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News 2012/05/10 16:00:00
President Obama made history on Wednesday when he became the first U.S. president to openly support gay marriage. Before now, he had been skirting around the issue -- supporting civil unions, but stopping short of full support. In an interview with ABC News, he said, "At a certain point I've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married." It's a bold move, but will it help his campaign? We asked the public.

As of writing this, less than 24 hours after Obama made the announcement, there were exactly 644 votes for this poll: 322 think it will hurt his campaign, and 322 think it will help. With a margin of zero votes, it's impossible to predict how Obama's new stance will affect his campaign. But it's clearly a divisive issue. Opinions ranged from "a stand for equality" to "cheap pandering" -- needless to say, tensions were high. But where were those tensions rooted?

Resistance From the Right

It might seem obvious at first, but it's interesting to note that both liberals and conservatives seem to have voted as if it were a question of preference. Liberals were strongly convinced it would help (81%) and conservatives were strongly convinced it wouldn't (15%). That doesn't say much in terms of prediction, but it explains the dead heat. Moderates fell at exactly 50%. Typical.

Homosexuals Have Faith

On the same note, homosexual voters were strongly convinced Obama's announcement would help his campaign -- again, probably because it's a big push in their favor. Straight voters, on the other hand, made up the majority of the vote, so they came out even. However, we did notice a few comments from gay respondents who expressed concern that it might hurt the campaign after all.

Women Have High Expectations

Now here's a demographic that might actually give us some information -- one that's not directly related to the issue at hand. Nearly two out of three female respondents felt the decision would help Obama's campaign. And, judging by the correlation of the above demographics, that could mean women are more likely to support gay marriage, or even Obama. Men voted in the other direction, but not as strongly. (There were more male votes, hence the balance.)

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about Obama's support of gay marriage. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Bud 2012/05/10 16:43:29
    The man has a right to his opinion as long as he doesn't have the power to shove it down our throats. What has me outraged is this statement--Obama's words--"When I think about all those soldiers or airmen or Marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf---" Some of you (including me) are old enough to remember June 6, 1944. Can you for even a second imagine General Eisenhower stating "over there fighting on my behalf" when discussing D-Day. In my opinion, our president is an insufferable, narcissistic, imperialist.


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  • socokid Mike 2012/05/12 14:30:12

    Childish assumptions noted. What is this, the 2nd grade playground?
  • Logical... Mike 2012/05/11 05:37:09
    Boy, you're a lunatic aren't you. Gay is a thing you're born with, you can't catch it like a disease. I've seen gay people kiss before. Dear Lord, burn me now! I'm a womanizer if anything. Your ideological ways are so messed up, it's like you're from and inbreed tank. So, people along with children can kill them selves, martyr themselves, kill people, join the KKK and Al-Qaeda, and become a dictator, as long as their not GAY? I guess if my 9 year old brother watched IT he'd become a crazy clown living in the sewers killing people? You're senile.
  • Mike Logical... 2012/05/11 11:50:35
    you have no idea or grasp on what I wrote. I said do not indoctrinate my family to your acceptance of a deviancy. if you like watching men kiss, that is your thing, does not mean I have to accept it nor will I send myself down a path that accepts a sexual deviancy. or anything else that defies the natural laws of nature or science.
  • socokid Mike 2012/05/11 13:59:23 (edited)
    One does nothing but harm and instill angst into a society.

    The other does no harm. What harm comes from the reality that a portion of humanity happens to be gay?

    You have already chosen which is to be the path for you and your children, sadly. We understand this.
  • Mike Logical... 2012/05/12 03:12:02
    you prefer to poisona childs mind slowly and subversively. are you any different???
  • Mathmn Mike 2012/05/10 17:40:17 (edited)
    Maybe it's a good thing that kids see differences. Maybe they'd grow up with more tolerance for the differences.
  • me Mike 2012/05/10 19:46:00
    So don't take your kids to a gay rally, a transvestite party, McDonald's or the circus.
    What's that got to do with a person being allowed to marry the person they love?
  • chamcha... Mike 2012/05/11 14:31:36
  • MorbidC... gregpphoto 2012/05/10 16:39:43 (edited)
    The same can also be said for pagans/environmentalists, muslims, and atheists. Also a lot of the priests molesting young boys are gay.
  • pops gregpphoto 2012/05/10 17:37:20
    You haven't been to Afghanistan.
  • Zambero Mike 2012/05/10 17:08:43
    In a free society no one should be compelled to "control" anyone else. I've been to Mardi Gras and hetero revelers also tend to get a bit carried away with their revelry but no one is associating it with straights being an out of control. Hey Hey. Topless babes and public drunkeness anyone?
  • Mike Zambero 2012/05/10 17:16:15
    mardi gras has been blown out of proportion in this country just like everything else. anything thats has a purpose often gets perverted for the sake of profit
  • Mathmn Mike 2012/05/10 17:38:24
    Yeah, like the Republicans control their crazies.
  • PrettieReptar 2012/05/10 16:32:09
    People are split because Obama flip flopped. Something he and Romney have in common.
  • lee 2012/05/10 16:27:11
    a bit quick on the trigger with this poll, don't you think?
  • Sterling 2012/05/10 16:25:10 (edited)
    There needed to be a "no difference" option. This shouldn't hurt OR help Obama.

    There are a lot of aspects to this "story." The first of which is that this is not a story at all since it's been common knowledge that Obama supported gay marriage from the very beginning, you would have never heard people call Obama a "bigot" despite the fact that he was "against" gay marriage, simply because people knew that he was talking out of his ass.

    The second aspect should be a resounding "who cares?" You needed an hour long special and a long build-up and media frenzy to announce that you've come to the realization that homosexuality should be legal but you still don't want to have to make a decision about it? If it is morally wrong for us to be against homosexuality, you should be advocating legalization (of gay marriage) on a federal level.

    The third aspect should be that this non-issue (since he's already said he won't do anything about it) should be completely unimportant in the face of 15 trillion dollars of debt, high unemployment, a broken tax code, the UN desperately trying to gut our defense systems and Obama desperately trying to give them away (don't worry Russia, he'll have some more "flexibility" come next year).

    What next, is Obama going to host a media special to inform us that he now likes couscous?
  • lee Sterling 2012/05/10 16:28:43
    we at least we won't have to listen to crap about how he's a Muslim any more.
  • Navyman lee 2012/05/10 16:33:16
    but he is a muslim
  • lee Navyman 2012/05/10 16:39:46
    crap, i said.
  • Sterling lee 2012/05/10 16:37:30
    I can't wait for the day when we don't have to hear anything about him. (sometime around november 6th this year presumably).
  • lee Sterling 2012/05/10 16:41:14
    if you can just HOLD your BREATH....

    tide goes in, tide goes out.
  • Susan Sterling 2012/05/10 16:50:35
  • Mathmn Sterling 2012/05/10 17:45:47
    If the American electorate gave George W a second term, how could we justify not doing the same for Obama?
  • Mathmn Sterling 2012/05/10 17:44:28
    Homosexuality is legal, but all the hate crimes we have in this country belie that fact. The hateful anti gay rhetoric that permeates our society is abominable. This issue is whether gays should have the same civil rights as straights.
  • Cry_Baby_Obama 2012/05/10 16:21:55
    We all knew Obama supported same sex marriage, even before he admitted it, but come on, does he really think we're going to buy Biden's slip over the weekend as having nothing to do with the timing of his announcement
  • Sterling Cry_Bab... 2012/05/10 16:26:25
    Or that Romney's tax return showing that he donated to an "anti-gay" charity was leaked around the same time?
  • Susan Cry_Bab... 2012/05/10 16:52:07
    Could also be that he is attending the giant fund raiser thrown by George Clueless this weekend. No doubt, being traditional Hollywood, there will be a few gays in attendance.
  • Mathmn Susan 2012/05/10 17:46:44
    Americans all!!!!!
  • Logical... Susan 2012/05/11 05:40:51
    Anything wrong with gays?

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