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Ever since President Obama's re-election back in November, the media hasn't stopped reporting about the ruffled course of the Republican party. Some say they're disengaged, others say they're confused, but mostly all say that something needs to be done. Even Republicans agree that their party needs to reinvent itself if it's planning to stick around for the long haul.

Given that idea, the Los Angeles Times asked an ever-appropriate question: Who's the future of the Republican Party? Though the Times only gave two options -- Rand Paul and Marco Rubio -- each choice suggests a different path for America. Though both conservative, Paul is well-known for being more libertarian in his views while Rubio is more of the traditional Republican. So who do SodaHeads think is the future of the Republican party? That's Rand Paul, with 67%. But of course, there's more stats where that came from. Let's dive.


One interesting statistic was that senior citizens (those aged 65 and up) were the only age demographic that preferred Marco Rubio (52%) over Rand Paul (48%.) All other age demographics backed Rand Paul more, though the most supportive of Paul was the 18-24 crowd, with 69%. Maybe youngsters are trying to reinvent the Republican party...


Here's a statistic we weren't expecting: liberals and conservatives actually agree on the future face of the Republican party. And again, it's Rand Paul. Though conservatives were more supportive of Paul (at 61%), liberals also picked the more-libertarian politician (at 57%). Libertarians were expectantly the most supportive of Paul, at 82%. As for the moderates? They actually went with Rubio, with 52%. Go figure.


Another demographic that supports Rubio over Paul? Those who make $100,000 and over, with 62%. In fact, the more money an individual made, the less likely they were to support Paul over Rubio. The income demographic that was most likely to pick Paul over Rubio was the crowd that made the least amount of money ($0-25K), with 74%. That could just correlate with the fact that younger people -- who are likely still students and not making much money -- were more prone to pick Paul. But hey, maybe the richer you get, the Rubio-er you get? Yeah... we said it.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit the LA Times poll about Rand Paul Vs. Marco Rubio. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • DizziNY 2013/07/19 12:53:44 (edited)
  • whitecollar 2013/04/25 03:42:21 (edited)
    Well, thank goodness Rand Paul will never be president. Republicans are fooling themselves, if they think he is the future of their party.
  • cali51 2013/04/17 23:05:40 (edited)
    Laughable....same as the rest of them! They split their party and became weak, lay in that bed fools
  • joseph digristina 2013/04/15 04:37:25
  • Mattlh702 joseph ... 2013/05/08 04:51:57
    Why do you support Hillary Clinton?
    I've asked this on many forums and am yet to receive an intelligent answer
    What policies from her do you support?
    What do you like about her?
  • joseph ... Mattlh702 2013/05/08 05:15:00
  • Mattlh702 joseph ... 2013/05/08 05:26:12
    What i economic equality?
    Would her healthcare policy be a continuation of Obamacare?
    You do know that Social Security is funded by our own bonds that may never mature right? especially because the fed is monetizing debt
    You do know that Social Security and Medicare cost more than the DOD budget right?
    You do know that green energy does do a lot of harm to the environment and they lobby for this stuff so they will be controlling the environment, for instance fracking is safe for the environment
    If she leans towards her husband it'll be better than what have, but he was not peaceful by any means, so we'll have to see how this develops

    That's my reply to refute your reply, but I thank you for a reply nonetheless most people give insults without any reasoning
  • warrior 2013/04/04 11:55:50
    Ted Cruz is a up and coming future leader and seems to have all the right ideas that could launch him to the front of the pack.I like what i hear from him more than anyone else so far.Warrior
  • Turboski 2013/03/31 01:50:30
    if he was pro-LGBT, I would consider him, but he's not.
  • 9th of 9 Turboski 2013/04/02 13:13:45
    9th of 9
    You might want to rediscover the true definition of Liberty. You will see it then.
  • jimbo 2013/03/30 05:03:40
    The Republican party has no future
  • Lee 2013/03/26 12:56:40
    I dont know who will emerge as the face of the party.
    I do know however that if the current establishment republicans are allowed to remain in power the party will continue to decline.
  • bt sedlock 2013/03/26 03:38:35
    bt sedlock
    I guess I'd vote for Rubio since his parents were immigrants from Cuba and started their own business and were successful.
  • 9th of 9 2013/03/25 11:05:40
    9th of 9
    Rubio is not eligible to be President.

    37% might want to take note of that.
  • Dale th... 9th of 9 2013/04/02 02:58:10
    Dale the whale
    Totally agree. Too bad that fact was ignored with Obama.
  • 9th of 9 Dale th... 2013/04/02 13:12:24
    9th of 9
    I know it. People need to get a grip.
  • Cleaver62 2013/03/25 09:34:59
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... Rand Paul... that's a good one... If he is the future of the Republican party it must really be in trouble.
  • Michael McFascist 2013/03/25 03:22:42
    Michael McFascist
    "the most supportive of Paul was the 18-24 crowd, with 69%. Maybe youngsters are trying to reinvent the Republican party."

    That would be a start.
  • whitecollar 2013/03/25 02:24:02 (edited)
    They're done either way; whether its Rand Paul or Paul Ryan. It doesn't matter because they don't have a credible candidate to represent them. Who in their right mind, would elect either of them?
  • 81sp 2013/03/25 01:18:05
    possibly Rubio if they are interested in winning, rand paul will excite the faithful but he cannot and never will win a general national election. paul sounds great to repubs but to the rest of country it goes down hill as soon as he opens his mouth.
    now I realize that all the conservatives are gogga over paul and Rubio, however in 3 years
    they will have to pick someone with a chance of wining while understanding that demographics will working even harder against them. case in point the white vote in four years will be no higher than 72%, therefore they will need another group to win, the only group that can help them is either women or Hispanics, both of those groups are going to be a challenge, so there in lies the problem.
  • darick 2013/03/23 00:56:09
    There is no future for the Republican Party ,unless they import 21 million aliens who are conservatives. That would include aliens from outer space aliens and/or foreign. It all comes down to votes, and simply put, they don't have enough. Better yet, they should all bail out to join the Independent Party. Then, they might stand a chance.
  • Wolf 2013/03/22 16:21:29
    Probably the front runner at this junction ---the Tea Party favorite at this time---
  • ehrhornp 2013/03/22 15:14:20
    Actually neither. They both seem to practice welfare for the rich. I will stick with the democratic party. Perhaps Elizabeth Warren could run for president. She is not afraid of taking it to the arrogant power brokers.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/26 12:59:15
    Sorry but I have to ask. How much do you know about elizabeth warren?
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/26 16:20:59
    She was for filibuster reform and makes the banks very nervous.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/26 18:45:21
    I may be wrong but that translates to me to read, wants to limit the free speach of an elected representative and wants to enact monetary policy that is concidered unwise at best.
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/26 19:58:18
    Just means to me that if a person wants to filibuster they should speak and defend their position. Ever watch Mr. Smith goes to washington? Have a bit more respect for Rand Paul as he did a real filibuster not a cowardly move.

    So you are in favor of giving free reign to the banks?
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/27 01:09:27
    I have and I do wish we had more Statesmen in elected positions. Most of our elected "leaders" behave worse than children.
    Not in favor of allowing the banks to operate without oversight. I think regulations that where watered down or eliminated during the 90s should be re-established. But I dont believe warren is qualified to make those decisions. What i understand of her background was spent in academia not in the private sector.
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/27 03:01:10
    I think you will find few who are as knowledgeable as her. If she spent her time in the private sector she would have been corrupted. We need someone who is willing to make large corporations uncomfortable.

    I would be in favor of restoring those regulations.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/27 17:41:40
    I dont think an adversarial relationship with big business benefits the country much less the individual worker.
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/27 18:51:58
    We have adversarial relationships in our judiciary and of course politics so why shouldn't there be with big business.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/28 01:06:55
    well one case would be remington. They have a facility in illian NY. They are now looking for a state to move to that is more business friendly. Thier move will loose NY 600 jobs and a sizable tax base.
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/28 16:15:43
    Well they may soon regret it when their products fall apart because of no regulation.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/28 19:14:13
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/28 21:01:51
    Without regulation there is a race to the bottom. The production of the cheapest piece of crap that someone will still buy.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/31 04:09:03
    well if thats the case that company will not be in business long and a new one will spring up to take its place.
  • ehrhornp Lee 2013/03/31 16:45:35
    On the contrary. Look at Walmart.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/04/01 04:11:19
    they sell products not produce/manufacture them so your argument really doesnt apply. But they are apparently doing something right since they are one of the largest employers in the country.
  • Lee ehrhornp 2013/03/27 01:10:32
    Almost forgot mahalo
    I lived on Oahu for 6 years and miss it every day.
  • kelsieilesha 2013/03/22 09:13:00
    At first, I didn't really care for either of them...
    but after watching both of them at CPAC, I'm definitely rooting for Rand Paul.

    This guy could actually be the guy to bring the US back to the country we used to be. A country with FREEDOM. A country with MORALS. A country that helps it's own instead of countries that burn our flag and chants "death to America".
    This guy is how a Republican SHOULD be. The way we all USED to be.

    Oh, and I feel this is necessary.
    "Don't drone me, bro!". hahahahaha
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