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News 2011/11/28 14:00:00
Heath and Deborah Campbell first made news in 2009 when they tried to get the name of their oldest son -- Adolf Hitler Campbell -- on a birthday cake. The grocer refused, and the resulting investigation determined there had been some form of violence in the home. All three of their children (Adolf, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation, and Honszlynn Hinler) were subsequently yanked from their parents custody. The Campbells claim they are not neo-Nazi or abusive.

Now the couple is back -- this time to regain custody of their newest child, Hons. Hons was taken from the couple just hours after his birth, and the parents have not been permitted to see him. Child welfare is presumably worried about the same issues that led them to take custody of the Campbell's first three children, though details have not been made clear.

It's a tough call, considering the lack of detailed information, especially concerning the abuse charges. We asked SodaHeads anyway, and the results were remarkably close.

Adolf Hitler's Parents Lose Custody of Newborn: Fair or Foul?

54% Think the Loss of Custody Is Fair

Terms like "Hitler" and "Aryan" typically elicit gut responses, but this debate took on a surprisingly rational tone. Ultimately, the vote did side against the Campbells, however, users brought up some interesting points, touching on everything from legality to parenting. One commenter wrote, "There is not currently any proof that the children were beaten, and there is no law against teaching children to be racist." Another countered, "They have already lost 3 children to child welfare, there has to be a reason behind it. [Child Protective Services] don't give a rat's butt about names."

Parents Want Proof

That parental instinct appears to have kicked in for a handful of voters. Like the general public, parents were mostly split over the issue. However, they skewed toward the skeptical side by a couple of points. Inversely, voters who said they never want children were 68% in favor of the parents losing custody.

Odd Politics

Moderates, progressives, and conservatives all seem to agree on this issue, with results closely mirroring the overall results. The only political groups who varied significantly were liberals and libertarians. Liberals strongly supported taking custody at 75%, while only 31% of libertarians were willing to give the state the benefit of the doubt.

Women Are Worried

Again, both genders were fairly divided, but there was a difference of about 12%. Women were more likely to agree with protective services at 58%, while men were a little less comfortable with the custody loss at 46%.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our original poll about Adolf Hitler Campbell's parents. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • johnnyg 2011/11/28 17:31:53
    Yes. Also take kids named after Obama, or Clinton, Bush. Take away all kids with un-approved names!! Take away kids dressed "wrong" or if they look "different". Take away kids of the un-approved religion.

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  • addie 2012/03/14 20:08:16
    Who should it be up to, which names are okay and which names are not, should there be an official committee set for baby name approval? lol

    Anyway, parent's extremes often drive their kids to the opposite extremes. Don't worry about this, Adolph Campbell kid.
    He'll grow up and marry a black man. lol
  • mazes 2012/01/08 02:37:53
    If the kids were not abused, no. Who's to say that just because they named their kids after Nazis that they are unfit to parent? (Although me being against Neo-Nazism I would be afraid their kids would believe in that because their parents do)
    However, It was determined that there was some form of violence/abuse going on at their home and I believe that removing them from that environment was the right decision
  • Robert Johnson 2011/12/14 02:14:58
    Robert Johnson
    I think it is a moot point morons like them should not be allowed to breed. I think breeding should be regulated and require a license that is issued after an IQ test and financial fitness assessment have been completed. Think of it a world devoid of the trash and poor. No more children born to poverty. No more trashy skinheads making news because they gave their child a name that will forever make them an outcast. Should everyone be allowed to breed. Hell no. Think of what these parents have done to these children. It is absolutely true that there are no laws against teaching your children racism, why you ask? Because most parents have the common sense not to fill their children's head with that crap that will only serve to get them beat up after school. If we stop letting these people breed we won't have to write laws dictating common sense.
  • Stoner 2011/12/07 06:41:37
    This is so funny ...Take a child away for a name...leave the illegals here in USA so they are not serrated from family ...What a political correct backwards America is really depressing me
  • shanaz 2011/12/03 22:57:58
    I want the people who is separating the children from the parents to GO AWAY AND LEAVE THEM BE. how would they like it if we took there newborns ever time they had a newborn. how would they like it if they only saw their children for a couple of hours after they were born. how would they like it if they grow old with no children to look after them,give away precious possessions and make wills. I want to make a stop of this. I want people to stop interferring with peoples life with their family. I think who ever interfers with a peaceful family is a lonely git. because they just want people to be unhappy. I also think that the prime minister is also behind this. This country has got to let the past go away. so what if parents name their children after people england has fought with. their are lots of germans in the this country but do they take custody from them. NO! i mean we won in the world wars. but their are some germans that are dispointed that their country has lost. but you can not take their children away from them by having pride with their countries leader which was adolf hitler. i know they said their are not neon nazi but still they are not abusive aswell. unless the children say they are being abused or there are marks that are counted as abusive they are allowed to take custody away from them. but the parents and children should meet if the children would like to meet their parents.
  • El Prez 2011/12/02 02:47:40
    El Prez
    You can not take people's kids away fo their ideas. If they are being beaten or mistreated then you can. Stupid is permtted and we have a lot of it, from both sides
  • Hales 2011/12/02 01:36:45
    I admit I question why they name their children these names. It's too coincedental that they say their not Neo-Nazis when they've got "Adolf Hitler" and "Aryan Nation" in two of their children's names.

    Still there was really no reason to take away their third child. Honszlynn Hinler? Is that even Neo-Nazi relatable, or did I miss that in the history book next to the terms Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation?
  • chrystal97 2011/12/01 19:11:02
    Yes, it's not the names that bother me, it's the fact, the state removed their previous kids. The article didn't say anything about regaining custody of those children, so what makes this child any different??
  • I am me 2011/12/01 18:39:40
    I am me
    Why? Does that mean that people that name their kid Stalin or Mao will have their kids taken from them also? Or how about Jesus or Muhammad... seeing as "Religion causes more wars".
  • 098765 2011/12/01 18:09:44
    this pretty clearly has nothing to do with the names of the children. what the poll should be asking is whether or not abusive parents should lose custody, which of course the answer is going to be overwhelmingly yes.
  • HelmetGirl 2011/12/01 17:58:46
    Seriously, no they shouldn't. As long as the parents aren't seriously impaired and take good care of their children, then they should let them alone. What about the parents who name their children crazy names like (check out this website: http://www.stressedoutnurses.... You will not believe it.....or maybe you will. Should these parents also lose their children? Oh and let's not forget the celebs with their crazy-baby-naming habits.
  • FoxFairy 2011/12/01 15:47:26
    Since when is giving your childern crazy names a sign of child abuse?! Half of Hollywood should lose their kids, lol. Um, I think these are the worse choice of names I have ever seen and prehaps there should be some kind of restrict on what you can legally name your child if people have gone so far.
  • moiraregis FoxFairy 2011/12/01 16:16:11
    restriction on what you can name your own child? sorry, honey, but i don't think that's even constitutional; since you are obviously an acolyte of sean and rushbo, as revealed by your anti-Hollywood comment, i can't expect you to discern the illogic of your remarks. so trust me: that is one lousy idea.
  • FoxFairy moiraregis 2011/12/02 01:29:27 (edited)
    Um you totally missed the point of my statement, it was a reaction to the story and not an actual suggest...I was joking, geez lighten up.
    face palm
    Oh and FYI my "anti-Hollywood" comment was reguarding the fact that starts give their kids weird names, not illogical it's a matter of record actually.
  • 098765 FoxFairy 2011/12/08 17:45:39
    "some kind of restrict"? "not an actual suggest"? you're a native speaker of english, aren't you?
  • FoxFairy 098765 2011/12/09 15:09:17 (edited)
    Um it is called sarcasm...and it's part of the english vocab "sorry that you are too educated" to realize it doesn't always translate in text...Did the quote marks help?
  • 098765 FoxFairy 2011/12/09 15:52:29
    leaving the -ion endings off of words to sound like some sort of bad student of english is sarcasm? no, it's not.
  • FoxFairy 098765 2011/12/09 16:12:47 (edited)
    Gosh you think highly of yourself that you turn one little typing error into a mountain of jerk...for WHATEVER reason, that I actually don't care about...unlike you I actually very little free time to proof read everything I post and short handing words is acceptable on forum sites dumb ass.
  • 098765 FoxFairy 2011/12/09 16:52:59
    there were two errors, and they were not typing errors. one doesn't simply miss the "ion" keys on the endings of two different words by mistake. i commented on it because i found it really odd, and wondered if you could explain why you did it. but of course, all you have to say is that you made a typo (a lie) and that you're so busy doing "meaningful things" that you can't possibly have any time to appear intelligent (because that would take effort on your part).
  • FoxFairy 098765 2011/12/10 03:44:00
    And what does this have to do with the topic?! Nothing, you are just a flipping troll! Not bothering to read your comment because your not the typo police...this topic didn't really mean that much to me, I am done commenting on it already, was the with the first one. Get over yourself, no cares.
  • 098765 FoxFairy 2011/12/10 10:53:43
  • FoxFairy 098765 2011/12/10 15:45:04
    No your troll who attacking me on my writing because you think it will offend me, if I used letters and number for words you would have found something else. Instead of getting pissed off because people don't care what you how about staying on topic?! This has nothing at all to do with the topic, what really biggest irretation on forums is not poor typing in people refuse to stay on topic and harass others because think they can.
  • 098765 FoxFairy 2011/12/10 16:04:05
    okay, i've told you what my motives were. believe what you will.
  • FoxFairy 098765 2011/12/12 03:42:32
    Who listens to someone who can't stay on topic in a forum?!
  • 098765 FoxFairy 2011/12/12 06:34:53
  • xXdontquityourdayjobXx 2011/12/01 15:00:36
  • MegaFortunateSon 2011/12/01 14:06:45
    Look at that guy you know you wanna laugh.
  • Mary'sTears 2011/12/01 07:07:03
    Is it just me,or is that inbred-looking guy married to his own mother??
  • moiraregis Mary'sT... 2011/12/01 16:11:23
    it looks to me more like he's married to his own BROTHER--
  • shanaz moiraregis 2011/12/03 23:03:14
    i thought they were both women in love. mostly in common th word is lesbian. any way its true they do look like they are both the same =genders.
  • KendraTaylor 2011/12/01 04:07:00
  • Aidoff Obama 2011/12/01 01:56:28
    Aidoff Obama
    This is stupid as hell, I read this and chuckled.
  • Chris 2011/12/01 00:21:33
    Most people are sheep. Can you even name exactly what they did, if it were abuse, what did they do? It's a simple question, did they punch the kid, kick the kid? What exactly did they do? Most abuse cases we know what happened, strange how they are beating around the bush and not revealing what happened.
  • Catita 2011/11/30 21:20:11
    fair. they don't think what the names can do to the kids.
  • kraftymomma1979 2011/11/30 17:26:22
    An investigation revealed there had been violence in the home. I think that is more significant than any horrid name their child is given. Their choice of names does indicate some sort of mental problem IMHO. I wouldn't name any of my children Hitler or Edi Amin or Stalin or Castro or Frankenstein, for that matter. These children's names will bring them nothing but grief during their school years. It's like they are being set up to become angry outsiders. Children deserve better than that.
  • cameron wright 2011/11/30 17:22:22
    cameron wright
    he should be put in a different home for having ugly ass parents
  • RobThatGuy 2011/11/30 16:38:14
    This is just stupid... These people are becoming "infamously Famous" for giving their children names that come with an ugly history. If people didn't make a big deal out of it, they would just be another inbreed family from the New Jersey...
  • Maya 2011/11/30 16:37:19
    If the children are being abused or mistreated then they should be taken away, but taking someone's child because of the name they chose for that child is not right. Where do we draw the line? I think it is ridiculous to name a child Hitler and I don't support the parents choice in that, but I do support their right to name their own child. You can't take someone's children away simply because you don't like the choices they make. Again, if the children are in danger, that's something different all together.
  • harley oldman 2011/11/30 16:26:16
    harley oldman
    NOT SURE......Does the Kid speak German....?
  • MJP Reeves 2011/11/30 16:26:09
    MJP Reeves
    Child Protective Services workers who investigate the case must have proof of abuse in order to bring it before a judge who orders the removal of the abused child(ren). There is too much abuse of innocent children who need to be removed from abusive homes.

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