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News 2011/07/25 15:00:00
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We're starting to learn a lot about Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old Norwegian man who admitted to carrying out Friday's twin terror attacks in Oslo that killed at least 76 people (fatalities were up to as high as 93 this morning, but reports have changed, according to Norwegian police).

Breivik made his first appearance in court on Monday and said he carried out the worst attacks in the nation since WWII in order to combat the "colonization" of Norway by Muslims. So far, suspected right-wing Christian extremist Breivik is the only suspect in the case. Police are poring over a 1,500-plus page manifesto Breivik wrote in which he ranted against Muslims and laid out his meticulous plans to plot the attacks without authorities finding out about them.

The twin bombings of an office building in Oslo and a massacre at a nearby youth camp shocked the nation, injuring 96, with the death toll expected to rise. Some have called for a media blackout of the trial to prevent Breivik from having a platform for his hate-filled views.

Perhaps the most shocking news to come out of the first hearing is the fact that Breivik faces a maximum of 21 years in prison if convicted, though his sentence could be extended if he is deemed a threat to the public. Police said while Breivik admitted to the killings, he has not accepted criminal responsibility for them.

"He thought it was gruesome having to commit these acts, but in his head, they were necessary," said Breivik's lawyer, Geir Lippestad of the assaults in which his client reportedly used "dum-dum" bullets that disintegrate inside the body for maximum internal damage. "He wished to attack society and the structure of society."
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  • Linda 2011/07/25 16:17:44
    Justice has never been rightly served on Earth; however, if 21 years is the fulfillment of Norwegian law, then so be it. We Americans have a Casey Anthony relaxing at a spa..

    And for the record, 80% of Norwegians call themselves Christian, and of the 80%, at least 41% are considered "right wing." The misuse of the label is a sour note used by the media for propoganda.

    It is true, however, that the left wing has long used Muslims to further their progressive agenda. Progressives won't do their own dirty work--they get others to do it for them. The problem is, progressives believe they control the Muslims, but how wrong they are.

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  • jabbo81 2012/08/24 13:40:34 (edited)
    Life in prison. This guy is very intelligent. He planned the shooting for months and carried it out. The guy is in his 30s and just 21 years just isn't enough. Who to say he can't fake not being a danger after 21 years and do the same thing in his 50s. Slam the prison door shut and let him think about how crazy he is for the rest of his life.
  • Locke 2011/08/15 23:11:24
    Just...no =/
  • Tom 2011/08/14 07:01:05
    should get life in prison
  • Nyce 2011/07/27 12:40:16
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    The Death Penalty it's premeditated murder..
  • Crystal 2011/07/27 00:05:05 (edited)
    In my opinion, justice would be him receiving the fate his victims did. I can't believe that a terrorist who believes that he did nothing wrong may be set free in a few years. The psycho will always be a danger to the public.
  • SuperUnion.org 2011/07/26 21:45:22
  • Mashiara Nizam 2011/07/26 21:38:19
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    Mashiara Nizam
    Justice is a beautiful word but to my dismay, that is all it is. In my opinion, people like this should not be allowed to walk the face of the Earth. Be they Muslim, or Christian or whatever kind of terrorist, they have serious issues with themselves and should get help and not put their weakness on other people. If I would get a chance to talk to this guy I would only ask him what the hell he was thinking. How does killing a bunch of kids going to help fight Islamisation of Europe? I understand and agree that Europe has to wake up and stop it. But this? There is no logical connection at all. And seriously, isn't it getting kind of old? Just going around killing people? What good has that ever done? He even killed people who had nothing to do with any of this. Just another pathetic idiot. But sadly, very dangereous.
  • LukeC 2011/07/26 21:26:26 (edited)
    Thats roughly 1/4 of a year for every dead person...
  • Clare 2011/07/26 21:11:17
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    Life duh!!!
  • Joanna the Great 2011/07/26 20:50:59
    Joanna the Great
    crazy evil bastard. THIS is the kind of person we should be afraid of, NOT every muslim we see. This anti-muslim extreme PARANOIA is what convinced this man to murder 76 people. And he doesn't accept criminal responsibility because he believe what he did was GOOD. STOP the hate! Look what it causes!
  • avalanche 2011/07/26 20:45:12
    Justice will be what ever their society deems as justice.
  • Semper Fi 2011/07/26 20:38:03
    Semper Fi
    Grind his ass up!!

    grind ass meat grinder
  • august.jansen 2011/07/26 20:31:58
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    Okay someone is going to have to explain how Killing at a youth camp and a government building helps to stop a moslima invasion ? also 21 year incarceration for multiple premeditated murder is totally rediculous !!!!!!
  • Cogs august.... 2011/07/26 22:50:48 (edited)
  • labratz 2011/07/26 20:29:38
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    As a father & if it where one of my kids...... I will leave the rest to your imagination
  • Skip 2011/07/26 20:19:09
    Evidently Norway doesn't place much value on the lives of it's citizens. 21 years for killing 76 people? That's less than 3 months per person. What a deal.
  • Reikyrr 2011/07/26 19:51:25
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    Death penalty,
    Get rid of 'em instead of wasting tax money on them.
    If someone murders 1 person in america they get life, but if they kill almost a 100 people in Norway they get 21 years :/ WTF..
  • DrewTaylor 2011/07/26 19:08:47
    No...it is not justice!!! AN EYE FOR AN EYE AND A TOOTH FOR A TOOTH...This terrorist jerk needs to go on and meet his maker; he has failed the test in this life by thinking he has the right to judge others to death!!! He is not GOD!!!
  • KB 2011/07/26 19:03:47
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    over himself. Like the AmericanMedia.
  • George Filchak 2011/07/26 18:48:02
    George Filchak
    We should remember that he gets 21 years for each death he caused.
  • august.... George ... 2011/07/26 20:40:04
    AHA ! he wont survive that now will he....
  • Boss 2011/07/26 18:16:13
    I personally don,t think it,s justice, but I don,t live in Norway...let THEM decide...
  • Rusty Shackleford 2011/07/26 17:57:25
    Rusty Shackleford
    Norway prisons don't punish, they rehabilitate. In 21 years he will re-enter society a productive citizen.

    At least that's what we are supposed to believe.
  • Devonly 2011/07/26 17:47:31
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    Death. Let God deal with him. We're done.

    death god deal grim reaper
  • mouseytongue 2011/07/26 17:44:56
    I think the Norwegian shooter should get ...
    Let him go free - in Pakistan or Iraq... with billboards with his face on them posted all over the towns and roadsides?
  • Boss mouseyt... 2011/07/26 18:17:22
    ehheeh wrong place to send him...they,d recruit him...
  • Jessica Gutierrez 2011/07/26 17:22:34
    Jessica Gutierrez
  • Wolverineland 2011/07/26 17:05:37
    It's not justice but in Norway this kind of violence is rare and they have never dealt with tragedy like this. General population in any country's prison is bad and that's where this guy needs to be.
  • LucidLoon 2011/07/26 16:59:24
    I think people confuse justice with revenge too often.

    Though, I always thought the maximum sentence in Norway was 21 years PER OFFENSE. I say just let the Norwegians deal with it. Their system, their rules.
  • Playerazzi 2011/07/26 16:55:14 (edited)
    Ha ha ha, Norway. Stupid, uber-liberal, no-death-penalty-Norway. Just like the rest of the stupid Europeans.

    And yes, I did mean to vote "YES", because this is the justice that Norway gets for not instituting a death penalty.

    Serves Norway right. He'll be out in 2031, when I'm 70, and the young posters here are my age. He'll be a free man. For killing almost a hundred people.

    If there is a case for the death penalty, this is it.

    Let this dude come to Texas and we'll see what would have happened to him.
  • Jessica... Playerazzi 2011/07/26 17:21:44
    Jessica Gutierrez
  • George ... Playerazzi 2011/07/26 18:40:08
    George Filchak
    You sound like most Texans I have met,very stupid
  • DrewTaylor George ... 2011/07/26 19:05:43
  • august.... Playerazzi 2011/07/26 20:46:47
    Hm it is clear now that he will be incarcerated 21 years for each death caused , he aint getting out allive....
  • Playerazzi august.... 2011/07/27 05:03:01
    I hope you're right, and I hope they are not simultaneous, and I hope he doesn't get out on parole or for "humanitarian" reasons, like when he is old and has cancer.
  • SuperUn... Playerazzi 2011/07/26 21:50:54
  • Seonag 2011/07/26 16:40:38
    In my opinion, NO! BUT, I have lived in Norway and they are very passive and do not believe in the death penalty. This is the same country that rolled over for the Nazis and rounded up their Jewish population for them in order to have 'peace.'
  • Playerazzi Seonag 2011/07/26 16:56:21
    Yea, and now the f****** Norwegians got what they deserved!!

    Damn quislings . . . .
  • mouseyt... Seonag 2011/07/26 17:47:33
    Really, they should have swiped some land from someone somewhere and created a 'new nation' to ship them off to.
  • Judson 3:16 2011/07/26 16:23:25
    Judson 3:16
    Let the family and relatives decide what his punishment should be..If it was me I would like a fight to the death...or firing squad
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