Let them love and be loved.

    Some people are selfish. Hmmp.
  • jabo leigh 2012/03/24 09:52:50
    What's love got to do with marriage? They can love and be loved without all that marriage crap.
  • leigh jabo 2012/03/24 11:59:25
    people marry each other coz of love.
  • Super l... leigh 2012/04/21 16:52:06
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