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News 2012/06/01 17:00:00
Mark Zuckerberg was all smiles when Facebook launched its IPO at $38 a share last month. But when prices dropped below $28, he was immediately ousted from Bloomberg's Billionaire Index, which lists the 40 richest people in the world. Does this mean Zuckerberg's days at the top of the social media food chain are through? Will he soon be replaced by MySpace 3.0? We asked the public.

It's a close call, but the public does not see good things in Zuckerberg's future. It's not like he's going to be out on the street or anything -- in fact, now that he owns millions of shares in the company, his wealth is more tangible than ever. But the drop does demonstrate a real lack of faith in the company's growth potential, which means Facebook could soon go the way of MySpace (and Zuckerberg the way of Tom). Although, the stock did take a leap toward $30 Thursday afternoon...

The Big Money's on Mark

Despite the lack of faith, voters who make more than $75,000 a year are putting their money on Facebook. Not literally, at least not that we know of, but they were far more likely to put in a vote of confidence. The stock did go up again on Thursday for the first time in a week, which is a good sign. Hey, the stock market's a crazy game. It's not over 'til the fat lady sells!

Teens Think It's the End

Leave it to the teens to sock it to Facebook. Teens were more eager to see the end of Zuckerberg's reign, probably because Timeline did their heads in a bit. Voters over the age of 55, on the other hand, kept cool and admitted that Zuckerberg could stay on top, though only by a small margin. Lucky for Zuckerberg, those teens probably aren't playing the market. Not yet, at least.

Smokers Shut Him Down

There was a lot of pessimism going around, but none were so sure as the smokers. Three-quarters of the smoking population was convinced it was curtains for Zuckerberg. Why is that? Could it be that smokers are a little more cynical in general? It fits a stereotype, but we couldn't say beyond the implications of this poll. Maybe their friends keep posting pictures of them with cigs in their hands on Facebook.

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  • ronbo 2012/06/02 06:14:48
    Zuckerberg is a smart cookie. He,ll find a way to survive this and get even richer in the process.

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  • Duke---... *goodbye* 2012/06/01 22:36:46
    Duke----The Non Racist, Funny Duke !
    I'll sure come to the party!!! What can I bring?
  • LOU Duke---... 2012/06/03 11:31:00
    Beer and I will bring the Jack.
  • Indierail *goodbye* 2012/06/01 23:09:05 (edited)
    I'm in. See ya nosy bastard! Take your suck format of a website and go. I love the whole "what are you an America-hating-Muslim-Extremist. That's it; you must be a pinko-commie-anti-nascar-mom-... what a bigot you are. When did a second-rate spam webpage parading around as "social media" get put next to Mom, baseball and apple pie? That about sums up America today, wave a flag and let everyone know you would like to associate yourself with the Facebook credo.

    I never got the place and I never will.....sucked compared to Myspace and the morons flocked to it....party on.
  • Resp 2012/06/01 18:55:51
    The stocks were overpriced. Facebook is over-rated. The site is a little clunkie. It is not even work $9.00 a share. FAIL!
  • smitty Resp 2012/06/01 19:50:15
    It was overpriced and over sold. Too many shares sold. People were greedy..
  • DavidK smitty 2012/06/03 14:39:18
    more proof most people wouldn't make good stockbrokers.
  • smitty DavidK 2012/06/04 13:45:20 (edited)
    I got quite a few clients that like to play stock broker on the side. I repeatedly tell them not to give up their day job. Even their spouses tell them "why do you spend 4 hours a day losing money?" 4 hours a day 365 days a year. around1500 man hours to create a 40k loss. I look at them and let them know it wasn't very productive you could have earned 150-200k do something else. Then I tell them my fee just went up and they smile.
  • smitty 2012/06/01 18:18:32
  • (>*~*)>Zombiecat<(*-*<) 2012/06/01 18:04:24
    FB is quickly becoming a joke. People really got pissed with that timeline b.s. Then you add all the people that use FB to start drama.
  • mwg0735 2012/06/01 18:03:05
  • Tea in the Harbor 2012/06/01 17:57:37
    Tea in the Harbor
    Zuckerman's claim to fame is finding a way to exploit what other people do on the net for his own personal profit, he makes money from your words, my words, and a couple of billion other people's words and work.

    Facebook is a predator, it's entire existence depends on selling access to it's users.

    I think we're in the "wild west" days of the net, and I think as it develops we'll find ways of managing it that don't put the masses on the auction block for others to profit from. Zuckerburg is a salesman, nothing more, and like all facets of American business we are again valuing sales above the creation of actual products and services. It's a failed business model, and if we don't catch on we'll fail with it.
  • (>*~*)>... Tea in ... 2012/06/01 18:01:18
    agreed. I get sick of all the game requests that want you to spend real money.
  • Tea in ... (>*~*)>... 2012/06/01 18:11:15
    Tea in the Harbor
    I don't do the games, and I also don't do any of the activities that would expand their access to me like the "Your friend asked a question about you" kind of crap. I would gladly pay a fee directly to a site to support them rather than allowing this little punk to cash in every time I talk to my friends and family.

    I will never buy anything from FB advertisers. (Or the ones here, for that matter.) The net is supposed to be about freedom, not creative exploitation.
  • (>*~*)>... Tea in ... 2012/06/01 18:51:21
    So true
  • Gahnzo Tea in ... 2012/06/01 18:58:43
    Kind of like what Arianna Huffington did with her Post.. took credit for a lot of free bloggers, then sold it for a fortune.
  • Leo 2012/06/01 17:43:45
    Good riddance!
  • TheNightFly 2012/06/01 17:41:59 (edited)
    Sodahead is much more fun and intriguing.
  • MIRANDDAAA :) 2012/06/01 17:33:56
    I can only hope that Facebook will die like Myspace.
  • *goodbye* MIRANDD... 2012/06/01 19:15:03
    I Will throw a PARTY when that happens. All Facebook haters are invited
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/06/01 16:33:57
    Margaret Jacobson
    I only know that last week I was temporarily closed out of facebook for making too many friends THAT I DIDN"T KNOW....suspension for 2 weeks !!!! WHAT THE HELL !!
  • Anna Margare... 2012/06/02 19:48:48
    I've had that before
  • LOU Margare... 2012/06/03 11:34:27
    Come on Margaret....what was you doing? hooker
  • DavidK LOU 2012/06/03 14:40:45
    Lou, you're just mad because those two hoochies rejected you!

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