Public Opinion: File Your Own Taxes [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2012/04/16 16:07:48
Ah, Tax Day. There are plenty of harmless Days to look forward to in the year -- New Years Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day -- some of them might even get you a day off. But Tax Day is another beast. It's an anti-holiday. It might as well be called "make sure that stack of paperwork is filled out correctly so you can send the government enough money to keep you out of jail" Day. We asked the public a handful of questions about their general views on taxes so you can compare your headache with theirs. Let's dive.

sodahead tax day
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  • Pedalpusher 2012/04/19 04:24:46
    I live in a seniors area, tax services are provided free by H&R; Block, but these are volunteers neighbors and friends. I usually do my own but if I have it done I go to H & R Block in another city and pay. As your neighbors and friends can make remarks that are not divulging exacts but can let people know if you are richer than you let on or poorer than you let on! That sort of thing. Living in an association I know how tempting it can be to make little remarks. My neighbors and people I live with have no reason to know if I'm rich or poor or lying about either! I don't care what they have, but some do!
  • BigFig#9 2012/04/18 17:33:26
    TAX code needs radical simplification. Consumption tax needs to be phased in.Mortgage interest tax deduction phased out or capped. Lots of other stuff. Not for the feint of heart and unfortunately the types of steps that make it difficult to get re-elected.
  • tom C 2012/04/18 16:08:35
    tom  C
    Nope..I dont file my own...as the laws change yearly...its its the CPA's job to stay current...
    I just get the paperwork together and hand it to him to work through it...
    and one other small thing......
    The CPA signs as the preparer.....so if there is a problem with my taxes....he holds most responsibility...unless I withold information from him..which I dont...
    Thats a lot of peace of mind ...a lot less worry...worth every penny..
  • rimoyen52 2012/04/18 15:11:52
    Why whould I pay someone else to do something I am perfectly capable of doing myself? I do my own and safe almost $100. By the time I get my refund, I've got overdue bills that I couldn't ordinarily pay off right away. This is the time when I do have the funds to fix the car, buy those tires, replace the transmission, get that new manifold the car despirately needs before it blows the engine, etc. If I have any money left over after those expenses, I will treat myself with a weekend at the beach!
  • firebird 2012/04/18 15:02:26
    I file my own to keep my TAX PREPARATION costs down. But, the IRS does check the returns and will eventually catch up if you don't be careful.
  • Rogue_Loner 2012/04/18 14:48:10
  • The Logical Canadian 2012/04/18 13:45:31
    The Logical Canadian
    Just throw em at The front door of The IRS, they want my money, they can file it
  • Gregaj7 2012/04/18 04:51:18
    Been away from this since 2009.
  • RoseyRhod 2012/04/18 04:11:49
    Filed my own via H&R; Block, as I have for the past 10 years. The software walks me right through it and I've never again ended up having to pay Colorado. Obviously I'm no accountant and was making mistakes when trying to do it completely on my own.
    I paid off some debts. It will probably be the same crap same time next year.
  • James 2012/04/18 03:36:40
    My brother-in-law would have owed thousands of dollars to the state of NJ until he went to a CPA. Sometimes doing taxes yourself isn't always the best idea.....
  • Ken 2012/04/18 00:53:38
    Time to change the tax system.
  • JoLost 2012/04/18 00:34:27
    I do understand the "points" this graphic and post is trying to relay, for me. filing and paying taxes are EZ PZ.... I organize my personal and business records weekly throughout the year both hard copy and electronic and filed in January, no head aches and a small price for the continual and perpetual enhancement towards the goal in the fulfillment of this great countries purpose as established through the authority of the preamble to the United States Constitution.
  • evangelism_vision 2012/04/17 23:57:00
  • Rubyking 2012/04/17 23:54:38
    and your proof is?
  • JohnT 2012/04/17 23:53:58
    I have been done for a few weeks, I keep a spread sheet of how much we have paid in taxes since the wife and I got married 42 years ago, suffice to say it is a lot and the way the Government treats our money and pours it down the drain I don't even like to think about it. What a wasted effort.
  • BabyBear 2012/04/17 23:29:15
    My taxes are just too complicated for me to do my own taxes. I used to when they were only a couple pages long.
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2012/04/17 22:53:27
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    The most expensive day of the year...imho.

    And I do my own taxes.
  • Bibliophilic 2012/04/17 22:20:13
    I wonder what percentage of sodahead users find the infographics more distracting than helpful. They hurt my eyes.

    Yes, I filed my own taxes.
  • ..::localeye::.. 2012/04/17 22:13:41
    Sent my check of money owed in today...yay.
  • ««Gingey, the Master Debate... 2012/04/17 22:06:33
    ««Gingey, the Master Debater of Þ|-|Дэ†»»
    I will be getting a small amount of money back.
  • Farbiger 2012/04/17 21:54:14
    Uh no! When it comes to complicated math crap like that I am the urban dictionary (probably Webster's too, IDK gotta look) definition of RETARDED! If it's not addition, subtraction, multiplication, division I can do with my TI-84 Plus, or simple Geometry, Algebra, or Trig.; I'ma need some frigging help!
  • patchulie 2012/04/17 21:35:16
    HELL no... No way

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