Public Opinion Agrees 13 Is an Appropriate Age to Get a Facebook Page [INFOGRAPHIC]

SodaHead Infographics 2012/03/12 21:00:00
Social media, and Facebook in particular, has been booming for years, making it increasingly more difficult to avoid in our everyday lives. For parents, that can be a scary thought. The ease with which social media connects users has sparked conversation about new legislation, hoping to minimize the risk with safety mandates, and it's frightening to think that even our children might be exposed to those dangers. In light of this, we asked the public how old kids should be before they get a Facebook page, and combined our results with some important external information. Hopefully this infographic will paint a clear and concise picture for concerned parents, and offer insight into how other parents are dealing with the predicament. Let's dive.

facebook kids age inforgraphic
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  • hari 2012/03/14 16:20:20
    in my opinion the age is not the factor . understanding / maturity ........... is vital to view or surf net

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  • Charlie Pesti 2012/06/09 13:44:04
    Charlie Pesti
    Ages passing by will not teach what is wrong or right. Some at even age 18 are not up to it. We parents should be there to show, teach and supervise.
  • NKULE 2012/04/12 10:34:16
    i think there should be a facebook or facebok page specifically for kids of all ages where they can discuss issues well within their reach
  • George Zook 2012/04/10 17:10:56
    George Zook
    I have daughters ... I told them they would have to wait until they are 13 ... I wish they would wait longer
  • Freight85 2012/04/09 23:00:12
    Facebook, Tavistock Institute, SH you don't dictate to me how to raise my kids. Bitches!
  • umapathy Krishnamurthy 2012/04/09 15:41:36
    umapathy Krishnamurthy
    Publc cannot giving opinion it should be decided by parents
  • Rubyking 2012/04/09 04:10:29
    there should be no age requirements
  • Tattoosue 2012/04/08 04:56:26
    sure, why not!
  • shell 2012/04/07 17:03:44
  • Oaces_boss_yo® 2012/04/06 23:00:13
  • LADY LIBERTY SILLY WORDSMITH 2012/04/06 00:41:33
    I don't like to make ONLINE friends with people under 18 years old!
  • Marty9957 2012/04/04 16:12:18
    16 years minimum and based on the responsibility factor.
  • shadow76 2012/04/04 12:28:57
    It should be monitered by parents that young.
  • Lana 2012/04/03 03:39:04
    13 is an appropriate age
  • Frank 2012/04/02 01:27:04
    The media is a bunch of parasites who will do anything to get a story, doesn't matter whether it's true or not. They are pathetic....
  • ATM 2012/04/01 21:55:36
    Thanks for the heads up
  • lufkincy 2012/04/01 12:51:02
    I'm still trying to figure out the social media sites. I do a great deal of research on the Net and often get hits that are SM sites. Few of these hits contain valid material for my purposes, but there are some interesting opinions and an occasional decent link that can lead to valuable info. The problem with the Net and SM sites in particular is the anonymity. Statements can and are made by those without proper credentials. Far too many look at these statements as fact rather than opinion or conjecture. As far as children participating in SM sites it should be the parent's responsibility to monitor that. The downside to that is there is 1. only so much a parent can do, regardless of how much they monitor their children's activities and 2. far too many parents simply do not do a decent job monitoring what their children do. Many of these kids are far more advanced than am I in this area and I have made my living using computers for the last 3+ decades. In just a few hours or days many of these youngsters have thousands of followers while I've worked for months and have only a dozen or so - mostly family. I could go on, but I'm getting a little frustrated, so I'll leave it at this. Enough said.
  • ticlo7 2012/03/31 12:52:05
    If you're mature enough, then sure, that's fine! But a lot definitely are NOT mature enough. The amount of people at school 13+ who have massive arguments which makes one think one of them murdered somebody...all because of a petty thing said on facebook.

    It's why I stay away from facebook/twitter/tumblr etc... too much work for something so small. This is coming from a teenager in highschool.
  • Will 2012/03/27 20:22:42
    maturity surpasses age
  • Emmaly Elliot 2012/03/27 17:47:57
  • Vanquished 2012/03/26 15:57:48
    Maybe if they increased the age (which doesn't matter because people just ignore it) then facebook wouldn't be a ridiculous waste of time saturated by nonsense and children's games...
  • Mike III% 2012/03/25 07:00:18
    Mike III%
    And my SH rank, is 13.
  • freespire 2012/03/25 01:03:34
    so that's why so many children commit sueicide from cyber bulling then ?
  • Crime Time 2012/03/24 21:19:17
  • Dolly 2012/03/24 20:21:39
  • Honeybuns 2012/03/24 17:15:36
    I have a Facebook and Im 14 years old. I made my Facebook page when i was 13 yeas old. and i put my real age. and i only have people i know as friends on Facebook. So my child hood friends,friends at school,old friends, ex friends, god parents and some family members. I think kids(11 years and older) should be allow to have Facebooks as long as their not talking to strangers online. And they know everyone that they add. On Facebook they were doing this thing were you would change your profile pic to a cartoon character. Turns out it was a peodphile trying to add kids.
  • chewstroke 2012/03/24 04:05:44
    heres one for the kids
  • Jessica 2012/03/24 03:01:41
    I agree I think 13 is an appropriate time to have a facebook if you dont want one then you dont have to have one im not allowed on face book untill im 13
  • wulfsong 2012/03/23 18:15:12
    No age limit. Let parents make that determination for their kids.
  • teigan 2012/03/23 07:03:21
    Parental supervision and maturity is more important. My grandchildren have FB accounts and their parents monitor them, as do their grandmother (me), aunts, uncles and even my cousins. We are all friends and can read what was is posted. We have no problem telling someone that they have friended to back the hell off, at which time they defriend them immediately.
  • ChocolateAttack 2012/03/21 17:11:51
    no. Facebook now a days is way too inapropriate for 13 year olds.....
  • HooplaHoopla 2012/03/20 20:59:51
    No matter the age, you need to be mature and responsible. Making significant, actually intelligent posts may not seem fun, but it's better than adding drama waiting for you when you arrive at school. Of course, you probably don't want to really make smart posts.. just be smart ABOUT what you post. Here are the steps in making sure this is a good decision: 1.Think 2. Think again 3. Are you sure? 4. If you're sure, go ahead! :)
  • Dreams Come True 2012/03/20 17:27:33
    Dreams Come True
    they should at least be in high school most 13yr olds are not responsible.
  • Teresa 2012/03/20 03:45:10
    If they understand how to use it safely, why not? It could teach them how to be responsible at a young age. On the other hand, I deleted mine last year. Sick of seeing everybody throwing their personal business around like a bloody piece of meat in a shark tank.
  • EmoMcPa... Teresa 2012/03/20 05:02:21
    Me too, everything that was happening at the house was on FB. I'ld see some friends; so you been working alot of overtime? I'm like how do you know? Oh I saw it on FB. My daughters would nearly gouge each others eyes out over who posted what.
  • Dreams ... Teresa 2012/03/20 17:28:35
    Dreams Come True
    agree. i`m sick of facebook too.
  • EmoMcParland 2012/03/20 02:27:00
    I'm not surprised: I raised four teens, now they are 19, 20, 22, 24. All had cells & Facebook accounts. Parents say not my kid. That being said; my wife and I did our best. All but one had inappropriate use of computers,and cells.It worried me sick. Boyfriends sending sexual texts.It caused more grief than my supervision helped. If to do it all over again, I'ld wait until they were freshman.
  • MA Thaheem 2012/03/19 19:54:44
  • Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack 2012/03/19 17:12:43
    Kezzi Rose Lavigne Biersack
    Not me I say 14
  • Dolly 2012/03/17 03:48:09
    I know a few kids who had accounts there long before turning 13, their mom set it up so it reads that they are over twenty but if you read their actual profile you fi out they are much younger.
  • KatieErickson 2012/03/15 16:48:56
    I love Justin bieber so i pick miley cyrus she"s so annoying

      miley cyrus Sucks

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