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News 2013/03/14 23:00:00
Out with the old and in with the new! Argentina's Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected Wednesday as the new Pope, and immediately speculation arose as to what kind of impact he would make. Those hoping he would change the direction of the Catholic Church were pleasantly surprised at Bergoglio's decision to take the name Pope Francis, as it was an unprecedented move signaling his desire to focus on the poor, the environment and rebuilding the church.

However we couldn't help but wonder how confident people were in Pope Francis's ability to actually change things up -- so we asked and you answered. The majority (55%) of you don't think he will make a difference. Read on to find out who is holding out hope and who isn't.


It wasn't too surprising to see that the majority of Christians (61%) think Pope Francis will change the Catholic Church. It could be a case of wishful thinking, or it could be that they have a deeper knowledge of how things work at the Vatican, and understand the significance of this change.


The majority of users aged 13-17, 18-24, 25-34 and 35-44 voted "No, it's all the same." Alternatively, the majority of users in the 45-54 age bracket, and those over the age of 65 voted "A new pope means new changes." Perhaps the youngsters are more cynical, or maybe some of the 45 plus crowd remembers the impact past popes have made.


The most surprising result of this poll was the impact relationship status made on the vote -- the majority of users who are "in a relationship" or married (58% and 55% respectively) voted that they think Pope Francis will change things up. Studies have shown that after being raised in church many people abandon their faith for a time, but later on when they start families they return to the church tradition. Could this be the cause of this skew?
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  • Mi.Museo1492 2013/03/31 17:48:31
    El Papa Francisco va a ser diferencia. Es el primer papa que piensa y actúa como de del continente Colombo Americano. Se acerca mas a la gente en español. Habla otros idiomas. No usa el lujo que otros papas han usado.
  • Mi.Museo1492 2013/03/31 05:30:28
    Si el papa Francisco esta cambiando algo de la elegancia que se usa en el Vaticano, se acerca mas a la gente.
  • dlsofsetx 2013/03/31 04:43:53
    I am not Catholic,but I do think very little will change.
  • Alacrity 2013/03/27 05:11:00
    Oh yes he will change the Catholic Church... over time... 5, maybe 10 years. He cannot move too quickly in a great stoic organization without ruffling feathers.
  • seathanaich 2013/03/23 23:34:06
    Who cares? The only thing that can save the Catholic Church would be wide-scale lobotomies, ending universal education, and economic collapse resulting in widespread poverty.

    As long as most people maintain the education, freedom, and wealth levels that we currently have, religion is doomed in the First World.
  • George 2013/03/21 23:11:44
    I doubt he would change anything regarding church doctrine, however, I believe he may present a much needed view of leadership in a society where everyone hopes to glorify themselves.

    I believe the humility before Christ with which he conducts his life which translates to a very simple, humble and available man is a lesson we could all do well to heed. It isn't doctrine so much as how he lives a life dedicated to Christ and the Church that will cause this Pope to make a difference.

    At least he has had that impact on me.
  • Alacrity George 2013/03/27 05:18:40
    Amen to your reaction to this marvelous new Pope. I am not even Catholic, but I am considering becoming one because of B and what I know from reading the story of St Francis of Assisi. I recommend everyone peruse that book.
    St Francis of Assisi
  • juanito 2013/03/21 17:04:54
    If we can not separate church and state then people should separate from church.
    Se book: American theocracy. Who and what has on cross?

  • Pedalpusher 2013/03/21 13:51:04
    I think he's going to be a great change for updating the church.
  • Soundstorm 2013/03/21 10:28:53 (edited)
    Why concern ourselves with whether the Catholic Church will change when we can always change churches? It's steadfastness in the midst of the madness of a changing world has been the key to its survival throughout the centuries. I'll likely never return to the Lutheran Missouri Synod Church I was raised in but at least I know where I come from.
  • Alacrity Soundstorm 2013/03/27 05:25:18
    The American Lutheran Synod, or Evangelical Lutheran Synod, would be much more to your liking. The Missouri Synod has always been on the boarder-line. They are radicals of large proportion--no dancing, no drinking, no-no-no!!! OMG. I wish you well, Soundstorm.
  • harley oldman 2013/03/20 22:05:02
    harley oldman
    NOPE....It could become worse...!
  • Soundstorm harley ... 2013/03/21 10:35:53
    It's liberal society that's getting worse.
  • harley ... Soundstorm 2013/03/24 17:19:18
    harley oldman
  • Angel of Salvation 2013/03/20 21:29:02
    Angel of Salvation
    I won't speculate on what he will or will not do. He was put in that position not by man but by God and I don't question Gods will.
  • juirsh 2013/03/20 13:49:10
    They will still extol the Catholic parishioners to do good works in order to try to work their way to Heaven instead of simply following Christ as the only means of salvation.
  • Mel juirsh 2013/03/20 15:38:13
  • Soundstorm Mel 2013/03/21 10:30:04
    You live in a gutter of hate.
  • juirsh Mel 2013/03/22 13:52:43
    truth hurts, not fantasy
  • Alacrity Mel 2013/03/27 05:36:55
    Or, do you live in a fantasy world? Can you tell?
  • mmmholl... juirsh 2013/03/20 18:18:44
    They do follow Christ and do good works:)
  • juirsh mmmholl... 2013/03/22 13:54:48
    They trust in Mary to tell Jesus to be nice to them and if they pay enough money tothe church through some sort of penance, they might get to heaven. Just don't see that in the Bible, that's all.
  • Alacrity juirsh 2013/03/27 05:42:02
    This rotten church behavior is what Martin Luther repudiated centuries ago. You should read more theology and gain an appreciation of what has happened over the years.
  • juirsh Alacrity 2013/03/27 17:25:10
    My appreciation for theology has determined my dislike of Roman Catholicism and what has happened to the Church of Rome over the years. What was once a church that carried out what the apostles mission from Christ, has evolved to what a human dignitary says should be the next dogma of Catholicism altogether.
  • Alacrity mmmholl... 2013/03/27 05:38:23
    Doing good works out of love and gratitude for Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
  • Alacrity juirsh 2013/03/27 05:32:37 (edited)
    The good works you speak of are not earning a place in His kingdom but are to be/should be expressions of gratitude for the sacrifice made on the cross.
    One man died for all all all all all all all all
  • juirsh Alacrity 2013/03/27 17:30:28
    exactly! Tell that to the Catholic Church who think that one must partake of the sacraments in order to please God. It SHOULD only be by faith alone believing in what Christ has already done for man and that man is only to take God at His Word in order to rid himself of all his sin.
  • Alacrity juirsh 2013/03/27 17:50:36 (edited)
    okay, jurish, we agree on that.
  • juirsh Alacrity 2013/03/29 17:27:39
    just sayin'
  • Alacrity juirsh 2013/03/31 06:01:31
    HAPPY EASTER Christ has risen
  • juirsh Alacrity 2013/04/05 14:39:21
    Without Mary's help!
  • Alacrity juirsh 2013/04/06 02:23:57
  • Alacrity 2013/03/20 04:39:37 (edited)
    Oh, but Pope Francis will soon make the church more responsive to the poor people of the world, as did his namesake, Saint Francis of Assisi.

    Amen http://images.tribe.net/tribe...
  • Mel Alacrity 2013/03/20 15:37:33
    Really? You've no proof of that. The catholic church needs to go away
  • Alacrity Mel 2013/03/20 17:07:18 (edited)
    (•‿•) Read about St. Francis of Assisi to better understand this new Pope

    Books on Francis of Assisi
  • mmmholl... Mel 2013/03/20 18:19:17
    That is what one calls faith and you need no proof for that.
  • Soundstorm Mel 2013/03/21 10:31:15
    The ugliness in your soul is what needs to go away.
  • Alacrity Soundstorm 2013/03/27 17:31:56
    Ugliness in ones soul or ugliness in your soul?
  • Expressin 2013/03/20 01:34:39
    The Catholic Church is a glorified business. It's all about the money and keeping people in check with their barbaric beliefs.
  • Alacrity Expressin 2013/04/06 02:27:29
    They do a little trickle-down benefits... a slow trickle-down. Yes it could be much better by a thousand times... maybe 100 thousand times.

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