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News 2012/04/03 13:00:00
Joan Bannister, a 53-year-old Florida middle school teacher, put in her resignation last week after two months of ongoing investigation into how she handled a student's... er, excessive cleavage. According to the student, Bannister pointed it out during class and measured the cleavage on the spot with measuring tape. Bannister was all ready to fight the five-day suspension in court, but then submitted her resignation before anything went down. We asked the public if the way she handled the student's cleavage was acceptable.

Now, this doesn't mean people think excessive "boobage" is acceptable, but most people do think the way Bannister handled the situation was way out of line. The Top Opinion read, "If the attire was inappropriate you send her to the principal's office. You don't whip out a measuring tape!" Many suggested the teacher should have spoken with the student after class, in private, instead of potentially embarrassing her in front of the rest of the class. Pointing it out in class is questionable, and measuring it is out of the question.

Men Don't Mind as Much

Is it any surprise men were less concerned? We're going to bypass the obvious explanation and suggest maybe it's just that female voters were better able to put themselves in the student's shoes. Or... bra? Whatever. Female voters seemed more invested in comments, contributing a lot of "If that were me..." arguments.

Progressives Are Appalled

While there wasn't a single demographic that approved of the teacher's actions, there were a few that almost unanimously voted against it. In this case, progressives were some of the strongest naysayers with just 10% of them offering the teacher support.

Friends in High Places

Height rarely has a noticeable correlation, but since the voting sample on this poll was so high, a strong pattern emerged. Support for the how the teacher handled the situation increased proportionally along with voters' height, from 11% among the shortest voters, up to 41% among the tallest -- by far the heighest level of support with a reasonable sample size.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about in-class cleavage. We'd love to hear from you!
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Top Opinion

  • Crislee M 2012/04/03 18:32:09
    Crislee M
    Wow! How inappropriate, if it's true! I'd be very angry if that was my kid. However my kids boobies better never hang out. What am I worried about, she's mine, we don't have enough to show...lol. But I've worked in schools. I've had to privately talk to a girl. I took her out in the hall and told her that I could tell she was pulling her shirt down (private school with uniforms) to show more, and rolling her skirt up. I told her there was no place for it here and it must stop. I know them all very well so I jokingly told her...'if you have more than me (which is obvious to us both), then you can't show them off.' She laughed and she stopped. You can approach the subject right. This child knew me well enough to know I was not trying to be offensive but to lighten an uncomfortable discussion. But it was my job and responsibility to let her know it was not appropriate in school. Especially not 8th grade. Adults are a different story. It can still be inappropriate and distracting to others, but what can you do? Kids are not the same. We are responsible to help them make good decisions. But if what this story says is true, that woman put her hands on that girl and as a mother she'd have to deal with me. My mom always said "two wrongs done make it right."

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  • redhorse29 2012/04/08 21:20:41
    I commend the teacher if it was not done rudely or with malice. The school administration and parents should be admonished for not supporting the teacher. This is another example of how liberal progressive attitudes make cause us to be blind to common sense behavior.
  • QuietChallenge 2012/04/05 07:37:51
    Boobage is dangerous.

    When I was subbing HS English, two girls in the front row were giggling and talking. I told them to shut up and threw a paper clip at them.

    It went right down the front of one girl's blouse!

    And THAT'S when the whole class went totally to hell!
  • jeanne Blue 2012/04/04 22:48:46
    jeanne Blue
    She subjected the student to public humiliation. Not a good way to teach. She should have taken her aside and quietly asked her to dress more suitably for school.
  • bricklyn jeanne ... 2012/04/05 04:25:59
    I suspect that had already been done.
  • LukeC 2012/04/04 19:08:52
    How hard is it to ask a student for a minute outside to talk?
  • YOMOMMA 2012/04/04 17:50:17 (edited)
    NO teacher should EVER humiliate a student in front of the rest of the class! It was done to me about something different and it maimed my soul for life! Ms Shultze who is probably dead by now, a good history teacher but a mean lady. Should have had a talk with the student after class, in private.
  • CAPISCE 2012/04/04 13:21:26
    Exsessive clevage in middle school? Damn I grew up in the wrong generation
  • Uranos7 2012/04/04 07:17:50
    She showed the cleavage to impress her friends so embarrassing her in front of them was the best response.
    And yes I am 6'2".
    I believe the reaction we are getting on this one is not so much that people think the teacher was wrong but the fear of people being publically embarrased themselves.
    It has been said more people are afraid of public speaking than that of dieing. that would mean that at a funeral most people would rather be in the casket than giving the eulogy. :)
  • CuppieCakes18 2012/04/04 05:24:02
    She totally went about it the wrong way. A one on one chat would have been better. Or a talk with the students parents.
  • bricklyn CuppieC... 2012/04/05 04:27:09
    The parents were the ones who let her out of the house like that.
  • IceQueen 2012/04/04 04:24:37
    She got some nerve busting a girl out like that during class, what she couldn't have waited until after class and told her nicely? People these days I swear...
  • bricklyn IceQueen 2012/04/05 04:27:30
    The kids, I swear, little sluts.
  • adithya 2012/04/04 03:25:18
    come on hw can they do dat??? its so embarrassing.....
  • miskitty54341 2012/04/04 03:18:10
    WTF....i mean its boobs...what does she expect her to wear a breast compresser? XD Or am i wrong and she was not wearing a bra?.....thats awkward...either way that teachers creepy aa heck O.e
  • miskitt... miskitt... 2012/04/04 03:24:50
    As heck*
  • bricklyn miskitt... 2012/04/05 04:39:30
    How about decent clothes with out your tits hanging out.
  • miskitt... bricklyn 2012/05/04 07:51:08
    You wanna be man grouped? XD (i assume your a man...)
  • Carlisle Cullen 2012/04/04 01:36:41
    Carlisle Cullen
    The way that she handled it was awkward. The teacher should have known better than to draw attention to the bust of the young lady.
  • kobidob... Carlisl... 2012/04/04 03:25:37 (edited)
    Guilt is a mean thing to give. The punishment for that teacher should be getting nude in front of everyone mingling with everyone of all ages. When she realizes that being nude is no big deal have everyone shed their idol too.
  • Carlisl... kobidob... 2012/04/05 00:03:38
    Carlisle Cullen
    It deffinetely is a mean thing to give. I don't think that having her get naked in front of the class would be the answer. I would lean more towards reprimanding the teacher & puttung her on unpaid suspension.
  • kobidob... Carlisl... 2012/04/05 01:59:34
    Do not make it hard for her in that way at all.That will only make her bitter. Don't do that.The other will humble her. it will also show her how harmless nakedness is.
  • lol justin bieber lol 2012/04/04 01:34:24
  • kobidob... lol jus... 2012/04/04 03:19:45
    Agreed, All of us are born naked, and then conditioned to call it bad, and then teachers like this are created. it just gets worse from here. Humans need to stop worshiping the clothes like humans worshiped Baal, and all the other false idols.
  • bricklyn lol jus... 2012/04/05 04:40:43
  • Badger 2012/04/04 01:20:45
    Handled badly but I think there should be some code for modesty in schools. The situation should have been handled privately asking the student to stay after class, second offense I would send a letter home asking the parents to discuss with their child proper attire for a learning environment.

    As I male if I was a teacher I would find issue with males or female wearing revealing clothing, approaching females would cause more hesitation do to issues of sexual harassment. It is school you are there to learn not put yourself on a meat rack.
  • Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan... 2012/04/03 23:48:08
    Zamboni - Madoka Magica fan BN0
    They can start complaining with real issues, instead of what they dress.
  • sugar plum 2012/04/03 23:46:20
    sugar plum
    sounds kinda peadafileish....
  • bricklyn sugar plum 2012/04/05 04:25:21
    In your dreams.
  • blushn1980 2012/04/03 23:42:45
    What the teacher did was wrong, but where were the parents? I am shocked at what parents let their kids walk out the door wearing.
    At the mall this last weekend my husband made the comment "These girls need to run over to Walmart, the poor things don't have any clothes..."
    As long as I am paying for my my kids clothes, they will buy/wear what I deem appropriate.
  • iHatespam 2012/04/03 22:30:59
    That little slut should keep her boobage covered lol
  • Silversnake 2012/04/03 21:36:38
    Going that far is a bit awkward, but don't tell me the girl didn't know the school's dress code
  • critter171 Silvers... 2012/04/04 17:14:09
    the problem is that many girls go b y there role models and buy what they like than what they school acppet at code dress policy and in fact many girls could care less about teh dress code and many don't read the rules. the teacher did go to far and that a reason she resign.
  • Silvers... critter171 2012/04/04 21:40:27
    Both of them were in the wrong to some extent. Sure the teacher resigned like she should have, but I won't have any sympathy to the student who didn't heed the school's policy
  • critter171 Silvers... 2012/04/07 16:46:33
    oh like you read the school pocily know one reads that bs
  • Silvers... critter171 2012/04/07 22:49:22
    No, but it's pretty much common knowledge that excessive cleavage may be frowned upon in a school setting, just like wearing hats or using a phone during class
  • critter171 Silvers... 2012/04/09 12:08:44
    oh lord its some dman fat showing not a nipple. i seen a lot worst in my entire left this some boob fat. wearing hats and using a phone lmao....
  • Silvers... critter171 2012/04/09 15:34:03
    Like it makes any kind of difference. If people want to do those things they can, but she's stupid to complain about the consequences of it
  • critter171 Silvers... 2012/04/09 17:40:37
    she had a right to complain for it since a teacher went over the top she not complaing about the policy
  • Flamingolady 2012/04/03 21:33:06
    This sort of thing even happened in the stone ages when I was in school, and the teachers would never have measured her. Having said that, Who the hell cares
  • JeffH.Reynolds 2012/04/03 21:10:02
    Well, in my opinion, the teacher should have done nothing other than to send her to the principals office. Kicking her out of the class is something that I would have supported.

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