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News 2012/04/20 20:00:00
It's 420, and you know what that means! If you don't, April 20 is the holy day of the stoner subculture, a date decided somewhat arbitrarily by the stoner lifestyle, which dictates that 4:20 is the ideal time to smoke. Now, we can't really ask who smokes -- it's still illegal, and some people don't want to give away that much info on the very public interwebs. So we asked the next-best question: Should it be legal?

Wait... what were we talking about? Oh, right. Marijuana. Most respondents are for it -- or at least for legalizing it. There's a difference. One commenter wrote, "I have no interest in smoking marijuana but it seems like common sense that it should be legal if alcohol is." Where were all those voters when it went on the ballot in California? Probably the same couch they're on today. Don't worry, you'll get 'em next time.

Conservative Conflict

The only demographic with a formidable sample size that voted against the legalization of marijuana was conservatives. They were 21% less supportive than Christians and 45% less likely than libertarians. The most frequent arguments against the legalization of marijuana were that it's a gateway drug and it's already illegal.

Males Lead the Charge

Gender didn't create much of a gap, but it was enough to show that males are more likely to support the legalization of marijuana. Sad news for stoner guys. Their dating options are perhaps a little more limited than those of stoner gals. Then again, you could quit whenever you want to. Right?

Smokers Support Smokers

When the legalization of pot is being discussed, it's often compared to alcohol and cigarettes. Each substance has its pros and cons, and marijuana's cons don't seem to be as detrimental as the other two. And those things are legal! Even drinkers and smokers can see that.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about legalizing marijuana. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Stan Weinstein 2012/04/20 20:52:54
    Stan Weinstein
    Legalization is long overdue. Law officers would not have to spend countless hours looking for marijuana fields while risking their lives. States would bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue. Thousands of police officers would be freed up so they could have more time scraping up the bodies of those killed by drunk drivers drinking the legal alcohol.

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  • Juan Iota :O R U ... 2012/04/24 05:35:47
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/04/22 13:58:00
  • \V/ Captain... 2012/04/23 22:00:43
  • Jiorgia 2012/04/22 13:36:03
    hmm, conservatives seem to have the same idea as me, weed is a gateway drug, but that is why it should be legalised, it is only a gateway drug because people have to go to a dealer to get it, a dealer is always going to try to offer you the harder stuff therefore you are more likely to try the harder stuff.
    if weed was legal, how would that happen?
  • Juan Iota Jiorgia 2012/04/22 15:26:17
    Juan Iota
    "gateway drug" LOL my gosh somepeople hacve the rectal crainial inversion irreversable..... LMAO at "gateway drug", you mean like big pharm, coffee, cigarettes and booze???
  • Jiorgia Juan Iota 2012/04/22 23:31:59
    no i mean, if you do smoke weed you are more likely to come into contact (and start using) harder drugs.
    the same cannot be said about coffee, cigarettes and booze (not in the same way)
    those can start it off but they don't bring you into direct contact, unlike weed.
  • Juan Iota Jiorgia 2012/04/24 05:38:59
    Juan Iota
    where did you get that idiotic information & premise? I spent 2o years as a firefighter EMT, and have never seen any medical indication what-so-ever of your ridicuolous premise....
  • Jiorgia Juan Iota 2012/04/24 05:52:44 (edited)

    That isn't where I got my idea though, my mum was a scientist that studied similar things with rats.

    Oh by the way I think it's the exposure to the black market that makes it the gateway, not the drug itself. That is why I think it should be legalized.
  • \V/ Jiorgia 2012/04/23 22:01:10
  • gunner 2012/04/22 13:23:16
    One one hand, I see a ` we demand our soma ` movement `. While convinced of thier intellectual superiority, the drug culture is unintentionally supporting our pending enslavement. Sure, legalize it, When the Gov. thinks they can make more money than now, it will be legal.
  • Juan Iota gunner 2012/04/22 15:27:47
    Juan Iota
    Gunner, you NAILED IT. I am pro "decriminalization" and I always chuckle when some idiot says "ya man, legalize it and tax the hell out of it". Cant wait until they start taxing air.
  • gunner Juan Iota 2012/04/23 03:06:57
    It kind of stikes me funny that our boys are guarding poppy fields in the middle east. That doesn`t seem to be a real hot news item.
  • Juan Iota gunner 2012/05/10 16:54:15
    Juan Iota
    II realize that my 140 I.Q. and massive, multi-faceted education which spans my 52 years on this rock aren’t any excuse to stop using my brain & thinking. I don’t have to be convinced of my intellect. My argument is well thought out, and comes from a good variation of scientific, real world practical and philosophical experience. I demand decriminalization, and I can provide a rational argument for it. That’s all I need. However, that doesnt mean that common sense & rational thought will win. There is no shortage of imbeciles in the world.
  • gunner Juan Iota 2012/05/19 04:01:49
    It`s an outstanding pain killer. I think when the price is right, the politicians will share.
  • Jayne 2012/04/22 12:45:58
    It should be legalized but big business will fight that decision every foot of the way. It's not about the people, it's about the money and big business. What would they do with all those privatized prisons they are building? It's all BS and it's time for the politicians to get their heads out of their butts and give back some of that frredom they always talk about!
  • Jim 2012/04/22 09:56:39
  • concerned dude 2012/04/22 06:27:11
  • Robbb concern... 2012/04/22 07:48:11
    Because it is helping a criminal subculture going which inturn makes a lot of money for the security and insurance industry. Do you have any idea how many legitimate businesses will go to the wall if dope suddenly becomes legal. I shudder at the thought. Don’t we have enough unemployment already?
  • Juan Iota Robbb 2012/04/22 15:30:42
  • Robbb Juan Iota 2012/04/22 22:03:21
    Well why do you think that dope is illegal? Any simpleton can figure out that it is not to protect the public. The public has had to contend with a crime wave for years as a result of the stuff. I can see from your reply that you don’t try to think too much since you had a good scratch. I may have over simplified my reply. But just put the gray matter to work and see how many so called legitimate businesses are thriving because of the drug culture as a whole. Not to mention the utter failure of the law to protect anyone from the effects of drugs. leave it to the iduvidual to look after their own wel being he doesnt needa stint in prison to rehabilitate him if he wants to keep on smoking.
  • Juan Iota Robbb 2012/04/24 05:42:21
    Juan Iota
    Hey, easy man I was just messing with you. There was no rational answer to your post. It was ridiculous, but I am not hating on you for it. I can show you PROOF POSITIVE of the very OPPOSITE of your post. You cant helkp your belief's. rock on.
  • concern... Robbb 2012/04/23 19:44:30
  • Robbb concern... 2012/04/23 20:41:48
    Agreed. there wil always be a few morons that use the stuf so much that they turn into idiots. I am related to some, but that after all is their look out. Personaly I cant see the point in the stuff. but if the market is regularised and taxed then in the long run the use wil reduce anyway and ther crime and asociated violence will be elliminated that is a win win situation.
  • Juan Iota Robbb 2012/04/24 05:46:17
    Juan Iota
    Bingo, and now we know why you feel the way you do, its because anyone who uses cannabis ia a "moron" to you. What if I told you that I believe (and rightly so) that chronic tea & coffee drinkers, cigarrette smokers and people who drink alcohol are morons?? HOw many of those habits do you partake? Think about it before you open your mouth, or dont, because basically you have already made my point.
  • Robbb Juan Iota 2012/04/24 20:03:18
  • Juan Iota concern... 2012/04/24 05:40:05
    Juan Iota
    MONEY my young friend, MONEY
  • Odinsown 2012/04/22 06:10:05
    Soda head your reporting on this poll is condescending and offensive. You should show more respect to your members and not mock their opinions.
  • mich52 2012/04/22 06:07:29
  • \V/ mich52 2012/04/23 22:01:31
  • deborah.lipsitz 2012/04/22 06:05:04
    I have seen, both in others and myself (I live with constant severe pain), the medical benefits of marijuana. I'd rather take a toke or two than the handful of addictive and harmful narcotics I'm forced to take several times daily because of marijuana being illegal.
  • Juan Iota deborah... 2012/04/22 15:32:05
    Juan Iota
    Yep, well said.
  • GreyHeart 2012/04/22 05:29:41
    no kidding!! we are gonna keep using it whether it is legal or not because we stick with what works best, keeping it illegal just creates an unnecessary distraction for law enforcement when they could actually be off doing something important

    sure, full legalization does pose some gray economic issues, but overall marijuana should at least be generally allowed, possession and distribution
  • Juan Iota GreyHeart 2012/04/22 15:38:20
    Juan Iota
    WELL SAID. .......I am in agonizing hip-joint pain 24 hours a day for the past 13 yeaqrs and will be forever. At one point years ago, I became a candidate for "pain management" and what do they offer me? 120- 30mg percoset and 100 Zanax a month.... LOL and you want to tell me Marijuana is dangerous? I have been pharma free for the past two years and more productive, a better parent and more on top of it now than ever: Once I "grew up" and hadnt smoked pot in 20 years until 2 years ago. Then I traded in all the lame, pills and I have not been this happy in many years: . THANKS CANNABIS!!!!
  • GreyHeart Juan Iota 2012/04/23 01:11:33
    i've got nerve issues, where i get random attacks in random places that make no logical sense otherwise, its like a sharp sting that lasts up to 10 minutes. marijuana makes the attacks much less frequent and severe. the stuff works, nuff said!! :))
  • alex 2012/04/22 04:41:11
    Nonbelievers are so friggin paranoid. Cannabis has NEVER directly killed ANYONE. But i guess if ya dont wanna hear it, ya don't wanna hear it. YOU won't be doing it if you don't want to. Does it look like people in Amsterdam are lazy good for nothings? Oh, right, you doubters WOULDN'T know because you've never taken the time to actually look into it. Do some research and get over your 'everyone's gonna be a lazy stoner' mind set.
  • AskZilla 2012/04/22 04:38:55
    Seems like it's already legal in California
  • Juan Iota AskZilla 2012/04/24 05:50:38
    Juan Iota
    It not legal my friend. California is a test bed for the manipulation of the issue. Big Pharma will eventually gain control, and with law enforcement as their enforcers they will control is, and extract massive amounts of money from it. Whats the point? Ill just not use it. I would rather live in pain than support their society of control FOR PROFIT.
  • W Voolzk 2012/04/22 04:30:40
    W Voolzk
    It has been used for over 50 years. There are risks just as there are in alcohol!
    Lets get the govt out of this and let the states decide who will reap the tax windfall......
  • Dark Angel AKA Hippiegirl 2012/04/22 03:25:43
    Dark Angel AKA Hippiegirl
    Legalize & Tax
  • Minarchist 2012/04/22 03:13:44
    I blame the state for bullets that wouldn't be there in the path of my aunt walking to her car for if the competiing factions were legal business owners rather than illegal. Most laws are a reason for esculated violence.

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