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Jimmy Kimmel does comedy for a living, but he had some pretty stiff competition when President Obama took the stage at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday. At one point, the president played a mock smear ad accusing himself of eating dog in Indonesia -- a poke at the Romney-Obama media dogfight. He joked about getting drunk texts from Hillary Clinton, alluding to a recent photo of her texting that went viral. He even faked a repeat of the "hot mic" slip up at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, asking "off the record" why he was wasting time there. We asked the public if he was funnier than Kimmel, the headlining comedian.

Despite Kimmel's profession, he was neck-and-neck with the President. Granted, they probably both had some polished staff writers on hand, but that's beside the point. Both men delivered their spiels and delivered them well. One commenter who favored Kimmel wrote, "The pro beats the amateur nearly every time. Obama has good speech writers but JK has good comedy writers." One who favored Obama wrote, "Comedy is a bonus perk provided by a president. Kimmel is a professional funnyman -- different scale used here."

Conservatives Go With Kimmel

Okay, let's not act like politics didn't play a part on this. When we broke it down by political leaning, there was an obvious bias on both sides: 68% of conservatives went with Kimmel and 74% of liberals went with Obama. Libertarians and progressives were even more pronounced. If we're to judge by the moderate vote, it goes to Obama by about 10%.

Youth for Obama

It's well-known that Obama's campaign appeals to younger audiences, and the results are evidence that his staff is still doing a good job of keeping it that way. However, the cutoff age was about 25, which is just six years of voting-age constituents. Not enough to win an election but more than enough to get a spot on prime time. Next up, "Conan"?

Kimmel Does Well With the Ladies

For a guy who used to co-host "The Man Show" with Adam Carolla, Jimmy did pretty well with the female vote. We don't expect women were his primary audience then, what with the trampoline girls and all but he kept it (mostly) classy at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Maybe we should be more surprised that he lacked support in the male category.

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  • BIGBlackPETER 2012/05/01 20:39:43 (edited)
    Let's have some fun while millions of people don't have jobs, more people on welfare than ever and also food stamps and we owe trillions to China!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Let's have more fun!!!

    What in the f........ have we come to???? and the whole world is laughing at us!!

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  • PM BIGBlac... 2012/05/02 16:53:24
    Is every moment to be a somber gloomy moment just because the economy is not great? The economy has not been great for 11 years.
  • Grandpa 2012/05/01 20:04:34
    That wasn't hard ,He is already a JOKE >>> Vote wise in 2012
  • ☆ Queen... Grandpa 2012/05/01 22:53:42
    ☆ QueenAline
    i agree...two jerks who don't know the joke is on them
  • Grandpa ☆ Queen... 2012/05/02 12:57:43
    Right on >>. He'll never make it as a TV star even though he spends enough time on the screen looking like a clown >>> Vote wise in 2012
  • TheMayor 2012/05/01 19:55:15
    One of them should quit their day job......
  • Wallace 2012/05/01 19:46:05
    Would Obama joke around if Kenya (which is 99% Black) was forced to accept tens of millions of non-blacks "for a better economy" and forced to "assimilate" with these non-blacks until Black children were minorities in Kenya and eventually "assimilated" out of existence? Obama is a criminal guilty of supporting the program of White geNOcide in the U.S. and every other majority White country. anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
  • Zuggi Wallace 2012/05/01 19:51:25
  • amber 2012/05/01 19:44:06
  • El Prez 2012/05/01 19:16:47
    El Prez
    Both have good writers and Washington and the clowns of congress supply the material. The tea part alone is a great source. This was a one night social event not who is the last standing comedian. Move on, Bush and many other presidents did the same thing.
  • MakeCash25.com 2012/05/01 19:15:02
  • bozo 2012/05/01 19:12:48
    obama and bullwinkle R Moose would be close but the edge in good quick witted humor would go to the moose not the donkey in da white house
  • drdos1943 2012/05/01 19:09:40 (edited)
    The test of a good sense of humor and being a good comedian/comedienne is not only being able to tell a good joke, but also being able to take one.

    I believe that Obama is preparing for his new profession after November... only at the new one, unlike the current one, he will succeed.
  • HarleyCharley 2012/05/01 19:07:14
    Kimmel was much funnier...
  • PapaBC 2012/05/01 19:06:13
    Jokes are not to the level of the Presidential Office.. Most were sick and not acceptable.
  • ☆ Queen... PapaBC 2012/05/01 22:58:50
    ☆ QueenAline
    I agree..It just shows you what kind of a man he is...
  • Bob DiN PapaBC 2012/05/02 01:11:45
    Bob DiN
    What do you expect from a guy who eats dogs.
  • Unclecracker 2012/05/01 18:49:21
    Actually, I think they are both a joke!!!!
  • jason 2012/05/01 18:42:18
  • jason 2012/05/01 18:40:39
    Who cares? Try being more concerned with the executive order Obummer signed establishing complete control over natural resources and industry and estabilshing martial law in peacetime.
  • zbacku 2012/05/01 18:00:59
    How far have we fallen when someone uses the words Slut, and Assh....at a political gathering and it is called 'funny'.
  • ☆ Queen... zbacku 2012/05/01 22:59:52
    ☆ QueenAline
    sad isn't it? seems we have fallen into the pitts of hell..
  • LindaM 2012/05/01 18:00:32 (edited)
    I thought they were both great. It was a night of fun.. Much needed too.
  • BIGBlac... LindaM 2012/05/01 20:37:11
    Let's have some fun while millions of people don't have jobs, more people on welfare than ever and also food stamps. Hahahahaha!!!! Let's have more fun!!!
  • ☆ Queen... BIGBlac... 2012/05/01 23:01:47
    ☆ QueenAline
    He's despicable
  • BIGBlac... ☆ Queen... 2012/05/01 23:04:58
    Indeed my friend, I very much dislike him for what he is doing to us the American people and our Country!
  • Bob DiN LindaM 2012/05/02 01:13:44
    Bob DiN
    I don't think too many jobless were laughing.
  • LindaM Bob DiN 2012/05/02 01:19:26
    Oh, I think they were. At least one night wasn't going to kill anyone. You might try smiling once in a while. Seems your doing ok being as you have internet and a roof over your head and food on the table. So your speaking for all the jobless ones? Hum...
  • zbacku 2012/05/01 17:59:19
    I almost vomit every time I hear Obama open his mouth. Funny?????? Think not.
  • ☆ Queen... zbacku 2012/05/01 23:00:48
    ☆ QueenAline
    It felt like a slap in the face of Americans...I want to spit on both of them
  • MS PRUD 2012/05/01 17:46:28
    Obama should be fixing the countries problems instead of flying all around trying to be funny. Funny he is NOT. Shows what America has stooped to by putting him in as president. You will never see another president act like this one.
  • Sister Jean 2012/05/01 17:44:12
    Sister Jean
  • StevenRoberts 2012/05/01 17:41:39
  • Zuggi StevenR... 2012/05/01 19:52:15
  • Aquaduck 2012/05/01 17:26:41
    Yay I love Jimmy Kimmel & Pres. Obama! <3
  • CODE 11 2012/05/01 17:25:09
    CODE 11
    Yes..both dim witts.
  • LindaM CODE 11 2012/05/01 18:02:10
    They sure packed the house including your Allen West.. lol
  • UnusualSuspect 2012/05/01 17:24:35
    It's always been known that conservatives have about as much humor as drying paint, so that's no surprise.

    Would have been interesting to see who conservatives would favor if the comedian had been Bill Maher...go with Obama, or go with Maher, go with Obama, go with Maher...LOL...

    Their brains would have fried, huh...LOLOL!!
  • CODE 11 Unusual... 2012/05/01 17:27:14
    CODE 11
    Seems to me one of the funnist Presdents..we ever had was a Republian Reagan
  • Unclecr... CODE 11 2012/05/01 18:53:57
    You got that right, Code. And he was naturally funny, not contrived and mirror acted that the POS we have in there now. I wonder if the Unusual Suspect's brain is smoking??
  • ☆ Queen... Unclecr... 2012/05/01 23:03:23
    ☆ QueenAline
    i would take a guess

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