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News 2012/06/28 16:00:00
CNN reported a massive drop in viewership this year, losing more than a third of its total audience. Fox News, on the other hand, is floating along nicely, only dropping about 1%. But we wanted to know how viewership looked at the ground level. What percentage of the public watches major news networks? We asked the public to find out.

As ratings predicted, Fox News came out on top. However, even more respondents shunned the entire batch. That's evidence of two things. First, the so-called "major" news networks are hardly satisfactory outlets for news. They might have the most viewers, but as with the music charts, a high rating doesn't mean high quality. Second, it suggests most people are getting their news from alternative sources, because it's unlikely all these people are just ignoring world events completely. They're just sick of the major outlets. One commenter put it best: "If I want to hear nothing but lies, I'll talk to my ex wife."

Conservatives Back Fox

Naturally, all of these stations deny these claims of bias. Whether or not that's true is really a matter of opinion, but what is clear is that their viewers do lean. 77% of conservatives voted Fox, compared to 0% of liberals and progressives; 31% of liberals watch CNN or MSNBC, compared to 2% of conservatives. The vast majority of moderates (72%) avoid the major news channels all together.

The Internet Age

The reason "none of the above" was such a popular choice was clear in the age breakdown: People under 35 don't watch the news. Below that age, the difference in support between major networks was negligible. About two-thirds of them refused to pick one. And we think the reason for this is pretty obvious, too. Do they really expect us to wait 'til 11 when we could just check our personalized feed?

Alternative Sources

Simply saying that "the Internet" is an alternative source of news isn't specific enough. We wanted to see what other people were watching specifically. A quick glance through the comments revealed: YouTube, The Onion, Al Jazeera, C-SPAN, local news, college radio, The Weather Channel, and there were even a few hits for The History Channel.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll on major news networks. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • JWnTX 2012/06/28 16:42:07
    Funny how the liberals seem to be the experts on the alleged bias at Fox News, yet they never watch it. Of course, there have been studies--Pew Research, USC, and UCLA studies--that show that of all the networks, cable and broadcast, Fox News was the most balanced in the 2008 election. But don't bother bringing that up to a lib. They're so invested in their alternate reality that they could never bring themselves to admit that they've been wrong. Here's a great insight into the liberal mindset (this particular one refers to the end of the old Soviet Union, but it's just as applicable to our own leftists and their chosen faith):

    Vital resistance and resentment are the two main responses to the events of 1989. Vital resistance: the mind realizes its mistake – it admits, for example, that nationalization of the means of production does not produce a happy society, but rather laziness and constant shortages; it refuses, however, to let go of the idea because of its passionate attachment to it. Existence – adventures, friendships, successes – is nourished and permeated by this belief to such an extent that the belief becomes an identity; the individual cannot renounce it without committing a kind of symbolic suicide. No one can admit… that his existence reflects the echo of a failure.--Chantal Delsol, "Unlearned Lessons of the Twentieth Century"--hat tip to Ward Dorrity

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  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/09 22:44:02
    u wouldn't know facts even if the topic smacked u upside the head...
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/09 22:44:53
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/09 22:48:17
    im not projecting. u are.
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/10 03:21:16
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/10 15:36:00
    media will say that because the media is all liberal dimwit. deep inside tho we all know the truth. conservatives think things thru which makes us understand things which also make us smarter
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/10 23:49:08
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/11 00:33:21
    1) don't make fun of my religion! don't you DARE cross that line with me! 2) obama is an illegal alien 3)fox news is truthful
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/11 04:28:36
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/11 18:31:56
    whatever.... i guess you can't fix stupid....
  • America... America... 2012/07/12 08:49:03
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/03 17:26:44
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/05 03:12:03
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/06 22:47:06
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/09 13:27:30
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/09 22:34:51 (edited)
    hey, the pics say "it's all funny to watch LIBERALS list 'facts' " if you go to my page im listed as a conservative. these pics are ironic to me because they represent YOU
  • America... Katie1234 2012/07/09 22:40:11
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/07/09 22:47:41
    conservatives take the high road. liberals whine. u whine to: get what you want, to get your way, to get free money, to state your "so called truth" when you know you've gotten beat. plain and simple truth: liberals= screamers, whiners, cryers = BABIES math teacher says: it's a pretty simple equation to solve, but any questions class?
  • aneed2know cm 2012/06/29 09:13:59
  • Katie1234 America... 2012/06/29 10:40:14 (edited)
    guess what?! they dont! Crappy Nuts Nerworking and Moonbats Spouting Nothing But Crap do LIE!!!
  • bob h. cm 2012/06/29 03:08:18
    bob h.
  • zero 2012/06/28 21:42:59
    The mainstream media mainly exists to manipulate the public, not to inform or educate people about important issues. That's why infowars.com is so valuable, they will tell you the unvarnished truth, no matter what. They were the first to cover 'fast and furious' by MONTHS.
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/28 22:19:27
    oh wow a kook here's what your source of news claimed without PROOF of course


    Alex Jones Believes Bilderberg Attendees Ship in Gold-Covered Roasted Babies to Eat

    Last month, police in Thailand arrested a British citizen after six roasted fetal corpses were found in his luggage. The bodies were believed to be between two and seven months old, according to the Guardian. Some were plated in gold leaf, apparently for use in black magic rituals.
    Outside the annual Bilderberg meeting in Virginia on Thursday, Alex Jones of Infowars accused attendees of possessing the same thing — to eat.

    Video posted online captured Jones shouting into a bullhorn outside the meeting place, claiming Bilderberg members “ship in roasted babies wrapped in gold foil for them to eat” — and making it clear he wasn’t kidding.

    “Every week they catch them shipping little babies wrapped in gold foil for these guys to eat. They admit that’s where it goes to, I’m not making this up,” Jones said.

  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/28 22:38:13 (edited)
    Like I said, the unvarnished truth, no matter what. A lot of news outlets would (and did) let that story slide because it sounds too crazy. Infowars doesn't care how crazy a story sounds, if it's real and newsworthy they'll report it. That's why I like them. BTW, they sourced the Guardian.
    A few years ago they called Jones crazy for believing the Bilderberg meetings existed at all (said he was having a psycotic break and imagining the whole thing) . Now they talk about the meetings like it's no big deal.

    First the truth is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, finally it's accepted as self-evident.
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 01:03:13

    Alex Jones Believes Bilderberg Attendees Ship in Gold-Covered Roasted Babies to Eat
  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/29 02:07:15 (edited)
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 02:55:38
    oh bloody....Kook you really make me sad if my choice is the socialists of obama or kooks like you...the nation is finished
  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/29 03:17:32
    Fear not, I'm Canadian.
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 03:26:15
    then a country i love almost as much as the united States is in deep dung with the likes of you....i knew I should have helped the secession movement of the West in the 80's...kooks like you belong in Nunavut
  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/29 03:51:20
    Look, frankly I doubt the roasted baby thing myself, I mean, not that someone had a roasted baby, there are multiple sources for that. But I don't think there was any established link between that and Bilderberg besides the fact that a number of the attendees are known satanists. So I'll give that to you, he got a little carried away there.

    That aside, I have heard countless bits of good information on infowars, often well ahead of the msm. Jones called the economic collapse LONG before any other news source. I mean like a year or more before. And nobody else is talking about the currency crisis coming at the end of the year.

    Here's a little tidbit from today's show. A moderately vetted source from inside the London olympics security staff was interviewed who claimed that security people for the london games are being instructed that there will be a big 'paradigm changing' incident at the 2012 games, and that they will be helping to evacuate London. Jones asked if this was just one of the eventualities they were preparing for, because they prepare for all sorts of scenarios. The source said no, there was more than one trainer there and it was said with a sense of certainty that indicated foreknowledge.
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 03:55:08
    yeah a man that believes in people eating Roasted babies is definitely a RELIABLE source
  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/29 04:05:51
    It's a genuine news story, bizarre as it might be, straight out of Bankok News and The Guardian. Why would somebody have a roasted baby if nobody was intending to eat it?

    So. How reliable is he? He predicted 911, on air, in July of 01.

  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 04:08:32
    so did others WITHOUT claiming Bildebergers were eating roasted babies
  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/29 04:11:25
    Oh really? Show me some evidence then.
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 04:13:21
    Beck was talking about 9-11 as well...ohh that's right you probably hate Beck
  • zero Ballade... 2012/06/29 04:19:19
    Says you, show me a clip.
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 04:21:16 (edited)
    guess you will have to read..

    Eat Dung and Bark at the moon mother fornicator

  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 04:22:48
  • Ballade... zero 2012/06/29 04:23:50
    gave you a clip and something to read NOW join my block bin
  • zero zero 2012/06/29 04:32:34 (edited)
    Ha, he blocked me. So there you have it folks, a paid troll. No basis in facts, only a line of bs to keep you from finding a good news source.

    The link he provided, if you'd like to check it out, is summed up by the line: "Beck has a long history of making failed, outrageous, and baseless predictions", the only reference to 911 is to it's anniversary. The video shows Glen Beck CLAIMING to have predicted 911, but I don't think that's proof, I mean, he just discredited Beck, now he wants me to trust the guy? Anyway....

    If you want to listen to the infowars broadcast, just download iTunes for free (if you don't already have it), go to the radio section, choose 'news/talk' and the show is about 7th or 8th from the top. It's totally free. Be informed.
  • biggerman zero 2012/06/29 07:03:34
    I think when the Bushes do it, they are referring to the Texas Longhorns. These other world leaders may very well be Satanists, but not George and Laura.

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