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News 2012/08/30 21:00:00
Illinois State Sen. Toi Hutchinson recently introduced the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Tax Act, which proposes a $5 "skin tax" for strip clubs. It would require that all strip club patrons pay a $5 tax upon entering a facility, and that the proceeds would go to the state's Sexual Assault Prevention Fund. The proposal has since been passed into law, but we want to know if the public thinks it's fair.

There wasn't a ton of support for Sen. Hutchinson's proposal, as far as the public's votes go. Only a third of respondents said the tax was fair. The Top Opinion read, "Next they will be happy to introduce a theater tax, a concert tax and a breathing tax." Others suggested it was just a cleverly disguised poll tax. Still, others were disappointed at having to give up that last table dance. But there were a few people willing to pay for their sins.

Men Aren't Amused

Some respondents suggested the tax was specifically aimed at the male population, and is therefore unfair. Naturally, men were less likely to call it a "fair" tax. Women, on the other hand, didn't see the problem. Nearly half of female voters (42%) said it's fair. Not that women don't go to strip clubs on occasion, but they're certainly less likely to frequent them.

Liberals Kind of Like It

Obviously, there's a big political divide here. It's a tax, after all. Even more than half of liberals admitted the tax is unfair, but there was still a large portion of left-leaning voters who supported it. Conservatives were expectedly opposed, and libertarians even more so. Political opinion was definitely the divide here.

Drinkers Are Opposed

Lots of voters compared the "skin tax" to existing "sin taxes," namely taxes on alcohol and tobacco and proposed taxation on marijuana. That could be why smokers and drinkers were more likely to oppose the new tax -- they're already paying extra for their... hobbies, and they're not thrilled. It could also be that people who go to strip clubs are more likely to be drinkers or smokers, but there's no evidence for that.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about the Live Adult Entertainment Facility Tax Act. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • Mighty ... sundance 2012/09/01 17:25:06
    Mighty red beard
    I just said that is what could lead to the problems. I know it defeently cannot help prevent it.
    Strippers are often time teenagers. or in their young/early 20's
  • sundance Mighty ... 2012/09/02 01:33:38 (edited)
    OK, so in all fairness, yes, any sexual arousal can trigger some predisposed predator. Then again, so can a racy car commercial. However, in all fairness, so can dance recitals and those creepy ass children's fashion shows, but who's bitching about them? No, strippers are very often not teens, because these establishments serve alcohol. Most dancers are waitresses when not on stage, and must be twenty-one to serve. Anyhow, teen strippers are not children, and that was my point. Now will any of this prevent said behavior? Probably not. However, in all fairness, the vast majority of patrons at your local strip club, are not predators, waiting to indulge in a meal of youngling...Just a thought...
  • Mighty ... sundance 2012/09/02 04:37:54
    Mighty red beard
    The U.S.A. is almost exactly like Nazi germany was in all fairness. So it is kinda expected for all of the enmorality's there are today .
  • sundance Mighty ... 2012/09/02 06:31:24
    OK, even though my gut reaction is to roast that, I will ask for more information first. Can you elaborate?...Just a thought...
  • Mighty ... sundance 2012/09/02 14:11:49
    Mighty red beard
    sure I can in just one sentence.
    If you are not helping to fix the problem then you are part of the problem.
  • sundance Mighty ... 2012/09/02 19:53:33 (edited)
    OK, you start the post off with,"The U.S.A. is almost exactly like Nazi Germany was in all fairness"...
    First, and foremost, what are you running your mouth about, and second, why are you calling my country a fascias regime, run buy a murdering dictator? Yes, you opened the box, so lets test the contents shall we? The only, and I do mean only comparison that can be made, is that they are both on Earth. Please enlighten me, and attempt as little rhetoric, innuendo and nonsense as possible.
    By the way. Your assessment of helping, is flawed and immature. The logical view is simple. Should you not choose to be part of the solution, simply cease in your actions, before becoming part of the problem...Just a thought...
  • Mighty ... sundance 2012/09/02 21:07:09
    Mighty red beard
    Yes if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem what is so tuff about that simple logicaly currect statement?
    all you need to do is look in history to realize that the U.S.A. is turning into exactly what Germany turned into and shortly following came world war 2 .
    The U.S.A. has even been warmed by Hitker youth that lived through world war 2 . The goverment is a control freak.
  • sundance Mighty ... 2012/09/03 01:51:36
  • joshua.... Mighty ... 2012/09/01 15:58:53
    Have you ever heard about the psychological phenomena of projection?
  • Delete Mighty ... 2012/09/02 05:27:58
  • meshell Delete 2012/09/03 03:30:30
    my god if raped declined by 85% , everyone over there must have been getting raped back then.
  • Delete meshell 2012/09/03 20:56:56
  • meshell Delete 2012/09/03 21:41:05
    but thats not true though is it.
  • Delete meshell 2012/09/03 21:51:05
  • meshell Delete 2012/09/03 22:01:16
    well either the washington post is full of shyte, or 90% or women raped do not report it. because those stats are way out. without even looking into it. any fool can see its wrong.
  • Delete meshell 2012/09/03 22:53:03
  • meshell Delete 2012/09/03 23:11:04
  • Delete meshell 2012/09/03 23:40:49
  • meshell Delete 2012/09/04 01:17:56
    My bad. still can not believe the stats, sorry.
  • meshell Delete 2012/09/04 01:19:30
    Sorry Ron Atkin, if thats how you spell it.
  • joshua.sager.9 2012/09/01 02:29:06
    I think that there is an important distinction between fairness and intelligence. This tax is entirely fair and will join long list of vice taxes (ex. cigarette taxes), but it is not the best way to raise taxes. Before we tax strip club patrons, maybe we can raise the taxes on the wealthy and corporations to sane levels? Or stop handing money to profitable oil/gas companies? Or even remove the capital gains loophole?

    PS. As a majority of women are liberal, rather than conservative, this skews the tax support by partisan ideology.
  • Delete joshua.... 2012/09/02 05:31:51
  • joshua.... Delete 2012/09/02 05:44:23
    I have no problem with some corporate welfare, but only in specific cases. Some industries (ex. solar panels) are unable to compete now, but are developing and serve an national interest. These corporations should be allowed to receive grants and subsidies, but only until they are profitable (oil once fell into this category, but they never left it once they became the most profitable industry).

    That said, any corporation which gets money in these welfare programs should be barred from political speech and lobbying for as long as they are dependent upon this program.
  • Delete joshua.... 2012/09/02 06:06:28
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/09/01 01:37:37
    If perverts or drinkers want to walk in those Places, We shouldn't get in their buisness, let alone tax them. I don't like strip clubs, I think they're terrible, but I don't think we need to Tax the people who DON'T think like me, or others.
  • mightymouse49 2012/09/01 00:08:51 (edited)
    ALL taxes are UNFAIR, except sales taxes. And I guess they are selling sex or whatever, sooo...must be fair then.
  • sundance mightym... 2012/09/01 05:59:40 (edited)
    Actually, far and above, nearly all of "those places", are selling fantasy. Selling sex is the work of prostitutes, not strippers. In simpler terms, you have the menu, and then you have the meal. Not the same thing.....Just a thought...

    PS...Sales tax, is the one tax I find the most unfair. By the time you touch "any" object, it has been taxed at least once. manufacturing...Taxed. production...Taxed. Retail...Taxed. Consumer ( you guessed it)...Taxed again.... Oh yea, and if you buy it used? You get taxed for an item that has already been taxed to hell and gone....
  • David (oYo) 2012/08/31 22:16:12
  • Red 2012/08/31 21:19:40
  • Jammie Carleson-Turner 2012/08/31 20:49:15
    Jammie Carleson-Turner
    why is it unfair? everyone else has to pay taxes.. they make tips they are not paying taxes on.. i pay taxes on my tips
  • Ashlyn Jammie ... 2012/09/01 05:07:08
    The tax is on the patrons not the dancers let's pay attention here, and while some dont, many dancers do report as independent contractors to verify their income in order to be eligible to rent an apartment, obtain an auto loan, etc. Lets be open minded
  • sundance Jammie ... 2012/09/01 06:08:13
    Actually, strippers pay the same percentage tax that waitresses pay. They are taxed on a percentage of their "probable" income, just like the waitresses I know. It is all ridiculous. Taxing someones gratuity is plain and simple extortion...Just a thought...

    PS... Especially when most of the waitresses in this state, make three lousy dollars an hour, and still loose a percentage of tips and income to taxes....
  • Jammie ... sundance 2012/09/01 06:36:49
    Jammie Carleson-Turner
    strippers dont pay taxes where Im from
  • sundance Jammie ... 2012/09/01 08:22:36
    Where are you from? Florida? Wow, how did they work that out? They tax the hell out of em here... Then again, they tax the hell out of everything here....Just a thought...
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/08/31 20:17:52
    Gohmert Pyle
    Those tax dollars deserve to be given to those hardworking entertainers.
  • MsDianna 2012/08/31 20:13:03
    why dont the lawmakers give up their pay to go toward Sexual Prevention? tax tax tax
    God help us why don't they do something that is useful and help people
    men are gonna go to strip clubs it doesn't matter how much you tax them and charge
  • Ashlyn MsDianna 2012/09/01 05:09:24
    And the more they go the more the fed makes they act like its a moral obligation but all they really want is a piece of the action on a billion dollar industry.
  • sundance MsDianna 2012/09/01 06:09:21
    I think you had it covered nicely at "God help us"...Just a thought...
  • w2xad 2012/08/31 18:55:22
    This is no different than the cigarette taxes. It is done to run them out of business.
  • BILL 2012/08/31 18:47:14
    Just like what Knot_Rich has to say, the next stop will be beaches public pools, people walking in shorts, I am sure that they could get a couple of bucks just for bare feet, what a gold Mine,

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