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News 2011/12/16 18:00:00
Marriage rates in the U.S. have been declining for some time now, but they've dropped significantly in just the last couple of years. Between 2009 and 2010, rates dropped 5%. Between 1960 and 2010, rates dropped from 72% to 51%. If the rates continued to drop through 2011, that means fewer than half of American adults are married. But is that a reflection of marriage, or of our culture? Have we outgrown the institution, or are we losing touch? We handed the question over to SodaHeads to see what they thought.

Marriage Rates in Steep Decline: Is Marriage Outdated?

76% Still Have Faith in Marriage

Despite the harrowing statistics, most respondents still think the institution of marriage is relevant today. Just because marriage rates are declining doesn't mean marriage is any less important. Maybe it says more about our culture than marriage itself. The Top Opinion read, "Marriage will never be outdated. People are just less committed and that is obvious in practically every walk of life." That could very well be the case. But just to be sure, let's break it down.

Post-Marital Progressives

There were only two demographics that showed a severe mistrust of marriage, and progressives were one of them, with just 38% of them backing the institution. Even liberal voters had more faith than that -- 27% more. Conservatives showed the most support (94%).

Atheists Against Marriage

The only other large group that sided against marriage was atheists. They weren't as adamant as progressives, but only 43% felt marriage was still relevant. Agnostics actually showed quite a bit of support (77%), and Christians were way up there with conservatives.

Singles Are Skeptical

The last demographic we want to touch on is the most relevant: relationship status. Married voters, naturally, threw all of their weight into backing the institution (94%), but single voters showed some hesitation (71%). But the divorcee votes caught us by surprise; more than two-thirds of them still believe in marriage.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our original poll about marriage rates. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • wolfenrir Adam 2011/12/19 11:29:43 (edited)
  • Adam wolfenrir 2011/12/21 04:02:39
    Your statistics are wrong and purposely skewed that way in order to deceive the masses. The way the statistics that you are talking about are arranged is by comparing all of men to all of women with no other considerations. Unfortunately for that method many women choose to be homemakers or part workers to pursue motherhood. When Women are compared based on compatible time and position they are making 115% of that of their counterpart male.

    Also my experience is based more then off my personal relationship but the many different relationships I have seen throughout friends and family.
  • wolfenrir Adam 2011/12/21 04:30:49
    No, they are not. I dare you to find some way in which these facts are skewed. The "115%" wage you just pulled out of your ass.

    Wage gap by department: http://www.bls.gov/opub/ted/2...

    Bias against equally competent women: http://khufu.openlib.org/~tch...

    Bias against working mothers: http://www.jstor.org/pss/10.1...

    I don't think that those types of experiences would truly give you a feel for percentages. This is what statistics are for.
  • Adam wolfenrir 2012/01/02 04:44:13
    well I could find the one where I found 115%, but here is one from 2003 that shows 98% which is insignificant. The information you have is based on an omission on how the statistics were played.

  • Bobbie ... wolfenrir 2011/12/18 21:20:11
    Bobbie ballard
    Women initiate it because like i said its so much a woman can take if the man can not treat her right why get married even if u not married still women need to be right. with me its about respect i do not care what problem may be or the circstance. men control nothing. the system hsd nothing to do with it.
  • wolfenrir Bobbie ... 2011/12/19 11:31:21 (edited)
    Please. Write better. I have no idea what you're saying.

    I could read the last part (sort of). Are you stupid? The system has everything to do with it.
  • Bobbie ... wolfenrir 2011/12/21 02:43:55
    Bobbie ballard
    No i am not are you. i can barely understand what you saying tryn too. u can marry who you want to the stystem has nothing to do with it. I see the jokers on here do not know how to talk to people. Have a nice hoilday an God Bless.
  • wolfenrir Bobbie ... 2011/12/21 03:10:57
    The system has everything to do with it because the system is what reinforces the stereotypes of the "bread-winning, strong male" and the "subservient female" which leads to much of the abuse. Everything can be traced back to the system.
  • saturda... Bobbie ... 2011/12/18 16:53:10
    Are you male or female?
  • Bobbie ... saturda... 2011/12/18 21:23:04
    Bobbie ballard
    Female. bobbie with and ie duh
  • saturda... Bobbie ... 2011/12/19 05:29:24
    The duh was uncalled for. Bobbie starts with a B, and so does bitch.
  • saturda... Bobbie ... 2011/12/18 16:51:47
    Just the man is egotistical in marriage? Look around you. Open your eyes.
  • Sadisticon saturda... 2011/12/17 13:54:06
    LOL. It's good for making that money legally you couldn't get from whoring!!!
  • Wonder Woman 2011/12/17 01:18:11
  • lavatoz Wonder ... 2011/12/17 01:28:40
    you've seemed to have nasty personal issues w/ a man, that doesn't mean you have slap all men for what one man did to you there are plenty of men willing to marry wonderful and beautiful women out there but as for women like you who don't give them a chance your still going to be holding on a bitter feeling about them people like you are the cause of problems like this
  • Wonder ... lavatoz 2011/12/17 01:36:12
  • saturda... Wonder ... 2011/12/17 01:32:45
    You have a warped understanding of reality.
  • Wonder ... saturda... 2011/12/17 01:43:41
  • saturda... Wonder ... 2011/12/18 16:56:12
    You seem to be the typical female with no sex drive, no libido. Women who have healthy, happy, positive views on men and life in general are much happier than bitter wenches like you. I hope you learn to enjoy all of what life has to offer.
  • Wonder ... saturda... 2011/12/18 17:18:36
  • saturda... Wonder ... 2011/12/19 05:36:19
    Says who that it's the man's job to do anything for a woman? Times have changed. Blame it on feminism. Women are now responsible for their own happiness and their own libido. Men get turned on by various reasons according to the individual. The same goes for women. You cannot lump either gender into one-size-fits all.
  • Wonder ... saturda... 2011/12/19 17:08:29 (edited)
  • saturda... Wonder ... 2011/12/24 15:17:28
    I'm surprised you're in a happy marriage, if you are. And if you are, it won't last; just wait and see.
  • Wonder ... saturda... 2011/12/24 23:16:48
  • El Prez Wonder ... 2011/12/17 01:58:00
    El Prez
    Sorry for your bad experiences but life is not really like that, except in the shallowest of bar scenes or meet markets. That is not bad, it is just different and far from what people want, who have a more serious view of life. There is nothing wrong with a good blow job or muff job if given with love and joy. However, raising kids and building a future are far more complex.
  • Wonder ... El Prez 2011/12/17 02:10:09
  • J P Wonder ... 2011/12/17 02:33:08 (edited)
    J P
    Believe me, men are extremely happy you have taken yourself off the market.
    The only reason men contacted you is because of your picture, if they knew up front what your personality was like they would reject you instantly, no matter what you look like.

    Have you ever considered the common denominator is you?
  • Wonder ... J P 2011/12/17 04:48:03 (edited)
  • Grayfox... Wonder ... 2011/12/17 10:09:02
    And you are a mindless fag
  • Wonder ... Grayfox... 2011/12/17 16:38:46
  • wolfenrir Grayfox... 2011/12/18 08:53:35 (edited)
    What are you, five? Stop calling people 'fags', cockbite. Gays are people too.
  • Grayfox... wolfenrir 2011/12/20 02:42:52
  • wolfenrir Grayfox... 2011/12/20 03:06:20
    'Fags' is derogative, and makes you sound like you're seven-years-old.

    As I said, gays are people too, and I don't think that we came up with the new meaning for the word, but if you prefer I will refer to us as 'homosexuals' henceforth.
  • Grayfox... wolfenrir 2012/01/15 00:11:59
    O K you are a homosexual fag!!
  • Shadow_... Wonder ... 2011/12/17 11:18:34
    Hey, you might of stated your POV well enough without having to go on the defensive and sounding all bitter.

    This just shows how angry you are.

    Men are scumbags, fine, okay. But seriously, you aren't doing yourself justice here. If you can laugh hysterically at idiots who fall for the 'beautiful' girl and ignore the 'ugly' one, than you should find it cynical and unjust without having to resort to hate. Hate and bitterness are ugly, don't fall to that category.
  • Wonder ... Shadow_... 2011/12/17 16:45:11
  • Bobbie ... Wonder ... 2011/12/17 17:36:58
    Bobbie ballard
    U sound stupid cuz no woman should take n e thing off no man care who they is its bout respectin each other thats y the divorce rate is high n the women out there do not b stupid.
  • Wonder ... Bobbie ... 2011/12/18 17:02:31
  • Shadow_... Wonder ... 2011/12/19 17:30:08
    Lol, No, no, you don't understand.

    *thinks* Let me put it this way. I admire woman that do not depend on men and follow their own set of guidelines.

    What you are doing is not being 'clear and precise' and thereby being called a bitch. (sorry for the use of this word) What you're saying clearly shows you think yourself as one, therefore coming off as one.

    Men can come of as being idiotic morons but not all of them are. The same with women, some are and some are not.

    You say you see it 'EVERYWHERE' but I have to say that you are generalizing and it is there that you lose me.

    Not all men rape and call women stupid, insane or crazy. I'm pretty young and ignorant but believe me, I've seen some crappy stuff and yet, I don't think that ALL are like that.

    Nah, that's just being criticizer and contemptuous.

    Double standards exist... but if what you're saying is right, wouldn't it make ALL women either meek or cold bitches?
  • Wonder ... Shadow_... 2011/12/20 01:06:00

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